2 jewelry stores robbed in Dhaka

Burglars looted two jewelery shops and took gold jewellery, diamonds and cash from the Rajanigandha Tower market at Kachukhet in Dhaka early on Saturday.

Both stores are called Rangapori Jewelers and are owned by the same person.

Stores manager Al Mamum mainly estimated that more than 300 tolas of gold jewellery, diamonds worth around Tk 30 lakh and Tk 5 lakh in cash were looted.

He also claimed that the looted items were worth around Tk 3 crore.

He said they closed downstairs shops around 10 p.m. on Friday and learned of the theft the next morning.

In CCTV footage, four people were seen entering two stores in the dead of night.

They broke all 24 store locks, police said.

The four people left the market around 6 a.m. and were carrying bags.

Abul Hasnat Khandaker, the Inspector (Investigation) of Bhasantek Police Station, said two market security guards were behind the looting which took place for three hours from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Guards were involved in the robbery and they went into hiding after the incident, Mamun said, adding that the burglars beat and tied up another security guard during the robbery.

The police officer said he analyzed CCTV footage and found that two guards opened the main gate at midnight and two people joined them.

They looted two stores and left the building after locking the door with three new locks.

The inspector said they are investigating the incident and a case is ongoing.

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