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Which stacking ring toy is the best?

The stacking ring toy has always been a staple when it comes to stocking a new baby’s room. It’s a simple and colorful toy that can keep a child busy for hours. It is ideal for infants and toddlers, but older children can continue to enjoy it as well. For a fun new take on a classic toy, check out the Spin Again stacking toy from Fat Brain Toys.

What to know before buying a stacking ring toy

Benefits for development

Although a stacking ring toy may seem basic in style, it helps toddlers learn skills they started developing as babies under the baby gym and apply them to actions more specific intentions. Stacking ring toys teach kids to differentiate colors and understand size order. They are also great for developing gross and fine motor skills and getting kids exploring the concept of problem solving.

Floor Stacking Toy vs Floating Stacking Toy

A stacking ring toy is usually constructed from wood, silicone, plush fabric, or plastic. Stacking rings designed for play on the nursery floor can be made from any of these materials, but tub toys designed to float in water are usually made of silicone or plastic. Stackable floating toys are great for play in the tub or kiddie pool and are lighter and more buoyant than their land counterparts.

Lights and sounds

Most stacking ring toys don’t require batteries and are made from simple, straightforward materials. If you’re looking for something a little flashier, however, there are new models that feature light rings or musical bases. Stackable rings that light up or play music cost more and may require batteries sold separately.

What to Look for in a Quality Stacking Ring Toy

Safe and bright colors

The color palette of a stacking toy can range from multiple shades of one color to rainbow-themed designs with patterns or prints. Whatever the theme, the colors should be bright and vibrant.

Toddlers are still in that age range for teething, so colors should be safe too. If the rings are made of wood, they must have a non-toxic paint. Plastics must be free of bisphenol A, a potentially harmful chemical. If the rings are plush, they should have strong seams.


In recent years, stacking toys have begun to incorporate various textures into their designs. Instead of smooth rings that all feel the same, these new rings include bumps, indentations, and other patterns that further stimulate touch.

Environmentally friendly materials

The best stacking ring toys are good for both your child and the planet. They are constructed from plant or recycled materials. Plant-based materials replace unsustainable materials with those that are better for the environment. Recycled materials take existing plastics and reuse them to reduce your carbon footprint.

Convenient storage

The advantage of a stacking toy is that once all the pieces are stacked together, it looks neat and organized on a shelf. The easiest toys to store feature large rings that are easy to spot on the floor and drop onto the stand without any hassle. The base is sturdy and doesn’t lean to one side with the threat of falling off once you put it away.

How much you can expect to spend on a stacking ring toy

The price range is usually $5 to $15, but can go up to $20 to $30 if lights or sounds are involved.

Stacking Ring FAQs

How big is a stacking ring toy?

A. Some are small and compact, while others are designed to be almost as tall as the toddler playing with them. Most stacking toys are between 8 and 16 inches.

How many rings does a stacking toy have?

A. A stacking toy usually has six to eight rings, with this number varying slightly depending on the intended age. Stacking toys for younger toddlers may have fewer rings, while stacking toys for ages 3 and up may have six or more rings.

What is the difference between gross motor skills and fine motor skills?

A. Gross motor skills involve large muscle movements while fine motor skills refer to the use of smaller muscles. For example, crawling to the stacking ring toy uses gross motor skills, but stacking them uses fine motor skills.

What is the best stacking ring toy to buy?

Stack-on-top rings toy

Fat Brain Toys Spin Again Stacking Toy

What do you want to know: This plastic set comes with a 16.5 inch tall corkscrew stand and six rotating disc rings in different colors and shapes. It is designed for children from 1 to 5 years old.

What you will love: It’s colorful and the rotating design helps kids explore movement. It is made from BPA-free food grade coated plastic.

What you should consider: The bracket could hold the pole more securely.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon, Staples and BuyBuyBaby

Top stacking rings toy for the money

Fisher-Price Classic Rock-A-Stack Toy

Fisher-Price Classic Rock-A-Stack Toy

What do you want to know: This set comes with a smooth 8.3 inch pole mount with five colored rings. It is designed for children from 6 months to 3 years old.

What you will love: It is simple and easy to use with large, brightly colored rings. It’s a sturdy and reliable toy that will remind parents of the stacking toys of their childhood. And it’s made from at least 90% plant-based materials.

What you should consider: It has fewer rings than most sets and does not introduce different textures.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and BuyBuyBaby

Worth checking out

iPlay iLearn Plush Stackable Toy Set

iPlay Plush Stackable Toy Set, iLearn

What do you want to know: This plush set stands 12 inches tall with six colorful stacking pieces. It is designed for children 3 months and older.

What you will love: Each plush stacking ring features a different style and showcases a different sensory experience. Some have sounds, while others have teethers. We even look like a duck’s face. The pieces are soft and cozy.

What you should consider: Plush rings are more difficult to install on the pole than plastic or wooden rings.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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