A City-Big Garage Sale Returns to Morro Bay – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • May 14 and 15, 2022
  • Free
  • Businesses and residents will hold garage sales throughout the weekend, with “sales on almost every street”

A MULTI-FAMILY CONCESSION SALE? Deal seekers and quirky savings seekers find such a notion quite exciting. What if they spy those words on a handmade road sign? Chances are a longtime follower of the garage sale will stop by, all to see if there are any fun and awesome finds to browse and possibly buy. But finding a classic yard sale that features the wares, trinkets and random gizmos of more than one household? It doesn’t happen every weekend or even every month. So when something of city-wide proportions is located, someone might want to write it down, mark the calendar, set an alert, and tell all their garage sale-obsessed friends. And such a citywide celebration of super-duper stuff and awesome wares is just coming, as the 22nd Annual Citywide Garage Sale heads to a charming Central Coast hamlet.

MORRO BAY… is the city, a place synonymous with the epic volcanic plug that lies just offshore. And while Morro Rock is certainly bigger than any item you’ll find for sale, you’ll likely come across a wide assortment of clothing, household items, albums, jewelry, and toys. Companies have been known to get into selling stuff, and the official site says to look for “sales in almost every street!” Want to be the first to find finds? Friday evening is the time to arrive for an “early start”, while the “bargains” may start to appear, here and there, on Sunday. And even if you can’t find the cowboy hat of your dreams or the rare 8 track you’ve been looking for for years, consider this: you’ll be in Morro Bay, which is perhaps the most fabulous find of the week. -end.

OH, AND THIS WEEKEND? Prepare the station wagon for a road trip and find your lucky sneakers: everything unfolds, lamp by jacket, chair by books, on May 14 and 15.

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