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HYDERABAD: Isolation and uncertainty is all we’ve known about since the start of the pandemic. Along with meditation and cat / dog coils on Instagram, some of us are turning to talismans for some extra positive #vibes.

As soon as you hear the word astrology, your mind turns to the baby boomers, who wear huge rings with their birthstones. However, astrology is also hugely popular among millennials; from collection lines to marketing strategies, this pseudoscience has taken over many aspects of our lives. Varun, an engineering student, wears a yellow emerald stone pendant. “When things were not going well at home due to the pandemic, my mother consulted an astrologer by phone and he assigned a stone based on our zodiac signs. I didn’t see a difference, but my mom insists on wearing it, ”he laughs.

Madhu, a Begumpet student, stumbled upon a tarot reading channel on YouTube and became curious. “People are initially intrigued by astrology and hope to find answers about life in it. Algorithm-based marketing adds to that, enticing us to buy these talismans, ”she says.

Many jewelry designers have received requests for custom pieces based on astrological signs. Satish Singh, co-founder of jewelry brand Joker & Witch, believes in marketing strategies focused on astronomy. “For me, the target audience is divided into 12 segments based on their zodiac signs. As long as you know the signs of the zodiac, you’ve created the perfect marketing copy, ”he says.

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