Designer rings – Pandora Jewellery Sale Sat, 04 Sep 2021 06:17:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Designer rings – Pandora Jewellery Sale 32 32 Ahmedabad: pent-up demand increases gold imports | Ahmedabad News Sat, 04 Sep 2021 05:24:00 +0000 AHMEDABAD: Suppressed demand for gold and gold jewelry pushed gold imports up in August. As the market began to show signs of recovery, imports of the yellow metal amounted to 4.82 MT in August 2021 compared to 1.87 MT in August 2020 according to data from the Ahmedabad Air Cargo Complex (AACC).
In fact, imports jumped 412% month-on-month from July 2021. Jewelers attribute the rise to the increase in the number of purchases made for the wedding and party jewelry collection.
“Demand is moderate for bullion purchases as price volatility keeps investors on hold and watch. However, jewelry demand has generally recovered well. The sharp increase in imports is attributed to pent-up demand as many of the weddings are being arranged, “said Haresh Acharya, director of the India Bullion and Jewelers’ Association (IBJA). The price of gold stood at Rs 48,900 per 10 grams on Friday. in the Ahmedabad market.
“Demand for jewelry has been good and people are reserving orders for wedding occasions planned after Diwali. Thanks to this, we get good orders. In fact, the festive demand around Rakshabandhan was also very good when gold jewelry purchases were buoyant. It has increased. imports in general, ”said Zaveribhai Zaveri, president of the Gujarat Jewelers Association (GJA). In fact, jewelers have said that a slew of jewelry shows and exhibitions that could not have been planned earlier due to the pandemic are now planned. Zaveri said: “A jewelry exhibition is planned in Bengaluru this month and another in Ahmedabad next month. Wholesalers and brands are optimistic about the presentation of new models and as these events approach, orders for bullion have been placed as a result of which imports have increased.
Gold prices have remained more or less the same for the past five to six days and jewelers expect that as prices stabilize demand will be bullish. Source link

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Festive jewelry shopping! Demand for solitaire, engagement rings, children’s jewelry still high: Avnish Anand, CaratLane Wed, 01 Sep 2021 07:48:00 +0000

Wondering how to shop smart jewelry this holiday season! Notably, there is a method of shopping for jewelry smartly and the holiday season is a good place to start when you want to consider gift options as well. Keep in mind that there is a huge change in the jewelry industry with the rise of digital payments, as opposed to the conservative approach of forking out cash to buy jewelry.

The questions arise even as we assess the gift options available during the holiday season.

Wondering how jewelers make a profit? Is buying solitaire a good investment?

As it turns out, the festive months provide the perfect setting for a thriving jewelry segment in India.

However, this is not as straightforward as it sounds, given that buying or offering jewelry is considered a significant purchase by Indian consumers.

It’s no secret that Indians are known to go for trusted brands when it comes to buying jewelry. Making beautiful jewelry accessible is an ambitious goal for most jewelry brands. To better understand, Financial Express Online reached out to CaratLane, a well-known jewelry brand that has positioned itself as the largest online jewelry destination in India since its inception in 2008.

Certainly, there is a lot of ideation that supports its strategy of rolling out its signature jewelry buying experience across all platforms. CaratLane’s Try at Home feature, for example, allows customers to make an appointment to have the jewelry of their choice delivered to their doorstep and try it on at their convenience. And there is no obligation to purchase!

A logical question arises: will the purchase of jewelry in stores now experience a sharp decline?

“Due to the pandemic, people have become more comfortable with the digital world. While stores will always continue to play an important role in the purchase of jewelry, what is changing now is the adaptation of online discovery first, engaging with the brand on different digital media, then making the decision to buy from a nearby store or online. Our live video calling services CaratLane, WhatsApp, etc. allow customers to browse online, get a better view of the jewelry, and then make a choice, ”said Avnish Anand, co-founder of CaratLane and COO at Financial Express Online.

He adds. “We have expanded our catalog of tube bracelets and mesh rings which is emblematic in this segment. The flexi ring continues to be a winner. We have also launched adjustable bracelets and rings that solve sizing issues and increase a customer’s confidence when shopping.

Industry veteran with over 18 years of experience, CaratLane Co-Founder and COO Avnish Anand shares with Financial Express Online how CaratLane prepared to meet customer expectations during the pandemic of COVID-19.

With the festive shopping season already in full swing, Avnish Anand observes that customers are looking to spend on products and experiences that make sense, bring joy, and create lasting memories.

CaratLane Co-Founder and CEO adds, “Jewelry in India has special meaning and is considered one of the best gift options in India. The wallet share for jewelry in the wedding segment has definitely increased as people cannot spend on elaborate setups and guest lists. Our solitaire segment has boomed, wedding gifts for the bride and groom, for bridesmaids have seen an increase. Jewelry will always be a valuable asset and with our everyday wear designs it is even more appealing to offer something that can be worn everyday and not just kept in lockers.

Online shopping is on the rise – what are the main trends you have seen during the pandemic and how are they different from the pre-pandemic period?

From a consumer perspective, we have had three major changes.

Larger portfolio share

With the hospitality and travel industry shutting down amid the lockdown, it opened up a larger share of the wallet for jewelry as people had no other means to spend.

First-time buyers online

An added blessing for our category was when the delivery of non-essentials resumed, we saw an increase in the number of first-time online shoppers – people who were essentially doubtful about shopping online before – now have easily migrated to purchase through our online stores. Initially, due to COVID-19, the business was largely driven by our loyal customers. Towards the second half, however, we saw new customers browse and buy online.

Our target audience who buy online has always been women in the 28-45 age range. However, what is impressive is the 70-80% growth in small towns as more and more customers feel comfortable shopping online and have fewer offline options.

This is largely due to the inherent digital nature of CaratLane and the omnichannel system that allows people to browse online and choose to buy it in-store if need be. Or opt for our other services like Try At Home and LIVE. Buy through WhatsApp channels and pay through UPI etc.

It is also the result of how people wanted to feel a little joy in one form or another, even in these difficult times, and didn’t really have a reason to buy, but they didn’t mind. do it now.


Since our category is also largely motivated by occasions and milestones, people are always interested in celebrating these important dates, thus continuing to keep jewelry relevant as an emotional need in their life.

From an industry perspective, the jewelry industry has always had less digital adoption, but with the onset of COVID, there has been a huge shift as more and more jewelry brands have started. to adopt a digital nature. With jewelry being a money-driven industry, digital payments have increased and other categories like fashion and cosmetics have also benefited from this phenomenon.

Are there specific categories in your inventory that have seen a significant increase in sales?

The pandemic has certainly changed the way people spend money and as a result our jewelry category under 40,000, children’s jewelry and engagement rings have seen a significant increase in sales.

International sales have been growing steadily, with customers now sending gifts overseas and more and more people in the international market, especially in the United States, discovering and purchasing our jewelry.

At the same time, people who browse digitally are now more exposed to our catalog of 40,000 and more with our services like CL Live and through WhatsApp channels.

Are everyday accessories and children’s clothing on the rise?

Very sustained growth. Our jewelry at different prices is designed to be worn everyday. But even more so our 40k sub which makes you look like a much bigger room but is light enough to be worn everyday and light on the pocket.

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10 IMAGE staff on everyday jewelry they never take off Sat, 28 Aug 2021 07:30:46 +0000

Chupi We We Are All Made Of Stars Necklace, € 399

This 14k gold star sign disc was a gift for my 40th from my group of girlfriends and I haven’t taken it off since. I love the feeling of it, I love its simplicity and the quality, like most Chupi jewelry, is excellent. The best part is that I can wear it day or night, it even enhances a simple black cashmere sweater and jeans. It is a truly special talisman and I will treasure it for years to come. – Amanda Cassidy, Interim Editor-in-Chief


Crescent Fawe Necklace, 270 €

I discovered Irish jewelry brand Fawe by Marianne of Smythsisters and love the delicate style of founder and designer Ruth Starrett. Each piece is beautifully crafted from solid 9k gold (100% recycled 9k gold where possible) and quality sterling silver. I received a gift (on request!) Of this gold crescent necklace for my birthday in July and haven’t taken it off since. – Lizzie Gore-Grimes, editor-in-chief


Loulerie Gorjana Harper bracelet, € 85

I am still underdressed and my jewelry is the same. I love to wear bracelets and love to stack them. I mix and match silver and gold, old and new. My most precious bracelet is my grandfather’s watch chain which has been remodeled into a bracelet. It’s a once, but I love Loulerie’s Gorjana Harper bracelet, which is a modern take on my darling watchband. – Marlene Wessels, artistic director


Juvi Causeway pendant, € 95

I’m not much of a jewelry enthusiast – I wore hoops last week and it took me 30 minutes to convince myself to wear them. So when I do accessories, I go for simpler pieces that can subtly enhance a casual outfit and of course I always try to support local commerce. Juvi Jewelery ticks both boxes and sources recycled metal. I took a look at this Causeway pendant necklace; I love its unique hex shape and it’s simple enough that I can wear it with everything. It’s perfect for layering too! – Shayna Sappington, Brand and Staff Content Editor, IMAGE Magazine


Oliver Bonas Elm round silver earrings, € 31.50

Coco Chanel advised people to “take one thing off” before leaving the house, but I rarely follow this rule. I’m more of a Phoebe Buffay when it comes to jewelry… although I limit myself to wearing extravagant Christmas-themed brooches. Silver hoops, like those by Oliver Bonas, are a staple for me and you will rarely see me without them. For rings, I love Amaylia Handmade, a little jewelry craftswoman that I came across on Instagram. A one-woman show, run by owner Nora and she only opens her boutique every two months, but the wait is well worth the wait and all of her pieces are absolutely stunning. – Sarah Finnan, Editor-in-Chief,


Electric Picks Fell In Luv Necklace, 82 €

I love my Revolve ‘Return To’ heart pendant necklace. To me, to me. – Simone Kennedy, Marketing Account Manager


Bold hoops in gold 79 hours, € 34.15

These golden hoops have * hardly * left my ears since I bought them, they are my go-to accessory in the sun. I had been looking for a big pair of gold hoops for so long. I wanted a pair that would add a layer of “cool” to any outfit. I’m quite particular with the type of gold that I like, I definitely lean towards yellow gold, but not too yellow either, it’s a delicate balance! Especially when shopping online. This pair of 79hour has the right gold color that feels luxurious without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re light enough that they won’t cause unnecessary headaches. A win-win if you ask me. I’ve been wearing them all summer and they haven’t turned brassy… yet. I am now very tempted to have another pair in a different size! – Sophie Teyssier, social media manager


Personalized Love Ruby Ross bracelets, € 14.58

I am so lazy when it comes to wearing jewelry but I love my two personalized Love Ruby Ross bracelets with my sons’ names on them and I love that each one is custom made for you – you can choose the colors, pearls, letters, accessories and clasps. It takes me back to being eight years old and making friendship bracelets at birthday parties, but the difference is, these are actually quite comfortable to wear! These also make the perfect gift for new moms … – Sophie Power, Acting Director of Events and Partnerships


Flower Baby Baroque Perle Hoop Earrings, € 55

Gold hoops are my go-to, so I enjoyed this slightly raised version when I want to feel a little more dressed up. They are delicate without being too picky, and there is a wonderfully subtle shimmer of the pearls. I also like that they are made in Ireland. – Megan Burns, Associate Editor, IMAGE, IMAGE interiors


Sorcha O’Raghallaigh Sagittarius Medallion Necklace, 80 €

I wanted this great zodiac pendant from Irish designer Sorcha O’Raghallaigh the minute I saw it – not so I could tell other horoscope fans that I was a Sagittarius but because it looks like a huge sun sitting on your collarbone and I needed some sun. Maybe I was also drawn to knowing that by owning a Sorcha O’Raghallaigh track, I would join a club that includes Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Madonna and Kate Moss. It never leaves my neck and makes even my most dingy t-shirts. – Holly O’Neill, Beauty Editor and Associate Digital Editor

Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans. We may earn a commission if you purchase something from affiliate links on our site.

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Home Depot cuts thieves’ power to use or sell stolen tools – RetailWire Tue, 24 Aug 2021 13:52:30 +0000

August 24, 2021

Home Depot has come up with a creative and clever way to stop organized criminals from stealing tools from their shelves.

The home improvement chain has started stocking power tools that won’t work without first being activated via Bluetooth at checkout, according to Business intern. The tactic will allow Home Depot to continue selling the products without locking them behind cases and negatively impacting the legitimate shopping experience.

This decision specifically targets retail flight networks. These organized networks often recruit homeless people and other people living in poverty to steal products from stores, which are then sold online. These operations operate on such a scale that they are “ghost companies” that feed supply chains with stolen goods. Home Depot doesn’t expect criminals to try to defeat activation technology, instead expecting them to move on to something easier to steal.

Home improvement is not the only retail sector where organized theft has become a major problem.

“The National Retail Trade Federation (NRF)Retail Organized Crime Survey 2020“Ranks branded clothing as the most frequently targeted product for organized retail theft at 34%. Other frequently stolen items are laundry detergents (21%), razors (20%), designer handbags (16%), deodorants (15%) and laptops, pain relievers and top liquor. range at 13%.

Stores in specific regions have seen a marked increase in organized retail thefts. This year in San Francisco, Walgreens stores were targeted by criminal companies at a rate four times that of stores elsewhere. The theft has prompted Walgreens to close 17 stores in recent years.

Other retailers have also identified San Francisco as a problem area and have taken unprecedented action.

Target, for example, began closing stores in San Francisco early to avoid late-night shoplifting, ABC 7 reported. A 7-Eleven in the area has installed a metal door through which he conducts his business. Customers interested in buying something on-site should activate a buzzer to alert employees to their presence.

Criminal networks also put employees at risk, with thieves potentially attacking those who try to stop them.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Do you see in-store activation at checkout as a good way to outsmart organized theft networks? Would the implementation of the technology used by Home Depot be feasible in products other than power tools?


“As long as a legitimate owner doesn’t have to worry about disabling their purchase or any impact on their ability to resell the item later, it makes a lot of sense.”


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Woman admits she hates her boyfriend’s engagement ring she found in her email Sun, 22 Aug 2021 14:12:47 +0000

A woman has revealed she hated the bespoke engagement ring her boyfriend designed for her after accidentally stumbling across it on his tablet.

Taking advice on Reddit, the anonymous woman, 27, believed to be from the United States, explained how she watched movies on her 30-year-old partner’s tablet when an email notification for the payment of the engagement ring appeared.

She admitted that she couldn’t help but take a look, but was disappointed when she saw the green and red ring, which she said reminded her ” Xmas”.

Although she recognized the idea behind the design of the special ring, the woman admitted that she was “ashamed” for not liking it and asked if others thought she should have. her say because she will be the one who wears it forever.

An anonymous woman, 27, from the United States, took to Reddit and revealed that she stumbled across the bespoke engagement ring her boyfriend, 30, had designed for her – but the hate (stock image)

Explaining the situation on the online forum, she wrote: “I sometimes borrow my boyfriend’s tablet to watch movies on my work trips (with his permission of course). Last night I was watching something and an email notification appeared.

“I’m so embarrassed about this part because I generally respect her privacy 100%, but I read the headline“ Engagement Ring Initial Payment ”and Pandora’s Box was already open at that point.

“I’m completely shocked – he’s been designing a custom ring for two months. It clearly has sentimental value, he’s thought about it so much and I’m speechless and so grateful.

‘But… I’m so ashamed to say that I just don’t like it. The stones are green and red, I can’t forget the colors of Christmas. ‘

She then asked forum members if it would be wrong to ask him to cancel the order, saying, “Here’s the problem – he just sent the approval email yesterday, he hasn’t yet. been done.

She said she had

She said she was “ashamed” that she couldn’t help but take a look, but was disappointed when she saw the green and red stones on the ring, which reminded her of Xmas.

“Production will start anytime now. Would it be absolutely horrible to tell him the truth and spoil the surprise he worked so hard on? I would have liked him to ask me what I like. If it’s something I’ll wear forever, shouldn’t I have a say?

“I love him so much and I don’t want to hurt him. I’m on a work trip until Monday, so I wish I could speak to him in person, but it’s clearly urgent. What should I do?’

Reddit users have rushed to the comments to give him advice on the situation, with most people encouraging him to tell him that she doesn’t like him before he makes the final payment and he either too late.

One person wrote, “Tell him. Right now. In all fairness, red and green stones sound like a really bad idea.

While another agreed, writing, “This color combo will be Christmas forever.”

Another person also concluded that she should have the “awkward conversation” with her partner to keep her from wearing the ring she doesn’t like for the rest of her life.

Reddit users have rushed to the comments to give him advice on the situation, with most people encouraging him to tell him that she doesn't like him before he makes the final payment and he is too late because she will have to wear the ring forever

Reddit users have rushed to the comments to give him advice on the situation, with most people encouraging him to tell him that she doesn’t like him before he makes the final payment and he is too late because she will have to wear the ring forever

They wrote, “I think you should definitely tell him. He’s going to spend a lot of money on that and if all goes well, you’re going to have this ring for the rest of your life.

“An awkward conversation is worth a ring you really want to wear.

‘[For what it’s worth] that’s why i think surprising your partner with a ring is a bad idea lol. My girlfriend and I are going shopping together next week, and I know a lot of people who go this route so they don’t end up with something they don’t like.

One person gave the woman advice on how to frame the conversation with her boyfriend, saying she should lead with the positives.

User wrote: “Tell him, make it clear that you think this is a fantastic thing he did and that you really like that he put in the time and effort to do it, but just suggest another color scheme because you don’t like it.

“To be fair, it probably won’t look as Christmas as you might think, but it’s definitely worth being honest.

“Apologize too for being intrusive, just explain that the opportunity presented itself and that while you didn’t mean to spoil the surprise, curiosity got the better of you.”

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Focus concept: 133 m M / Y STAR by Lobanov Design Thu, 12 Aug 2021 10:17:33 +0000 The superyacht industry is no stranger to headline-grabbing concepts. However, some concepts are so far-fetched that they don’t really sound like anything that came before them. These designs stand the test of time, a testament to their designers’ commitment to lateral thinking even years after their release. This is certainly the case with the fantastic 133m STAR from Lobanov Design. Released almost seven years ago, we take a look back at the concept that changed the way we think about the shape and form of superyachts, and is still under discussion today.

Shaped like the top half of a star, Lobanov launched the revolutionary 133m project in 2014. With BMT Nigel Gee supporting the challenging naval architecture, STAR comprises eight bridges, linked together by four elevators, and more than 3 500 square meters of indoor volume. Over 200 passengers will be catered for on the day cruises, while 36 passengers will sleep comfortably on board overnight in 18 cabins.

Standing over 60 meters tall, STAR is proof that today’s discussions around innovation and sustainability are not new – only intensified. Designed to operate on a fully electric platform, STAR’s revolutionary philosophy is embodied in features such as its eighth deck viewing platform, which provides customers with a visibility range of over 12 miles. The intricate geometric pattern of its superstructure is formed by irregularly shaped windows, projecting a breathtaking image in formal wear.

Will M / Y STAR ever see the light of day? Well, we don’t hold our breath. But its importance and Lobanov’s sentiment behind the project ring true today. Commenting on his design, the designer said at the time that after a discussion with Alex Malybaev of the FIRMA brand agency, the two came to the conclusion that all yachts are alike for those outside the yacht industry. superyachts. STAR stands in total disregard of this notion.

More than a simple artistic statement, the project is an appeal inviting the innovative owner to think outside the box.

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Little Golden Buddha Goes Big With Chinese Ornament Sale Wed, 11 Aug 2021 01:25:00 +0000

Ancient Chinese seals, used as personal signatures on letters, are also highly sought after by mainland Chinese collectors and fueled fierce auctions on Sunday. Five of the top ten lots in the Bonham auction were groups of ancient Chinese seals, with the third most valuable lot comprising 51 Hans Dynasty bronze and hardstone seals that sold for $ 34,440 (including purchase premium), more than 30 times its low estimate of $ 800.

A Qing Dynasty “lotus” gold stemmed cup, estimated at between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000, sold for $ 67,650 (including the buyer’s premium) at Bonhams on Sunday.

With global interest in the Hsiao family’s culturally significant collection, Bonhams’ Hong Kong, Beijing, Melbourne and Sydney offices all accepted bids by phone on Sunday afternoon as the auction proceeded live online. in the middle of Sydney’s lockdown.

“It was really a revelation of a collection, it’s not like anything I’ve handled before,” Klein said. “I feel sad now that these pieces are slowly, slowly leaving me because I’ve been living with them for quite some time. I have to take a closer look at them before they leave.

A group of 51 Hans Dynasty bronze and hardstone seals sold for $ 34,440 (including the buyer’s premium), more than thirty times its low estimate of $ 800, in Bonhams on Sunday.

The Hsiao family collection included the first 73 lots from Sunday’s auction and reached $ 579,133 (including buyer’s premium) against a pre-sale estimate of $ 133,900 to $ 200,200. The entire Elegant Embellishments sale of 130 lots totaled $ 620,043 (including buyer’s premium) against a pre-sale estimate of $ 216,850 to $ 313,920. (Bonhams charges a 23 percent buyer’s premium on the hammer price).

Most of the lots in the Hsiao Family collection will go to Asia, and a few to the Chinese diaspora in North America.

Georg Jensen, a suite of silver bracelets and earrings, designed by Astrid Fog, valued at between $ 500 and $ 700, will be auctioned at Bonhams’ Australia Jewels sale on August 25.

In a reverse cultural exchange, 26 pieces of Georg Jensen jewelry from a Japanese collector living in Singapore were sent to Australia ahead of the Bonhams jewelry sale on August 25. Jensen’s contemporary silver jewelry appealed to the European, North American and Australian markets more than the Asian market, hence the decision to send the collection to Sydney. Bonhams claims the collection is the largest Jensen jewelry ever to be auctioned in Australia. For lovers of Jensen’s sculptural silver with clean lines, there are striking examples of jewelry from the Danish brand’s top designers, including Vivianna Torun, Astrid Fog, Ibe Dahlquist, Minas Spiridis and Bent Gabrielsen. The designs of Georg Jensen himself also feature four Art Nouveau pieces that show the beginnings and stylistic evolution of the brand.

“These are heirloom pieces,” said Bonhams jewelry specialist Fiona Frith. “You can no longer walk into a Jensen store and find these parts, they just aren’t available.”

A river of platinum and diamonds, dating from around 1934, estimated between $ 60,000 and $ 80,000, from a private American collection, will be auctioned at Bonhams’ Australia Jewels sale on August 25.

Jensen coins are relatively affordable, with some starting at $ 200. At the other end of the scale is a river of platinum and diamonds, dating from around 1934, estimated between $ 60,000 and $ 80,000, from a private American collection. The delicate necklace sparkles with 80 old European cut diamonds, the largest weighing around 1.97 carats. The total diamond weight is 26.55 carats. A wedding gift from the seller’s maternal grandfather to their maternal grandmother, the necklace symbolized the union of two high society families in Philadelphia.

Closer to home, a Sydney lady’s property, a platinum ring with a single 6.3 carat brilliant cut diamond, is estimated to be between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000. Colorless diamonds are the most prized and although this stone is a little low on the color scale (MN), “it just sings, it’s a very shiny stone,” says Frith.

A platinum ring with a single 6.3 carat brilliant cut diamond, with an estimate of $ 50,000 to $ 60,000, will be auctioned at Bonhams’ Australia Jewels sale on August 25.

The solitaire river and diamond ring will close the jewelry sale of 181 lots. While in art auctions the more expensive lots usually come first, when it comes to jewelry, says Frith, “traditionally you leave the best for last.”

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New Elden Ring Info Revealed on Steam Mon, 09 Aug 2021 09:08:59 +0000

If you’re worried that Elden Ring will become an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, it looks like you can stop doing it now. Over the weekend, store pages launched for Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. The Steam page has some new nuggets of information (like how the online part works) which you can find below under the image – although it’s worth noting there is no mention of George RR Martin.

• A wide world full of excitement
A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex, three-dimensional designs are perfectly connected. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats awaits you, leading to a great sense of accomplishment.

• Create your own character
In addition to customizing your character’s appearance, you can freely combine the weapons, armor, and magic you equip. You can develop your character according to your playstyle, for example by increasing your muscle strength to become a powerful warrior or by mastering magic.

• An epic drama born out of a myth
A story on many levels told in fragments. An epic drama in which the different thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.

• Unique online game that loosely connects you to others
In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that lets you feel the presence of others.

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27 black jewelry designers to watch Fri, 06 Aug 2021 19:29:58 +0000

Djeneba Aduayom

The jewels are always staff. Whether it’s a heirloom passed down from generation to generation or a necklace you wear every day, there is nothing in fashion like jewelry to make you feel like yourself. . So when it comes to showcasing yourself and supporting brands, go for aiming even higher with a more inclusive jewelry box. Supporting black artists is and always will be important, and with designers like Mateo’s Matthew Harris inlaying gemstones with diamond monograms and Areeayl Goodwin’s Beads Byaree celebrating black joy and taking the fashion industry by storm. (and Solange’s wardrobe), it’s easier than ever to do then. Coming up, 27 black jewelry brands to buy now and always.

Advertising – Continue Reading Below



Ode to founder Morgan Thomas’ mother, Yam NYC pieces are all handmade in Queens, New York. The nostalgia-focused line features gold-plated metals offset by playful charms like blown glass hearts.




Led by designer Sade Mims, EDAS has everything you need if you love aesthetics. Think durable housewares, luxurious handbags and, most notably, eclectic handcrafted jewelry.




If these ‘VOTE’ necklaces sound familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen them on none other than Michelle Obama’s neckline. Suffice it to say, designer and creative director Chari Cuthbert creates with purpose.




Although Matthew Harris was born in Jamaica, he cut his teeth in New York’s jewelry district and is now leading the way as one of the city’s top modern designers. With the jewelry worn by Rihanna, Solange and Zendaya, everything he touches turns (literally) into gold, diamonds and gems.



Omi wood

Omi Woods is on a mission not only to create future inspired legacies of the African diaspora, but also to empower everyone involved, from minors to potential carriers. Using fair trade gold and workers protected by fair wages and community outreach, designer Ashley Alexis McFarlane aims and succeeds in producing jewelry that matters.



Third crown

For starters, Third Crown is backed by Beyoncé herself. Founders and co-designers Kristin and Kofi Essel put their love and industry experience directly into their exquisite products, with heavy geometric shapes and gender neutral pieces.



Valerie Madison

For romantic jewelry that merges traditional cuts with a modern trend, consider jewelry from Valerie Madison. Pay special attention to her personalized engagement rings, which feature unexpected touches like salt and pepper diamonds and rose-cut gemstones.



Byaree Beads

Supported by Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross (who wore Beads Byaree on SHEdigital cover August 2020), Areeayl Goodwin’s brand is quickly becoming a household name. She marries fantasy and power, evoking an emotional response to her imaginative jewelry. The only thing more magical would be to get your hands on a coin, as her designs are constantly out of print.



Johnny nelson

Johnny Nelson says his jewelry is “eye-catching conversation pieces.” The topic of discussion? Everything from black history to hip-hop to spirituality, with direct references to Harriet Tubman and the Wu-Tang Clan.




The gold standard in Auvere is just that: pure, unadulterated gold. In 2016, Gina Love (a former real estate lawyer) and Steven Feldman founded Auvere on the assumption that all their jewelry would be 22 or 24 karat gold only, so the metal really shines.



Oma the label

If you’re the gold-only type, check out Oma the Label. The brand excels at modernizing chains, rings and even classic body jewelry, all in your favorite metal.



We dream in color

Fortune favors the bold, and that can be said in particular of Jade Gedeon, the creative mastermind behind We Dream in Color. Her collection isn’t for the faint hearted, but it’s easy to fall in love with her technicolor earrings, oversized necklaces, and designs designed to make you smile.



Harwell godfrey

Based in the Bay Area of ​​California, the premium jewelry of founder Lauren Harwell Godfrey speaks to your soul. She designs to heal, using 18k gold, luxuriously detailed enamel inlays and a special use of color to protect wearers with symbolic coins.



Marcia Vidal

Think of Marcia Vidal’s jewelry as talismans. Her handmade silver and gold jewelry is the kind you can’t imagine taking off. With the proceeds of every purchase benefiting the Choose Love nonprofit, it’s hard not to wear your heart around your neck.



Octave jewelry

Founder Ope Omojola’s pieces are wearable works of art. With each hand-cut stone, her jewelry showcases her raw materials and, by default, enhances your entire look.



White space

True fans will definitely love Khadijah Fulton’s line, White Space. The designer created the Vrai bridal collection, but her own label is decidedly more delicate, with items like baroque pearls and curvy earrings that curl along the ear.



Lingua Nigra

Alicia Goodwin’s Lingua Nigra “draws inspiration from nature, with an emphasis on ancient talismans, Victorian-era work, and sentimental mourning jewelry.” The songs speak for themselves.




SOKO puts people first. The jeweller’s and technology company empowers Kenyan artisans by providing them with a technology platform that connects them to global markets. In other words, SOKO directly reaches its craftsmen via a mobile application, thus eliminating the middleman. The designs themselves are modern and ideal for everyday use.



Angely Martinez

If your taste for jewelry is more specialized, check out Angely Martinez, whose work draws on an avant-garde aesthetic with touches of Baroque Rococo art.



Bernard Jacques

All jewelry does not have to be in the “classic” or “performance” category. Case in point: Bernard James, with pieces ranging from flower-studded Cuban link chains to mixed-metal bracelets, is an understated combination of the two. (Editor’s note: James’s dog wears a personalized chain as shown on SHE.)



Ubuntu life

Founded in 2011 by Pastors Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon, Ubuntu Life originally partnered with nine moms in Kenya to help produce household items that would support them financially. The following year, the brand grew and began working with Maasai artisans from the Ngong Hills, who used their traditional beadwork knowledge to create beautiful bracelets. Ubuntu Life has continued to grow, but its focus of supporting communities and providing sustainable jobs has never changed.




Shayba Muhammad’s poetic brass jewelry is both sensual and meditative. Her designs encourage you to be intentional in your jewelry choices, whether with an elegant choker or a pair of twisted hoops. “I want women to feel at home with Mahnal,” she says.




With stints at Narciso Rodriguez and Barney’s, Jameel Mohammed is an emerging design talent with a bright future. Khiry’s alluring pieces range from voluptuous curves to Horus pendants and exquisite personalized jewelry, so we expect to see more of him soon.



The Enchanter

The Buyer is the kind of jewelry you must tag in your grid post, otherwise your comments section will be inundated with “where did you find this” questions. Founded by identical twins Dynasty and Soull Ogun and inspired by science, religion, mythology, magic and fairy tales, even the brand’s quietest designs speak volumes.



Taylor nikole

Get noticed in Taylor Nikole jewelry. Her handcrafted sculptural earrings merge art and fashion and will ensure at least three compliments by wear. Above all, the pieces really arouse joy.



Theresia Kyalo

Experimental in nature and handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya, Theresia Kyalo’s pieces shake up what we think of as jewelry. Its beautiful custom metalwork is truly a sight to see (and wear).



Fortuitous project

Jewelry doesn’t have to be serious, and founder Sydney Ziems and her brand Serendipitous Project will surely cheer you up. Her colorful, conceptual creations are like a DIY project that has worked well, with items like sculpted turquoise rings dazzled with gemstones and seashell barrettes.


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The horses won: an intense statue removed from the Olympic equestrian ring Fri, 06 Aug 2021 11:04:27 +0000

A life-size statue of a sumo wrestler who may have surprised the animals has been removed from the Olympic equestrian ring ahead of the team competition on Friday

Content of the article

The horses had their wish.

Content of the article

A life-size statue of a sumo wrestler who may have surprised the animals has been removed from the Olympic equestrian arena ahead of the team competition on Friday. Officials said course designer Santiago Varela had planned to trade it before the riders spoke about the situation in the individual show jumping event.

The striking figure had been positioned next to the 10th obstacle on the 14th jump course after a sharp turn, so the first thing the rider and horse saw on the approach was the ample rear of the faux rikishi warrior adorned with his tight mawashi.

“When you come in you see the butt of a big guy,” said British rider Harry Charles, adding “I noticed that four or five horses were really scared of it.”

The new fences put in place include resemblances to a samurai and giant sushi.

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