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It’s probably hard to believe that you have a six month old baby, but somehow you are there. Gone are the days of newborn babies and days of sitting ready for solids, how you got so tall.

Your baby will grow and change a lot this month, as will his sleep. Thanks to all the exciting new changes your baby is going through this month, their sleep might change as well, but in a totally positive way. Your baby will settle into more regular sleep patterns and is able to both sleep longer at the same time and calm down for the times when he or she wakes up at night with you. It’s a whole new world (at six months!), Parents!

How Much Sleep Does a Six Month Old Baby Need?

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, babies under one year old should sleep between 12 and 16 hours per 24 hours. The Journal of Nature and Science of Sleep also adds that more often than not, a six-month-old baby’s sleep averages 13 to 14 hours per day. However, all babies are different and some six month olds may still need those extra few hours of sleep! Rachel Mitchell, certified pediatric and maternal sleep consultant and founder of My Sweet Sleeper, also confirms that babies at six months will start to shrink. how much sleep they need.

“There’s a lot going on with your baby at six months,” Mitchell says. “This is usually the stage where your little one will officially transition to three naps, and their daytime sleep naturally begins to consolidate.”

She also adds that some babies may still need more sleep at this point, and that’s okay, what’s important is to follow your baby’s own sleep cues and support their individual development. , instead of sticking to a rigid schedule. “At this point, ideally, your baby is still sleeping between 3 / 3.5 and 4 hours of sleep per day, or a little more if your baby is what we call a ‘high sleep need baby,’ he explains. (Serious question: Can a mother be considered to have a “high need for sleep” because if so, then I am.)

But speaking of schedules, knowing the ideal sleep schedule for your six-month-old baby can be extremely helpful. It can help you know how long your baby needs to stay awake between naps, when to naps, and what the ideal bedtime will be like. Because babies can all be so different and change so much at this age, having a customizable sleep schedule can be a game-changer, so here’s one that Mitchell suggests parents can look at.

6 month old baby sleep program

The most important change Mitchell says parents should be aware of is that a six-month-old baby has the ability to sleep longer, which is an extremely exciting stage. She also notes that babies can probably start to self-soothe on their own, so you can start experimenting by letting them explore certain methods (safe, of course!)

Wake up the windows for a six month old

At six months, Mitchell notes that your approach to waking up windows for your baby should change a bit.

“At this point, you should still follow the waking windows to a daytime schedule and your baby may be ready to extend the waking windows slightly to 2-3 hours,” she explains.

Keeping track of your baby’s waking hours means you’ll also schedule their daytime naps accordingly. Just like last month, you’ll want to reduce the amount of time your baby naps during the day. For example, you should try to schedule your baby’s first two naps between 1.5 and 2 hours and their last nap between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

“The last nap of the day at this point really should only be a bridge to bedtime, which is ideally between 7pm and 8pm,” Mitchell adds.

Tips for sleeping babies

Biggest tip for sleeping babies at six months? Introducing solid foods may just help your little one sleep better.

Mitchell points out that a strong growth spurt often occurs during this time, which could lead to trouble sleeping if their nutritional needs are not met. Solids during the day can help close this gap as your baby grows and she also adds that a temporary nighttime awakening to a feed is also normal.

“This is the age that I recommend to gradually start to introduce solids, and you may notice that your baby is hungrier than usual at this point, which may be due to a growth spurt that is taking place. often produced around this time, ”she explains. “If you’ve ever given up on the night feed, but notice your baby suddenly wakes up and needs a feed, know that you can bring him back temporarily.”

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Top 10 best cousin bracelets 2021 – Bestgamingpro Sat, 28 Aug 2021 02:30:25 +0000

Top 10 best cousin bracelets 2021

1. BAUNA cousin gifts for women to my cousin bracelet Long distance cousin friendship gift although life may take us miles away, a cousin is always close to the heart

  • Dimension: cousin jewelry – household quote pendant measures 2cm, hand gestures pendant measures 17.6 * 14.4mm, bracelet diameter: 6.5cm (2.56 “) in diameter. adjustable wire strap fits wrists from 7 “to 8.5”.
  • Cousin gifts, cousin bracelets, relationship message gifts, gifts for cousins, cousin jewelry for ladies, cousin bracelet for lady, cousin bracelets, cousin gifts from cousin cousin allure.
  • Materials: premium stainless steel cousin bracelet, it is lead and nickel free, hypoallergenic, it will not rust, change color or tarnish.
  • Cousin Gifts – engraved with “Although life may take us for miles, a cousin is always close to the heart”. An important reward for the cousin of the house. entertain your cousins ​​with this superb jewel.
  • A long-standing relationship present – first my cousin, always my friends. this cousin stretch bangle bracelet wrapped in a velvet pouch and ready to give!

2. Cousin Gift Cousin Bracelet Side by side or miles from each other, cousins ​​are always close to the heart Cousin jewelry gift for cousins ​​(silver bracelet)

  • Size Bracelet Diameter: 6.0cm (2.37inch) – 6.5cm (2.56inch) adjustable, fits most wrist sizes
  • To?? great reward choice – considerate stream for her, best friends, wives, teenage girls, sisters or yourself for birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, sweetest day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas , Valentine’s Day, or just ship it out as a shocking reward for that particular person in your life to let them know you care about them.
  • â ?? ¤ Highly polished chrome steel, hypoallergenic, lead free, tarnish and rust resistant
  • To?? cousins ​​bracelet – highly polished chrome steel engraved aspect by aspect or miles sideways, the cousins ​​are always closed to the allure of the heart on the bangle, inspiration and optimistic vitality for thoughts and soul
  • Runxintd jewelry pays close attention to the buying experiences of buyers and is dedicated to bringing the most efficient jewelry and the most efficient businesses to our customers. Your satisfaction is the motivation for us to progress. just contact us if you have any problem with the goods. we will help you find an answer quickly!

4.Cousin Charm Bracelet Family Gift Stainless Steel Stretch Bracelet

  • Cousin bracelet – blood silver plated cousins, sisters by heart, companions by alternative look on the bangle
  • Cousin reward concepts – finding the appropriate reward for a particular cousin, great cousin reward for ladies
  • Cousins ​​jewelry – cousin bangle bracelet – cousins ​​gifts
  • Adjustable and adjustable bangle bracelet, designed to fit most wrist sizes
  • FREE Jewelry Pouch – Only the most stylish velvet jewelry pouches are used to bundle and ship our bracelets, possibly ensuring the most stunning presentation possible.

5. Cousin gift from the Infinity collection, Cousins ​​by chance, Adjustable bracelet with friends charm by choice, Cousin jewelry for women for Cousins

  • Flat elastic cord – the elastic cord is approx. 1mm wide and 0.7mm thick. 100m / 328ft per roll. it is simple to tie knots and the knot is strong and small to secure your beads and you will cover the knot simply
  • Bead chain for jewelry making – elastic string is great for bracelets, necklaces, bead weaving and various jewelry craft tasks. Especially suitable for use with seed beads, gemstone beads, glass beads and various beads for jewelry making
  • A worthy bundle of elastic string – the paxcoo bracelet chain comes with a 100m roll of transparent elastic string, excellent for making bracelets, jewelry making, bead making, necklaces making and more. different craft tasks.
  • Elastic for Bracelets Making – This bracelet chain is an elastic and crystal spandex polyester product, which is sturdy to use and try on exquisite. the stretchable thread is nice for beading tasks
  • Be aware – if in case you have a problem with our product, you can click on “contact seller”? button in your amazon account to contact us. we will probably be happy to be able to help you and respond as quickly as possible

6.Paxcoo 1mm Stretch Bead Cord Elastic Bracelet For Jewelry Making And Bracelets Making

  • Simple and elegant mantra mantra bracelet, minimalist model, personalized birthday reward, christmas reward, mother’s day reward for her.
  • Very cute and good quality: overly polished cuff bracelet, shiny ground, very easy with rounded edges to avoid scratching your wrist, clear engraved just studying
  • Joycuff comes with cute reward field, uplifting engraved message, humorous cousin birthday reward
  • This bracelet is adjustable and can fit most wrist sizes
  • Joycuff is committed to offer 6 month money back and 100% satisfaction guarantee, we promise good value for money with good quality, high quality cuffs same as picture and outline, if you have any questions, please contact us.

8. Cousin Jewelry Basics 1-piece decorative hook and eye clasp, rose gold

  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? this bracelet is stretchable – that means it should fit your wrist, then put it back to its authentic measurement. bracelet diameter: 62 mm.
  • â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? This cousin bracelet would make an ideal cousin reward. lovely cousin birthday reward or cousin Christmas reward! our stunning bracelet makes great gifts for all events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements, Christmas and much more.
  • â ?? ¤ï¸ ?? the bracelet is created from high quality chrome steel polished on all sides. chrome steel will not tarnish or rust!
  • To ? “Cousins ​​and friends, we will always be a few nuts from the same domestic tree; â ‘¢ aspect by aspect of miles sideways we are underins bound by the guts
  • To?? ï¸ ?? Happiness Guarantee – We would like you to be satisfied with your goods. please contact us with any points

9. Ankiyabe Cousins ​​Gifts Cousin Stretch Bracelet Cousins ​​Birthday Gift Cousin Quotes Bracelet with Family Tree Charm (Cousins ​​by Blood Sisters by Heart Friends by choice)

  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? Materials & Measurement: Excessively polished chrome steel, hypoallergenic, lead free, tarnish and rust resistant. Bracelet diameter: 6.0cm (2.37inch) – 6.5cm (2.56inch) adjustable, fits as much as most wrist sizes
  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? cousin presents: This cousin bracelet would make an ideal cousin reward. lovely cousin birthday reward or cousin Christmas reward! our stunning bracelet makes great gifts for all events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements, Christmas and much more.
  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? Cousins ​​bracelet: excess of polished chrome steel engraved aspect by aspect or miles sideways, the cousins ​​are always closed to the allure of the heart on the bangle bracelet, inspiration and optimistic vitality for thoughts and soul
  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? great reward alternative: considerate current for her, best friends, ladies, teenage girls, sisters or yourself on your birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, sweetest day, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, valentines day, or just shipping as a shock reward for that particular person in your life to let them know you care.
  • To?? ¤ï¸ ?? GOOD FREE Velvet Pouch: Wrapped in elegant jewelry pouches and prepared for a reward.

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The Lily Charmed brand celebrates its 10th anniversary Tue, 24 Aug 2021 10:23:54 +0000

Independent jewelry brand Lily Charmed this month marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of the company in 2011.

The family brand was founded by Lucy Lee, who designed the first 10 models at her kitchen table.

Lily Charmed’s early designs were created with a focus on collecting and gifting charms and offered the kind of customization the brand is known for today.

Lee commented, “I made sure that Lily Charmed’s early designs perfectly represented everything I wanted the brand to become.

“The sentiment of jewelry has always been the inspiration behind every Lily Charmed charm and early pieces included the Bee, Feathers, Wishbone and Warm Heart which are still some of our bestsellers to this day.

“The manufacturing process was also extremely important to me – long before Lily Charmed was born, I had visited Potosi, a silver mine in Bolivia, and had seen firsthand the impact of mining. mining on the physical environment, the chemical footprint required to process the metal, and the high impact on workers.

“All Lily Charmed charms are made from recycled sterling silver and recycled gold plated sterling silver.

“As jewelers, it is our responsibility to understand and ensure that our customers understand where our raw materials come from. I also love the sentimental journey of using recycled money.

“For us, charming jewelry has an emotional impact – using recycled money brings its journey, money had a life before, a purpose, its own story, and by reusing money, we pass that on to the next generation. “

Upcoming plans for Lily Charmed’s continued growth include a new and improved website tailored to her loyal business customers, launching in 2021.

Its Star Cluster Christmas collection will be available from October 2021, and a selection of new charm bracelets will also be available for Christmas.

Lily Charmed will present her very first retail show, Spirit of Christmas, at Olympia from November 1-7, 2021.

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Top 10 best four piece necklaces of 2021 – Bestgamingpro Sun, 22 Aug 2021 02:50:15 +0000

Top 10 best four piece necklaces of 2021

1. Fanery Sue Personalized Friendship Necklace for 4 – Matching Puzzles Personalized Engraved Name Necklace Dog Tag, Choose Your Birthstone (Set of 4 Necklaces)

  • â ™ ¥ Material grade chrome steel. zircon crystal birthstone. robust, extremely resistant to rust and tarnishing. Double-faceted sharpening tip makes engraving simple to learn.
  • Customers Find Out: We offer standard delivery and expedited delivery. Please make sure to present receiver’s full title if you select expedited delivery, otherwise we will not be able to ship with expedited delivery.
  • â ™ Personalized Puzzle Item Necklace – This is a set of cute personalized necklaces with four jigsaw item necklaces. personalize your particular necklaces for you and love one or your best friends / accomplices. engrave with your birthday, the promised phrase, nicknames, etc. above. wear the necklace with you and you will really feel connected to each other. select your individual birthstone …
  • â ™ your categorical personality – a few engraving options so you can start with: names, emotions, dates, coordinates, numbers, song strains, desires, phrases with meaning, etc.
  • Premium Gift Box – Necklaces come with a premium gift box. this is great for any giveaway event. nice gift for friends, lovers or family on Christmas day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding ceremony, anniversary, mother’s day etc.

2. KATGI Fashion Austrian Crystal Four Leaf Clover Necklace Bracelet and Earrings (3 Piece Set)

  • 18k white gold plated. crystals formed of coronary heart and 23 Czech rhinestones with progressive coloring
  • Great gift for any event that can definitely make a memorable impression
  • Shade: inexperienced emerald. set of three: necklace, earrings and bracelet
  • Intricate excessive polishing creates glamorous highlights and gives an expensive look to this necklace, bracelet and earrings
  • Comes with a purple katgi model gift bag

4.O.RIYA Set Forever Ever Apart Four Piece Puzzle Heart Necklace Set Stainless Steel Bead Charm

  • Chain size: approx 18 inches, full coronary heart measurement: 1 1/4 inches approx. all necklaces are made of chromed steel.
  • Comes with a present field of o.riya jewelry, prepared for gifting.
  • Endless set, by no means aside, 4 piece puzzle coronary heart necklaces set, set of four coronary heart necklaces, sisters jewelry, best partners set
  • Makes an amazing gift for a wedding, bridal party, sorority, business associates, or household. a high advertising product for funerals to keep a little bit with a loved one indefinitely.
  • O.riya Jewelry Ltd pays great attention to the buying experiences of buyers. Your satisfaction is the motivation that motivates us to move forward. we will try our best to solve any problems and give you the best buying business

5.LISHINE 400 Pieces Necklace Display Cards, Kraft Paper Bracelet Card Holder, Blank Jewelry Display Card for Ankle Bracelet, Headband, Hair Ties, Choker, Keychain

  • Jewelry card holders are simple to use and have duct tape, you don’t want glue to stick around to put the playing cards together. suitable for a variety of chain type jewelry with, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. a hanging space can be there to show on hanging brackets.
  • The appropriate size for jewelry display tags is 4.7 x 2 inches, which will fit most jewelry. These clean collared playing cards are designed without any samples to write your personal information on them, such as an emblem or a title.
  • Jewelry packaging accessory, this jewelry hanging tag set also comes with 400 playing cards to show off the necklace to solve your jewelry show problem.
  • ã € ?? good qualityã € ‘our choker show playing cards are made of new thick paper which is environmentally friendly, degradable, easy in design and simple to use.
  • ã € ?? Widely useã € ‘you should use the bow display card to sell your jewelry at home or use it to wrap your DIY ornaments and disclose to others. you can also use them to show off jewelry on buying cabinets.

6. Best Friend Forever and Ever 4 Pieces Rhinestone BFF Necklace Heart Shaped Pendant Friendship Puzzle Sewing Necklace

  • 💠– ã € ?? materialã € ‘: product in chromed steel, solid, nickel free, hypoallergenic. trendy design, very light and comfortable to put on
  • ‘–Ã € ?? sizeã €’: finer: zero.79 ″ * zero.96 ″; associated: zero.71 ″ * 1.24 ″; to infinity: zero. 73 ″ * 1.22 ″; and never: zero.93 ″ * zero.87; chrome steel chain: 17.7 ″ +1.97 ″
  • ‘–Ã € ?? updateã €’: High quality and constant craftsmanship innovation inside is our pursuit. currently, we have accomplished the improvement of the collection of bff necklaces, which have achieved even more beautiful appearance and good results
  • ‘–Ã € ?? most endearing designã €’: four pendant puzzles consists of the “best associated with infinity and forever”. this bff jewelry couture reveals how stylish love is and the way it was done. The meaning of the necklace is priceless. share your stories and necklace hearts to remind you of your special bond
  • ‘–Ã € ?? the best giftã €’: the adorable set of bff necklaces for bestie is a true reminder of an everlasting friendship. shock your best friend on his birthday, Christmas or Thanksgiving

7.BBTO 4pcs Layered Pendant Choker Necklace Gold Layered Chain for Women Girls (Style A)

  • Necklace materials: made of good quality alloy; measurement: the size of the necklace is 30cm – 40cm, the extended chain is 6cm; avoid getting wet with water or other liquids, do not put on during training, bathing, sleeping, which can lengthen the service life
  • Good current: the stylish necklace is suitable for ladies and ladies in summer season, a very good gift for your lover or associates
  • 4 necklaces: coronary heart pendant necklace, star necklace, star moon necklace, multi-layered harness necklace, you can put them collectively or separate them for a specific person
  • Combine totally different clothes: the choker necklace is simple and elegant, the four items can be matched to totally different types according to your preference, like a skirt, evening dress, shirt, t-shirt or different outfits
  • Suitable Event: There are four types of totally different choker necklaces, you can select totally different necklace according to your temperament or event, like birthday, anniversary, holiday, beginning, Holy Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.

8.PJ Jewelry Personalized Personalized 3/4/5 Pieces Matching Puzzle Piece BFF Friendship Necklaces Set, Soul Sister Gift

  • Details: * type: finest personalized necklace / personalized soulmate necklace * coloring: gold plated, rose gold, silver tone * polish end * measure: free 20 “chain
  • Materials: we select chrome steel as a replacement for alloy or brass. as a result, it is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. robustness and trend. quite a very fashionable accent.
  • Personalized engraved friendship puzzle item necklace engraving options so you can start with: names, emotions, dates, contact details, numbers, song strains, desires, important phrases, etc.
  • Essential: We provide free engraving for this Chromed Steel Puzzle Piece Matching Necklace. please click on “customize now” fill in your engraving information then “add to cart”. we will get your engraving information from your order. if you don’t want engraving, please type “none”. If the auto-personalization service cannot meet your request, please “contact the supplier” after you finish …
  • Packaging and gross sale after: Comes with gray velvet bag or gift field, nice to give! 30 days money back guarantee, 100% safe purchase. please charge 5 stars in case you are satisfied with our product.

9. BFF Necklace for 4 Personalized Stainless Steel Chains Family Love / Friendship Jewelry Set Personalized Engraving Split Heart Pendants for 4 Best Friend Graduation Gift

  • â ™ “🠑• a number of choices💠•: design with 2 styles —- a.title engrave, b.title engrave and personalized birthstone; three colors: stainless / black / gold. buyer find out: the pendant and chain you get would be the same color.
  • Customize the details: step 1: select the coloring with the personalization service. step 2, click the “customize now” button. third step, enter the content you need to burn (names / date / areas / numbers / special symbols).
  • To?? Coronary heart necklace set: categorical love between couples, lovers, associates, household, comrade and so on. commemorative gift for wedding ceremony / anniversary / beginning / anniversary / team-building / family reunion / Valentine’s Day and so on.
  • Base materials: 316l chrome steel, sturdy and durable coloring. easy polished end makes it a comfort to put on. – pendant measurement: 1.4 inch x 1 inch, chain size: 16 + 2 inch. each necklace weighs 6 grams.
  • Wrapped Reward: Includes four pendants, four chains, u7 design scope, and black velvet pouch.

10. 4 pieces of 14K gold extension necklace chains 925 sterling silver necklaces extension chain bracelet for jewelry making (4 6 inch) (gold and silver)

  • “Premium Material”: These chain extenders are made of high quality 925 sterling silver, lead free, nickel free, hypoallergenic. excellent to maintain as an everyday gem
  • ã € ?? packing list: 4 bracelet necklace extension chains; 1 × silver sharpening material in one package (not with ring, earring, pendant, jewelry necklace)
  • Color and size: 14 ok gold plated + 925 sterling silver bracelet necklace chain extensions (four 6 inch). very simple to connect your chain, necklace, bracelet or pendant
  • ã € ?? reliableã € ‘: The thick necklace extension chain fabric is 925 sterling silver product with hypoallergenic features and nickel free, it will not trigger pores and skin discomfort
  • ã € ?? tipsã € ‘: Oxidation of sterling silver is a pure process, we suggest that cleaning and frequent transport of silver jewelry will help prevent tarnishing and keep its shine

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‘Psychonauts 2’ devs reveal how they had a wellness nightmare Sat, 21 Aug 2021 14:00:25 +0000

Video games are a vector of escape.

When you’re stressed, there are few more relieving feelings than getting lost in a video game world that’s not afraid to be fun, happy, and a little weird.

Few developers manage to strike this balance better than Double Fine. Known for games like Brutal, broken legend Age, and The cave, the now Microsoft-owned studio systematically creates games with a distinctly eerie but vivid charm and tone. For studio manager Tim Schafer, these games perfectly reflect the nature of the team.

“It’s a healthy team, and that style is just our taste,” says Schafer. “There is no right or wrong answer about what you can put out in the world.”

With Psychonauts 2, Double Fine follows a 16-year-old game that tackles serious mental health issues, but does so in an uplifting rather than frightening way. Psychonauts resonated with a large and passionate community, and that’s because Double Fine has strived to create a healthy community.

Double Fine is a studio that stands for creativity and positivity above all else. Schafer, Artistic Director Lisette Titre-Montgomery and Senior Systems Designer Lauren Scott spoke with Reverse on how the studio applied this mindset (pun intended) to Psychonauts 2 ahead of the game’s release on August 25.

The cause

Schafer describes Psychonauts 2 as a humanist because he discusses the moral and philosophical agency of people so that he does not strike towards a specific group.

“No one on the team would be comfortable with the kind of humor that strikes and belittles people,” he explains. “So naturally there is a love for humanity and the human condition and empathy for what everyone is going through.”

It’s clear from the start as players investigate the mind of Dr Loboto, a dentist who kidnapped Truman Zanotto, leader of the Psychonauts, a group of agents who set out to solve problems in the minds of the people. What initially appears to be a dull office level in the mind of a tooth-filled dentist.

Raz, Lili et cie. are constantly craving jokes on each other, and a cheerful creativity not found in many games is instantly displayed. Still, there is a tragedy behind Dr. Loboto’s predicament, as he really can’t seem to remember who manipulated him and why he kidnapped Truman.

Being light-hearted and cheerful doesn’t mean Double Fine is oblivious to the issues people face. In Psychonauts 2, you will meet characters suffering from anxiety, depression, multiple personality disorder and alcoholism.

While Psychonauts 2, Double Fine worked with Take This, a nonprofit that advocates for better representation of mental health in games. As a result, the game opens with a content warning about the mental health issues the game is addressing and encourages players to visit the Take This website to learn more about the topics covered in the game. Psychonauts 2.

From a writing standpoint, Schafer prioritized depictions that were respectful of the issues the characters face. However, the game also gives a positive outlook to people who battle these inner demons, as Raz leaves their minds in better shape than they found.

“Raz is a very resilient and upbeat kid led by Richard Horvitz in this truly indomitable way,” Schafer said. “He bounces off all the things he’s going through and also has an innocence about him. When he gets into these really adult situations, he sees the positive in these things and is very solution-oriented. “

Double Fine articulates these themes through the aesthetics and design of the game’s levels, as well as its story and dialogues. Title-Montgomery and the other Double Fine artists devised enemies that would be literal manifestations of concepts like doubts and regrets that seem surprisingly appropriate. Each level also has a vibrant and unique color palette, which sometimes reaches euphoric heights.

Double Fine focused on making the gameplay fit with the narrative. For example, a level set in the mind of a man named Compton who faces extreme anxiety involves players in a timed cooking competition so they can feel the same pressure as Compton. In turn, the game then shows how you can overcome this struggle in a positive way.

“As they play, players need to ask themselves questions similar to those the character asks in a narrative way,” says Lauren Scott. “It’s the best of times when you can merge those two things.”

The spirit of Brain in a jar is one of the most psychedelic and uplifting levels in the series. Microsoft

The Double Fine team added what Scott describes as a “salad bar” of accessibility features to ensure the game can be enjoyed by more people, including an invincibility toggle, more combat. easy and drop damage suppression.

“People should be able to have the experience they want when playing a game,” Schafer says. There is no reason to exclude people based on your feeling that they don’t like your game.

The effect

“Anytime someone responds to creativity with creativity, it feels good,” Schafer says. In addition, the Psychonauts The community has shown incredible enthusiasm for the game and the team that supports it. The sequel exists because Double Fine raised over $ 3.8 million through a crowdfunding campaign on Fig, and fans have been eagerly awaiting more since.

The developers of Double Fine showed great appreciation for the interactions with their fans during our chat. They chatted about everything from little moments like a grocer recognizing Title-Montgomery’s shirt and striking up a conversation meeting hordes of fans at PAX, an indie gaming event.

“Some levels sometimes hit people hard because they bring up a similar topic in their life,” Schafer explains. “A lot of people have told us about times when the positive work Raz did in the brain meant a lot to them.”

You can find many fantastic fan art with just a glance at Twitter. Schafer says he especially enjoys seeing creative Psychonauts cosplayers.

“The ones who always follow me are the cosplayers,” Schafer says. “There was a time when three G-Men came to see me at PAX. You look at the love put into this costume and the creative expression. It’s such an honor for them to show up in your game’s costume, and it happens every year at PAX.

Developers want to see Psychonauts 2 fans cosplay Lizzie, another Raz intern. Microsoft

Looking ahead, Schafer, Title-Montgomery, and Scott want to see fans cosplay Lizzie, a goth intern who heckles Raz throughout the adventure. It would be a complicated costume with lots of trinkets and bracelets. Still, the developers can’t wait to see someone succeed.

Few games spark excitement and joy like a new Double Fine title, and the studio’s positive, collected approach to making games seems to be paying off once again with Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 will be released on August 25, 2021.

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Embrace a new era of luxury and inclusiveness with the pure magic of natural diamonds Sat, 21 Aug 2021 08:34:18 +0000

It is often said that natural diamonds are the path to a woman’s heart. While this remains eternally true, diamonds also carry with them a timeless legacy of genderless opulence. What is now treasured as an emblem of love was once adorned with jewels on emperors and kings as a stellar representation of their eminence. Especially in India, a walk through our royal lineage reveals how it was men who were the first to love the imperial essence of natural diamonds. So who are we to limit the ethereal value of natural diamonds as gender-conscious jewelry?

Coming from a royal line himself, Hanut Singh has designed for some of today’s iconic names. When asked what inspires her and her designs, “Growing up, I learned my jewelry education from the pieces my family adorned. From my grandfather to my sister, every piece that ‘they held was intimately linked to finesse, thanks to which I have the privilege to say how much my creations are a cocktail of ideas that weave together the past and the present. The common bond that I often meet between buyers both men and women are the emotional value of diamonds that speaks to them. And that’s what I find very powerful and endearing, ”Singh said.

Over the decades, we have gone from jewelry illustrating wealth and power to now paving the way for men and women to embody their individuality. Today, natural diamonds are more than just a sparkling icon. They are an exquisite blend of cultural heritage and contemporary beliefs, an immaculate symbol of the blurry lines of the genre, and a truly fitting tribute that honors the rarity of everyone’s history, regardless of what gender they identify with. As you strive to make the world your own, natural diamonds are the perfect way to represent the grace and courage that you embody. Whether it’s minimalist designs to inspire your professional spirit or intricate jewelry to complement your personal ethic; natural diamonds will help you effortlessly transcend your contemporary style while celebrating your individuality.

Whether men or women; we know that people today embody a vision that embraces nonconformity and inclusiveness in its finest form. Not only do they infuse masculinity and femininity through the aesthetic of diamonds, but they also carve a legacy for themselves by opting for jewelry that resonates with the non-sexist future they seek to create. What could be better than natural diamonds – the very definition of luxury, to manifest their vision?

Speaking of the unique fashion moment that marked the shift to genderless jewelry, Kaustav Dey, VP Marketing, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein India, shared a memorable experience of its own that is sure to reign supreme and to ‘make an impact for the days to come. “Fashion has always been an expression of identity for me. If you ask me about the moment that I will cherish forever; It must have been the end of last year when I picked up Vogue’s issue of the month and saw a man on the cover for the very first time in his then 128-year-old legacy. Let me tell you why. During my childhood, along with a lot of other boys, I used to escape into fashion, and it was in the pages of Vogue where we used to find a world of magic. In these pages, I discovered the courage to transform my conformity into a powerful expression of who I am through fashion and jewelry. So when I picked up this magazine and saw Harry Styles sporting a dress and stacking rings, that’s when I knew there wasn’t just one way to be a man of today, ”recalls Dey.

From Billy Porter and the Jonas Brothers to Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes, our favorite stars have often been seen strutting the red carpet adorned with pristine lines of natural diamonds. Closer to home, we’ve seen people like Ranveer Singh break the gender barrier by going all-in on jewelry that claims a genderless essence. With them perfectly encapsulating the fashion mindset and design philosophies now pushing the creative envelope to evolve towards an inclusive quintessential, it is now entirely possible to envision a future where diamonds and jewelry do not. are more classified as his own.

Featured Jewelry: “Eros” Bracelet, Caratlane

Whether it’s the glamor of diamond-set earrings, the charm of minimal diamond-edged rings, or even the beauty of diamond-studded bracelets, natural diamonds shine in a category of their own. Drawing on her personal experience, model and activist Nidhi Sunil shared a great anecdote about how she appreciates her male counterparts experimenting with natural diamond pieces. From being born in a time when diamonds were not considered a man’s territory to now being exquisitely dressed with the exquisite taste of her partner in jewelry, Sunil said, “For me, j love to use fashion and jewelry as a form of personal expression because it represents who you are in a refined form.

Featured Jewelry: Art Deco Diamond Pendant, Vummidi Bangaru Jewelers

Whether it’s formal diamond jewelry from your grandfather’s collection, a dainty pair of earrings from your sister’s wardrobe or even a trendy ring from the assortment of your partner, it’s time to break through gender barriers and create a jewelry repertoire that exemplifies luxury with elegant ease.

When asked what he would like to see return to the jewelry space, Hamish Bowles, international editor at Large, US Vogue, said: “From flamboyant pieces to minimalist pieces, I admire the idea that each piece has a story and a resonance behind it. Every part of mine is about travel, friendships, love and family. And there is something so powerful about owning jewelry that gives it historical value. So much so that this very feeling is what I would like to bring back to today’s jewelry ethos. From the Maharaja and the legendary Mughal bling to the charm of small trinkets, I would like all of this to be part of my jewelry repertoire. Besides being a timeless fashion trend, natural diamonds, with their distinct sparkle, continually add an everlasting glow to the life of the wearer.

If you are someone who wants to navigate the diamond vocabulary and shape the future of a fluid gender future that shines with the eternal presence that you engrave, here are some natural diamond jewelry that is worth your while. ‘invest. style, but are also designed to instill a sense of belonging, regardless of gender.

Featured jewelry: necklace (next to the decanter), Neha Lulla jewelry. On circular plates: Bracelet, Vummidi Bangaru Joailliers. Necklace (middle), Kirtilals. Necklace (bottom), Tara Fine Jewelery. On triangular plaques, from left to right: Earrings, Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels. Earrings, La Ligne. On square plates, from the top: Ring, Neha Lulla jewelry. Earrings, Narayan Jewelers by Ketan & Jatin Choksi. Necklace, Neha Lulla Jewelry. Bracelet and ring, Tara Joaillerie.

To discuss the evolution of flowing natural diamond jewelry and more, Vogue, in collaboration with the Natural Diamond Council, hosted the first-ever Virtual Diamond Festival, which showcases the sparkle that natural diamond jewelry brings to everyone. life chances and how. Click on here to watch now.

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Emoji and UBS GOLD Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day Tue, 10 Aug 2021 23:45:57 +0000

Emoji – The iconic brand has partnered with UBS GOLD to bring emoji icons in the form of gold and precious metal jewelry.

“UBS Gold x Emoji are products that represent our daily life, mood expression designs combined with beautiful jewelry that can be used as a form of communication and expression towards others,” says Henry Kwee, director principal of licenses, Medialink (representative of Emoji in Indonesia).

The latest collection of gold and precious metal jewelry, called “Emoji Merdeka”, was created to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“UBS Gold is very excited and proud to be able to expand its strategic collaboration with emoji Merdeka,” said Eddy Susanto Yahya, CEO of UBS Gold. “UBS Gold is very pleased to introduce our new partner, Emoji, as well as being proud to be the official gold license in Indonesia. We want to present not only a cool piece of jewelry, but also a meaningful piece of jewelry. UBS Gold strongly believes that Indonesia will go through this pandemic, so we present the first edition of the ‘Merdeka emoji’ collection to welcome the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (Independence Day) which brings the spirit of ‘independence and optimism to be able to meet all challenges together – the same as an Indonesian nation like the spirit of 40 years of UBS Gold, namely,’ Stronger Together. ‘”

For the collection, Merdeka presents a collection of pieces such as an Emoji Merdeka necklace, an Emoji earring and The Merdeka X Emoji charm bracelets. These products are available in 8 karat, 16 karat and 17 karat respectively.

There will also soon be another gem from the Emoji x UBS Gold series.

In addition, there will also be red UBS Gold and Emoji packages to choose from between 0.1 and 0.2 grams and 24 carat precious metal emoji as well as gift cards.

“Today’s gold jewelry designs are no longer old-fashioned and out-of-date,” says Catur R. Limas, Marketing Director, UBS Gold. “UBS Gold is at the forefront of creating trends in line with your updated lifestyle. Inspired by the latest design trends from around the world, UBS Gold becomes your best friend to accompany your happy days. Gold and precious metal jewelry is unique because in addition to being elegant, it can be resold for money or be exchanged for other models. in the long run, even the price of gold can go up and you can profit from it. The latest collaboration with UBS Gold x Emoji brings you a fun collection of gold and precious metal jewelry to spread joy and excitement for all of us. “

The UBS Gold x Emoji line via Emoji Merdeka can be purchased at Gold Stores across Indonesia, Sogo, Seibu and Galeries Laffayete Department Stores and as well as the official UBSLifestyle e-commerce store on Tokopedia and Shopee .

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Pandora launches key chains, bag chains and earrings for wearing charms Mon, 09 Aug 2021 11:54:26 +0000

Known above all for its highly regarded charms, Pandora has long been the go-to for sentimental gifts – whether to a loved one or to yourself – thanks to the super personal nature of its selection of customizable charms.

An element that was once focused on the brand’s traditional jewelry edition, with bracelets as the main hotspot, Pandora charms have now been introduced into a much larger canvas for self-expression with the launch of lifestyle accessories.

From key chains to bag chains and even charm holders that can be attached to belt loops – or anywhere else, the jewelry pillar hero offering has just entered a whole new arena.

Whether you are new to Pandora and discovering charms for the first time or collecting them for years, we want you to fall in love with the idea of ​​expressing yourself through charms and imagine all the new ones. ways you can style them. ” explain Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, vice-presidents of the creation of the jewelry brand.

“Our charm bracelet is a forever piece, but we’ve designed some truly unique styles that take our charms to unexpected places. We love that these everyday items suddenly turn into unexpected tools of self-expression.”

But it’s not just the introduction of these lifestyle accessories that is shaking up the world of Pandora charms, with an all-new collection of customizable jewelry that also extends to the brand’s current offering.

Bigger hoop earrings (which can be stacked on top of each other as well as decorated with the charms), longer pendant necklace chains, and bold new bracelet shapes have been introduced, all of which prioritize this idea of ​​personalization to the extent that buyers create a collection of autobiographical and inherently bespoke jewelry.

“The success of the Pandora O Pendant platform encouraged us to add charms to different media and showed us that our community wanted to wear them in many ways,” the team explained.

“We started by adding charms to the earrings and developed a unique way to tie them to make sure they were facing the front. Additionally, we are launching the Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet with snap closure. heart that allows you to add charms everywhere, even on the zipper. “

“We tell our personal stories through our charms and the way we wear them, whether it’s on our wrist, our neck, our ears or beyond.”

Want to start telling your story? Scroll down for our Highlights edition of the new Pandora Moments collection and save when you shop with these Pandora discount codes …

For more on Glamor UK Fashion Editor Charlie Teather follow her on Instagram @charlieteather

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Fab 5: layer it Fri, 06 Aug 2021 18:05:44 +0000

From delicate bracelets to personalized necklaces, Rebecca Tay unveils five layered jewels.

Content of the article

A few weeks ago, Tiffany & Co. released its latest campaign, which slogan was “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany”. Unsurprisingly, this has sparked outrage across society – especially among mothers who research shows have endured the brunt of housework and childcare in the past 18 months.


Content of the article

We’re not thrilled with the tagline, but we can see that like almost every other luxury brand, Tiffany is just trying to reach a younger audience. So while we certainly don’t throw away our Tiffany coins, we’re happy to pause them for now and stack the other options.

From delicate bracelets to personalized necklaces, Rebecca Tay unveils five layered jewels.


It’s been a few years since the term ‘arm party’ became all the rage, and while we probably wouldn’t stack as many bracelets as we did back then – we’ve counted around 15 on an influencer wrist. at some point – a few should do the trick. Add this Leigh Miller “Doodle” bracelet to the mix: it’s made up of six different link styles for a slightly quirky, quirky vibe, and has a removable lavender glass bead for added charm.


Content of the article

One of the few, | $ 285


Wolf Circus, by Fiona Morrison of Vancouver, specializes in jewelry made from recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze coated with a 14k gold plating. It’s easy to imagine wearing the pieces every day, especially when they’re as stylish and modern as this Renata freshwater pearl necklace.

Wolf Circus, | $ 130


Pyrrha was founded in British Columbia in 1995 – essentially a lifetime in the fashion industry – and its talismans, which are based on authentic wax seals and images from the Victorian era, have brought joy, peace. and strength to its carriers over the past 26 years. since. This 14k gold Latin bar necklace, which says “Una in perpetuum” or “together forever” is different from the brand’s signature pendants, but has the same seriousness and the same beautiful meaning behind it.


Content of the article

Pyrrha, | US $ 799


We have often wondered why so much jewelry is made from virgin materials, when metals can be melted down and made into shiny new things? Enter Poppy Finch, a local brand whose pieces are all made by local artisans, primarily using recycled solid gold and ethically sourced gemstones. How soft is this ring, which is made to order and features three rows of tiny 14k gold pearls? It’s portable and stackable for everyday use, yet bold enough to make a big impact on fashion.

Poppy Finch, | $ 460


Who says layering jewelry has to be gold or silver? While it’s definitely a bit easier to mix and match pieces if you stick to just one metal, there are no rules except that you should like every item you wear. And we love this cheap and cheerful choker with rainbow baguette rhinestones.

Dynamite, | $ 24.95



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Hen Hud High stands out once again Fri, 06 Aug 2021 13:00:23 +0000
Students in the Principles of Engineering class at Hendrick Hudson High School, which is part of the school’s PLTW course, recently took a virtual field trip, visiting Amazon fulfillment centers across the country and learning about each step of the distribution process, “from click to shipment. “

Hendrick Hudson High School was named the 2020-2021 Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Distinguished School – the only high school in New York State to receive this honor for four consecutive years.

The Distinguished School designation recognizes schools that provide students with broad access to transformative learning opportunities through PLTW’s computer science, biomedical sciences and engineering programs.


“We are extremely proud of our ability to help students unlock their potential and prepare for life beyond the classroom, ”said the principal James Mackin.

Through PLTW programs, students develop sought-after knowledge and skills that they will use both in school and for the rest of their lives, regardless of their career path. Students are empowered to engage in problem solving and process thinking, develop technical knowledge and skills, develop communication skills, and explore career opportunities.


Students from Hen Hud SAILOR high school learned how to bead and create bracelets for the Spotlight project.

With Covid Restrictions Limiting Community Work Opportunities For Hendrick Hudson High School MARINE* students this year, teacher Lauren Belle and occupational therapist Jessica van valkenburg, with their collaborative team, had to think outside the box.

The jewelry box, what.

The 18-21 year olds who make up the Sailor B class for students with special needs (there is an “A” class for the younger ones) have been busy creating, marketing and shipping bead bracelets since March, as part a distance learning internship with a Long Island-based company called The Spotlight project.


The Spotlight Project offers individuals with disabilities a creative platform and various employment opportunities through the production and sale of hand beaded bracelets. The company sells its bracelets online and exclusively employs people with intellectual or developmental disabilities as creative “makers”.

The students designed a special “Sailor Spirit” bracelet to represent the school and celebrate its 2021 graduates. The bracelet, made up of blue and white beads (the colors of the school) and an anchor charm, is currently on sale at

“Our students have worked hard to advertise, package and distribute these unique bracelets, specially designed for our school community,” said Belles.

In addition to creating the bracelets, the students perform quality control, package the finished products for shipping, and deliver the packages to the post office.

* SAILOR stands for Academic Independent Living Occupational Recreation

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