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  • Pearls are back! Rather than the long, stringy necklaces you may be familiar with, this gem is remixed.
  • We are particularly fond of new styles like pearl hoops or chains with mixed pearls.
  • We found 16 beautiful pieces of pearls, like hoop earrings with a twist and an elegant Tiffany ring.

I grew up seeing pearls as a boring type of adult jewelry. But fashion trends in cycles as generations mature, and right now pearls are back.

“Pearls are very trendy right now, but not like your grandmother used to wear them!” Ring Concierge president Nicole Wegman told Insider.

The luxury resale platform FASHIONPHILE, for example, sees an increase of more than 200% in the amount of pearl jewelry sold today compared to a few years ago, especially in the categories of earrings and rings. Pinterest also names “Pearlcore” as one of the top trends to watch this year in its Pinterest Predicts 2022 report.

Instead of the long chains of the past, today’s beads are fresh and modern, appearing in designs like hoop earrings. And it’s not just styles where pearls are worn differently. Where pearls were almost exclusively used to signify class and femininity, men also wear pearls today. Pearls are getting a style remix and are more inclusive than ever.

What determines the quality of a pearl?

Pearls used to be more expensive, but you can find them for much less today. As always, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Pearls may be more affordable, but the quality still deserves attention. “The highest quality pearls are Akoya pearls and are found off the coast of Japan. They are graded A-AAA, with AAA being the best,” Wegman said. “This grading scale rates pearls based on their surface quality, luster, roundness and symmetry of shape.”

How to take care of your pearls

As many ways pearls are made into jewelry today, they are still delicate and prone to breakage. “I recommend them in earrings and necklaces, which experience less wear, than in rings and bracelets,” Wegman said. “If you’re buying a pearl ring, be sure to choose a style that properly protects and secures the pearl.”

To keep your pearls looking their best, Wegman recommends cleaning them thoroughly with warm water and dish soap. Jewelry cleaners and abrasive cleaners can work wonders on metals, but they can damage a pearl and its shine.

Pearls work in any season, whether paired with summer creams or winter whites. They are the perfect addition to your wardrobe, not only as a trend, but also as a must-have. Here are 16 pieces to consider adding to your collection today.

16 of the best pearl jewelry and accessories to try in 2022:

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