A list of side businesses owned by Southern celebrities

Side business owned by some of our South Indian celebrities


  • Actors and actresses have a passion outside of acting which they try to achieve even after becoming stars
  • Most of them have an idea to create their own brands in their areas of passion
  • All of these passionate and talented celebrities often run a side business

Cinema is a matter of passion, but seen from another point of view, the film industry is a very risky business. Most of our actors reinvest their hard-earned money into filmmaking by starting a production house. While a few other players run a few side businesses.

Kamal Haasan is an actor who puts his money back in film in the most progressive way. While most of them consider cinema as a source of income, he has invested in the film industry to introduce new world-class technologies.

That said, these are some of the most popular celebrities who run a side business in addition to being full-time actors, and a few points will blow your mind.


Actors and actresses on the business side,

Actor Arya is one of the most popular actors in Kollywood cinema. A lesser known fact about him is that he owns a hotel in and around Tamil Nadu named Sea Shell. He also owns a production house named The Show People. He produced commercially successful films under this banner.


Parallel activity of actor and actress

Actor Vijay owns a few wedding halls in Chennai named after his mother – Shoba, his son – Sanjay and his wife – Sangeetha. The wedding halls are located in some of the best locations in town.

Suriya Sivakumar

Parallel activity of actor and actress

Actor Suriya likes to visit his village located in Coimbatore. He owns a farm in his native village. Apart from this, the actor was also setting up a wind farm in Coimbatore. He also owns a production house named 2D images.


Actors and actress on the business side

Actor Prashanth took a break from acting a few years ago and became an entrepreneur. Together with his father Thiagarajan, he opened India’s largest jewelry mall in Chennai a few years ago. The shopping complex is managed by Prashant’s sister, Preethi Thiagarajan.


Actors and actresses on the business side,

Actress Tamannaah launched her jewelry brand a few years ago. She named the brand WITE & GOLD. Wite & Gold is an online jewelry brand that Tamannaah launched about 5 years ago.

Nikki Galrani

Actors and actresses on the business side,

Actress Nikki Galrani who has appeared in films like Sweetheart, Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran, and some other movies, owns a cafe resto in Koramangala, Bangalore. She featured this brand on her Twitter page in 2017.

Taapsee Pannu

Actors and actresses on the business side

Actress Taapsee Pannu owns an event management company by the name of The Wedding Factory. She runs the business with her sister Shagun Pannu and her friend Farah Parvaresh.


Parallel activity of actor and actress

Actor Nagarjuna is the co-owner of football team Kerala Blasters Sports Pvt. ltd. He owns this team with cricket veteran Sachin Tendulkar. The team plays in the Indian Super League, representing the state of Kerala.

Rana Daggubati

Parallel activity of actor and actress

the Bahubali The actor owns a talent management company named CAA KWAN. Kwan is a Mumbai-based talent management company for which Rana serves as the director of Kwan (south) Celebrity Services Private Limited.

Kajal Aggarwal

Parallel activity of actor and actress

Latest news is that actress Kajal Aggarwal has taken a 15% stake in the recently launched startup Okie Gaming. Kajal was previously a brand ambassador for the Okie brand companies. The actress has now invested in the latest gaming venture launched by Okie Groups. She also owns a jewelry store with her sister.

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