10 Best Hogsmeade Stores in Harry Potter

The Harry Potter The world was full of many wonderful places for wizards, from the Ministry of Magic to the school where children lived and learned. An exceptionally magical place was Hogsmeade, a village only witches and wizards could access. Hogsmeade was home to dozens of shops, restaurants and pubs for students and adults.

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Visiting Hogsmeade was a privilege given to older students who found many stores selling school supplies. There were also places to have fun, and Harry and his friends spent as much time there as possible.

ten Gladrags Wizardwear specializing in original socks

Gladrags Wizardwear was a clothing store with multiple locations across Europe, including Paris and London. While the store sold all types of clothing, it was best known for its collection of silly and fantastical socks.

The Golden Trio shopped at Gladrags Wizardwear and picked out several pairs of socks for Dobby’s birthday, including a pair with flashing gold and silver stars. Other socks were more silly; a pair screamed when it smelled too bad, reminding the wearer to wash it off. This shop was fun and a great place to get gag goodies.

9 Dogweed and Deathcap were a plant lover’s dream

Dogweed and Deathcap was a herbalist’s shop in Hogsmeade, specializing in exotic plants and supplies. Although not explicitly mentioned in the books, Professor Sprout and other herbal enthusiasts likely frequented the store.

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Neville Longbottom was passionate about herbalism and plants, so he probably spent time browsing while other students could have picked up the supplies they needed for class. Dogweed and Deathcap also contained many plants that most hadn’t seen, so it would have been fascinating to observe the rare and magical plants.

Honeydukes was the hugely popular confectionery where most Hogwarts students spent their time. The store contained every magical and non-magical treat a young wizard could imagine, including homemade chocolates and fudges. Some of the most popular items included Fizzing Whizzbees, Jelly Slugs, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and fan favorite Chocolate Frogs.

Honeydukes’ cellar also contained a secret Hogwarts passageway, allowing Harry to sneak undetected into Hogsmeade in his third year. All of the Hogwarts students rushed to the candy store to stock up, bringing armfuls of candy back to their dorms. There were so many people on a school visit that customers could barely move around the store.

seven The Three Broomsticks was a welcoming pub

The Three Broomsticks was a pub run by Madame Rosmerta, but it was friendly to students and adult wizards. Customers could order popular drinks such as Firewhisky, Gillywater, Mulled Mead and Butterbeer. The interior was dark and smoky but still warm and inviting, making it a great place to escape the cold during the winter.

Many extraordinary events took place in The Three Broomsticks, including Harry discovering that Sirius was his godfather and meeting Rita Skeeter. Additionally, Draco used the Imperius Curse on Madame Rosmerta, which gave Katie Bell the cursed locket that nearly killed her. The pub was the place in Hogsmeade that Harry and his friends frequented most often.

6 Ollivanders was a must visit place

Ollivanders had two locations: one in Hogsmeade and another in Diagon Alley. While the latter was the most popular, the Hogsmeade store was still doing great business and helping witches and wizards find their perfect wands. Also, since every Hogwarts student had to visit an Ollivanders store before their first school year, it was one of the most important stores.

Unfortunately, the store closed after Voldemort’s ascension, as he kidnapped and tortured Ollivander for information about the Elder Wand. However, it reopened after the Second Wizarding War and helped wizards in need.

5 Even wizards needed haircuts

While it might not be the most frequently asked question from fans, how and where Hogwarts students and teachers get their haircuts remains a mystery. While it’s possible they were able to do it by magic, a small parlor in Hogsmeade provided the service.

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The hair salon was located across from Honeydukes. Although he was never explicitly mentioned in the books or movies, he probably played a vital role in the lives of witches and wizards. Although not as exciting as some other Hogsmeade stores, most students would have visited the salon multiple times to get their hair cut for the school year.

4 The Hog’s Head Inn was a diamond in the rough

The Hog’s Head Inn was a dark, seedy pub and inn with a bad reputation. He served a mysterious clientele, including the hooded character Quirrell, who gave Hagrid a dragon egg. Aberforth Dumbledore ran the pub and played a vital role in the build-up to the Battle of Hogwarts.

Aberforth allowed members of Dumbledore’s Army to use a tunnel from the Pig’s Head to the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, creating a safe and secret passage. This hallway allowed the trio to return unnoticed and members of the Order to aid in the battle. Although it may have been rough on the surface, the inn was one of the most important places in helping Harry defeat Voldemort.

Madame Puddifoot’s Tea Shop was a bright pink building that served as a popular meeting place for young wizarding couples, selling teas, coffees, and other beverages. The decorations were incredibly over the top, including lace, ribbons and ruffles, slightly reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge’s office.

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Harry and Cho went on a date at Madame Puddifoot on Valentine’s Day, but Harry was uncomfortable with the decor and all the couples holding hands and kissing. It got more awkward when Cho started getting jealous of Hermione. While the location was a great place for happy couples, that wasn’t the case for Harry, who probably never returned to the tea room.

2 Students had access to all the stationery they needed

Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop was perfect for students in need, as it sold just about any quill, ink, or stationery imaginable. However, while it also sold quill pens, such as extra-large or with rainbow ink, students often stuck to traditional ink and paper for their lessons at Hogwarts.

While on a trip to Hogsmeade, Hermione mentioned needing a new quill and ventured into Scrivenshaft. Like other Hogsmeade stores, Scrivenshaft probably wasn’t most students’ first choice, but it was necessary and provided them with the tools they needed for class.

1 Zonko’s was the original joke shop

Before Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, students flocked to Zonko’s joke shop to get their joke fix. He sold stinky lozenges, nose-biting teacups, sugar quills, and other prank items. Fred and George Weasley, the biggest pranksters at Hogwarts, could often find inspiration and buy supplies from Zonko.

Harry and Remus Lupin convinced Snape that the Marauder’s Map was a gag gift from Zonko when he caught the young boy wandering the halls at night. Unfortunately, the famous joke shop closed during Voldemort’s ascension, leading the twins to consider buying the location for the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. However, they reconsidered and purchased a site on Diagon Alley instead. There they invented even crazier pranks, becoming successful businessmen.

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