A new sustainable replacement for plastic rings and shrink wrap for multipack beverages introduced by Graphic Packaging

Packaging supplier Graphic Packaging International LLC (Atlanta) has introduced a new replacement for the plastic rings and shrink wraps used on beverage multipacks. Its new EnviroClip is an alternative to cardboard for holding standard 12 and 16 oz beverage cans together. The company is one of the largest producers of folding cartons and paper-based catering products in the United States.

EnviroClip differs from another multipack carrier offered by the company, called KeelClip. While both offer space to print branded messages and graphics, EnviroClip was specifically designed to further minimize material usage, according to the company. It is made from a single ply of cardboard made from renewable fibers from sustainably managed forests. It does not use adhesives or plastic laminations.

“EnviroClip enables beverage companies to dramatically increase sustainability by replacing plastic packaging for can multipacks with a recyclable and renewable solution,” said Ricardo de Genova, senior vice president of global innovation and news. activities at Graphic Packaging, in a press release. “Its launch complements our KeelClip beverage can multipack solution and means we are now able to meet customer requirements across a full range of different sized operations.”

EnviroClip designs are available for four-pack and six-pack beverage configurations. The company says the cans detach easily from the EnviroClip, which is also comfortable to carry.

The company claims that EnviroClip works on small footprint equipment. The equipment operates at a range of speeds, from manual application to high-speed automation.

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