Amazon Fashion Sale: Stylish bracelets at bargain prices you must steal from the weekend sale

Whether you have a taste for minimal fashion or maximalist looks, bracelets should be part of your style. Bracelets are worn around the wrist and have been one of the most popular adornments that can be paired with modern and ethnic looks. Different types of bracelets bring different charm to her look. They can also contain jewels, stones, wood, shells and crystals to add beauty to the jewel. The Amazon Fashion Sale has great deals on stylish bracelets you’ve always wanted to own. Scroll below to steal your favorite braces from the fashion sale.

Here are 7 stylish bracelets from the Amazon fashion sale:

1. Elegant multi-layered crystal bracelet

This multi-layered charm bracelet is a stunner! The gold-plated bracelet features star and moon designs embellished with sparkling crystals, making it a perfect choice for minimalist looks. Whether you’re going on a date with your pretty white dress or wearing a sari for an intimate evening, incorporate this bracelet into your look to seal your style with elegance.

Price: Rs 199

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2. Austrian Crystal Bracelet

This rose gold bracelet embellished with large Australian crystals is a colorful yet subtle embellishment that gives it a sophisticated feminine touch. Pair it with a white shirt and a denim look or a shirt dress for the perfect fit.


Price: Rs 299

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3. Platinum Plated Swarovski Bracelet

Make a statement with this shimmering platinum-plated bracelet embellished with crystals. It’s also a great gift that your girlfriend, mother or friend will absolutely love. Its neutral silver color makes it perfect to combine with any outfit.


Price: Rs 275

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4. Deep Ocean Blue Hearts Bracelet

Radiating feminine romance, this heart-shaped blue crystal bracelet is an elegant and beautiful piece to own. The adjustable closure ensures a secure fit. The oval shape of the bracelet keeps the main part in front and even makes it fit perfectly in the hand.


Price: Rs 1499

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5. Unisex Stretch Reiki Healing Bead Bracelet

Evil eye beads have been in fashion for quite some time and we believe they continue to be a part of faith and style. This bracelet will keep all evil eyes away and its intricately polished design will make it a conversation piece.


Price: Rs 175

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6. Rose Gold Cubic Crystal Bracelet

This contemporary designer bracelet is something we all wish we had. Its cubic crystal design and alluring rose gold color make it a perfect piece to spruce up your look for any event. The bracelet comes in a nice jewelery box with a Giva jewelery kit which includes a soft cleaning cloth.


Price: Rs 3799

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7. White pearl silver bracelet

If you are looking for something that you can match with your bracelets and handcuffs, this beautiful white pearl bracelet can be your perfect choice. It’s sleek, minimal, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye! Made from a double wire gathan chain, this silver beaded bracelet is very durable for everyday use.


Price: Rs 1199

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How do you like these beautiful bracelet collections from the Amazon fashion sale? Love them all? Then you should definitely buy them all. Bracelets are an interesting gift that you can give as a birthday present or as a return gift.

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