10 connections between Halo Wars 2 and Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will bring fans the next installment in the two-decade-long franchise. Lots of stuff is in store, including free multiplayer, a more open campaign, and a mix of new and classic art design. However, rather than just continuing from 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, Infinite shares many more visible connections with Halo Wars 2, the RTS game released in 2017.

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Creative Assembly’s sequel to the 2009 Xbox 360 game explores the fate of the UNSC Spirit of Fire crew. The ship had been left adrift in space for nearly thirty years, only to wake up to a threat greater than ever … What details might link the upcoming Halo game to this event?

ten The return of the banished

Conceptual illustration of the banished chef, Atriox, wielding his hammer.

Our new enemies in Halo Infinite, the Banished, are not new enemies since they made their initial appearance in Halo Wars 2. A renegade faction, they split from the Alliance during the last days of the Human War- Alliance. Their actions make them a violent and aggressive force led by the Brutes.

Between the end of Halo 3 and the events of Halo Wars 2, this force led by the aggressive and expansionist Jiralhanae (or Brutes) had passed the Ark, and now appears to have taken control of Facility 07. This new enemy is combative, always- advancing, and apparently here to stay as a new main enemy faction.

9 Atriox’s will applied across the galaxy

The threatening smile of the Brute Warlord, Escharum, the antagonist of Halo Infinite.

As the outcast were introduced in Halo Wars 2, so was their leader. The strategic mastermind, Atriox, formed the Banished after surviving his own execution at the hands of the Covenant. Many influential names serve under his banner, including warlords Decimus and Pavium, who apply Atriox’s will through the Ark. At the reveal of Halo Infinite, Atriox’s fate appeared to be in abeyance.

It is revealed in the novel Halo: Shadows of Reach that Atriox survived all conflicts on the Ark and returned to the galaxy for unknown purposes. His will on Facility 07, the setting for Halo Infinite, is enforced by Escharum (the second in command of the Banished) and a main antagonist revealed in Halo Infinite.

8 A classic forerunner art style is back

Captain Cutter, chief of the human forces aboard the Spirit of Fire, watches over the Ark.

One of the most positively received elements of Halo Wars 2 was a stylistic mix of old and new designs, including enemies, vehicles, and architecture. More than ever, Halo Wars 2 has returned to a more classic style worthy of the mysterious Forerunners, while retaining some elements of Halo 4 and 5.

It looks like that mix is ​​coming back in Halo Infinite, leaning even more towards the classic Forerunner designs seen on the superweapons we know and love to destroy. Every part, from the Halo Ring superstructure to small installations projecting beams of blue light into the horizons above us, sees the return they deserve.

7 This time the elites serve the bullies

The elites, including Captain Let 'Vollir, bending the knee to Atriox and the outcast.

Unlike the Covenant, the Elites do not form the leadership of the Outcast and instead act as mercenaries. Although elite ship captain Let ‘Volir commanded the banished flagship, he served without question under Atriox. This was frowned upon in the elite culture, which was still reeling from their slaughter at the hands of the Brutes.

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In Installation 07, the elites still serve alongside the outcasts. While many still adopt the lower tier blue armor seen under the Covenant, more powerful Elites can be seen wearing the black and red colors of the Banished, including Blade Master Jega ‘Rdomnai, who is set to be introduced in Halo Infinite.

6 Humanity is once again on the back foot

The pilot of Echo 216, celebrating as he awakens the Master Chief, in the Discover Hope trailer for Halo Infinite.

Throughout their conflict with the Banished, the Spirit of Fire crew battles their technologically superior foe. During the war between humans and the Covenant, the Covenant was always ten steps ahead with plasma weapons and advanced armor, making war a difficult task. It worsened as the Outcast had three decades to move forward as the Spirit of Fire drifted through space.

The Halo Infinite cinematic trailer shows the Banished, perhaps with help from Cortana and the Created, were able to easily defeat humanity on Installation 07 – including Master Chief. Once again, humanity faces an enemy it cannot defeat by sheer force like it did with the Spartan-IVs and advanced ships like the Infinity.

5 Banned know how to use Forerunner technology

Box art for Halo Wars 2, depicting Atriox and a great Banished force against UNSC forces.

At the start of the Halo Wars 2 plot, it is revealed that this new enemy has access to the Forerunner portal system, allowing them to pass through the Ark and all of its facilities. The outcast were able to do it in a very short time. It’s clear that they inherited the Covenant’s ability to use Forerunner technology.

So it’s no surprise that prior to the events of Halo Infinite, they spread across the Halo quite easily. In the short 8 minute campaign demo released as the campaign premiere, we already see banished structures set up across the vast expanse of the ring, cementing their difference from the Covenant’s reverence for the rings.

4 The Spartan-IIs are our main target

The Spartan Jerome-092 looks ahead as a pelican flies behind him.

Throughout the Halo Wars 2 campaign, the actions of the Red Team turn the tide against the outcast. Jerome (similar to the Chief), Douglas and Alice are Spartan-II soldiers who, despite being eliminated from the Spartan program, still do incredible deeds. Jerome climbs alone aboard the banished flagship, the Enduring Conviction, while his team defends the Spirit of Fire and battles Atriox’s forces at all times.

Rather than the stories of Spartan-IV soldiers such as Fireteam Osiris, Majestic, or Crimson, Halo Infinite focuses entirely on the Master Chief, John-117. In a throwback to the classics that began with Halo Wars 2, players will once again relive moments when individual soldiers face insurmountable threats, while their human elements become more prevalent.

3 A new Halo ring

The final arc of the Halo Wars main campaign involves disarming a new Halo Ring before it crosses space to replace Installation 04, the superweapon destroyed by the Master Chief at the end of Halo: Combat. Evolved. He is disarmed, thankfully, to be captured by one of the Guardians, the constructs Cortana used to take control of the galaxy after the events of Halo 5 Guardians.

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This means that again there is a full set of seven Halo Rings across the galaxy, with the events of Halo Infinite playing out on installation 07, the largest of the Halo set; and the Forerunners are known to do pretty big things, so that means something. Will the threat of a full lineup of Halo rings once again threaten the galaxy as a whole?

2 Bigger and fatter cousins ​​of classic vehicles

A model of the new UNSC Razorback, a vehicle that will be released in Halo Infinite.

As RTS, Halo Wars 2 tech trees allow players to upgrade their infantry and vehicles, including the classic Scorpion tank. Add heavier armor on it with another tank gun, and you have the Grizzly: a monstrously large vehicle capable of easily shredding infantry and other vehicles.

It’s unclear if the Grizzly will make its FPS debut; However, the trend of inflating beloved vehicles continued in the form of the Razorback. This heavily armored truck has more than a slight resemblance to the adorable Warthog, with a bulkier frame, heavier tires and a nasty-looking grille. Have fun getting splashed with this thing.

1 The real purpose of the return of the Halo rings

Concept art depicting the banished attacking the flood

Halo Wars 2 DLC Awakening the Nightmare brought us back to the Flood, the terrifying parasitic hive spirit that threatened the galaxy with extinction, to the point where the Forerunners created the Ark and the Halo Ring network, to destroy all sensitive life, to make them starve. In the facilities across the Arch, and in the very ruins of High Charity itself, the Floodforms had survived the events of Halo 3 and threatened the outcasts.

With our new setting in Halo Infinite being a Halo Ring, which will likely have laboratories and storage facilities filled with flood spores – much like the Halo Rings in Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2, we can see the bigger threat. for organic life to return to our screens once more, and with the banished and created forces of Cortana as enemies, a curve ball such as the Flood would turn the tide on all species.

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