Designer rings – Pandora Jewellery Sale Fri, 04 Jun 2021 13:26:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Designer rings – Pandora Jewellery Sale 32 32 Leo Glore Seeks To Elevate His Custom Jewelry Brand To Higher Heights Fri, 04 Jun 2021 10:57:03 +0000

Every celebrity wants to express their personality and create new trends with their personalized clothes. This made personalized jewelry, such as that made by Leo Glore, extremely popular among celebrities. However, recently, many people have become interested in owning personalized jewelry for themselves. This signals a trend that personalized jewelry isn’t just for celebrities and everyone can stand out with an exciting and unique piece of jewelry.

There are many jewelers in the industry, but only a few qualify to be considered the best. Equally difficult is having the opportunity to work with any well-known celebrity or public figure. It takes years of experience and a solid reputation to grab the attention of celebrities.

Leo Glore is an American jeweler based in New York and among the most successful in the industry. He has established a brand that resonates well with several global superstars. He has worked with big names in the American entertainment industry such as the The Kardashians, 50 Cent, Scott Disk, Alec Monopoly and Meek Mill. Celebrities aren’t his only repeat clients, as he has worked with other prominent personalities before.

Most of the celebrities are addicted to her very creative and unique designs which stand out from other designs. His ability to take note of the client’s needs and specifications while adding his own creativity to his work makes them more interested in his work. Leo has a unique skill in spotting the trendy and timeless designs that make him special.

He has always had an interest in bespoke luxury pieces and he opened his first jewelry store at the age of 19. His journey to the top of the industry has been a gradual learning process. Leo has invested many hours in research, exploring the different designs that grab the attention of wealthy people.

Her popularity recently exploded after being featured on a popular show, “Below Deck Mediterranean” on Bravo TV. Leo made a guest appearance at the invitation of close friend Justin Thornton. His performance in the series attracted a lot of attention and his popularity grew exponentially.

Leo is a fashion lover and most of his clients know him for his unique fashion sense. His Instagram is full of photos of him showing off his wonderful lifestyle while looking trendy in luxury clothes and accessories. His love for luxury is evident in his collection of great cars, including a Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Urus and Rolls Royce Ghost. He is now considering buying an Aventador SV.

He loves to travel, but his busy schedule prevents him from taking extended vacations. This allowed him to capitalize on the time he has on weekends to travel to his dream destinations. Some of the recent places he has visited include France, Dubai, Spain, and Greece.

You can find out more about the recent trends in custom jewelry and how you can make a fashion statement by pairing custom jewelry with trendy clothing by following Leo Glore on Instagram.

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WIN: Over $ 800 in Cleopatra’s Bling Jewelry Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:33:47 +0000

Because there is no better pick-me-up than jewelry.

If you’re in Melbourne, you’ll be more than aware of how the general mood has collapsed since you stepped back into lockdown. Melbourne-based jewelry brand Cleopatra’s Bling is here for anyone confined to their homes and wants to give a little helping hand to all of our Fashion Journal readers.

The label created a very generous 20% discount code for FJ readers to use while on lockdown. Just enter FJ4CB at checkout to claim your rebate.

Founded by Olivia Cummings, the brand is appreciated for its exquisite designs that blend the ethereal and the symbolic with the oriental and western flair. It will also be opening its Melbourne flagship store at 74 Johnston Street in Collingwood very soon.

You’ll be signed up to their mailing list by entering the contest below which will keep you updated on when the store opens – there will be an opening weekend of celebrations with discounts and more.

Jewels from Cleopatra’s latest Bling range are also on offer for two lucky readers. The first prize winner will receive the Byzantine Mandorle medallion with three emeralds and the Crotalia Crucifix earrings, totaling over $ 800 in jewelry. The finalist will receive a pair of 18k gold plated Nazar studs, which are intended to provide special protective energies in these very strange times.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is complete the form below to be in the race.

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A mask, disinfectant and a talisman – The New Indian Express Thu, 03 Jun 2021 04:40:00 +0000

Express news service

HYDERABAD: Isolation and uncertainty is all we’ve known about since the start of the pandemic. Along with meditation and cat / dog coils on Instagram, some of us are turning to talismans for some extra positive #vibes.

As soon as you hear the word astrology, your mind turns to the baby boomers, who wear huge rings with their birthstones. However, astrology is also hugely popular among millennials; from collection lines to marketing strategies, this pseudoscience has taken over many aspects of our lives. Varun, an engineering student, wears a yellow emerald stone pendant. “When things were not going well at home due to the pandemic, my mother consulted an astrologer by phone and he assigned a stone based on our zodiac signs. I didn’t see a difference, but my mom insists on wearing it, ”he laughs.

Madhu, a Begumpet student, stumbled upon a tarot reading channel on YouTube and became curious. “People are initially intrigued by astrology and hope to find answers about life in it. Algorithm-based marketing adds to that, enticing us to buy these talismans, ”she says.

Many jewelry designers have received requests for custom pieces based on astrological signs. Satish Singh, co-founder of jewelry brand Joker & Witch, believes in marketing strategies focused on astronomy. “For me, the target audience is divided into 12 segments based on their zodiac signs. As long as you know the signs of the zodiac, you’ve created the perfect marketing copy, ”he says.

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Internet baffled by metal face jewelry to ‘compliment your chin’ Wed, 02 Jun 2021 15:22:33 +0000

A facial jewel designed to “compliment your chin and lower lip” confuses people on social media and likens it to a bulldog clip.

The item, designed by German jewelry brand MYL Berlin, has two hooks with rounded ends that fit over the lower lip and a geometric panel that hangs over the chin.

Jacobin Mag writer Dawn Foster posted screenshots of the accessory, called Mundstück 2, on Twitter and asked: Why? Why?”

According to luxury retailer Wolf & Badger, the accessory is priced at € 130 (around £ 111), but screenshots from the ad posted by Foster showed a price of £ 149.

A description of the coin read: “Mundstück is a MYL signature coin; structured, chic and bold, this piece compliments your chin and lower lip.

“With its minimalist design and lightweight material, it nestles perfectly on your lip without applying pressure or hampering your mobility.”

But many people thought the accessory looked more like a piece of stationery used to assemble large amounts of paper.

“Wtf? Looks like a cross between a bulldog clamp and a rebuke bridle! Said one person.

“£ 150 to stick a bulldog clip in my parison?” Yes, of course, ”said another.

Others wondered if it was a “picture hook”, “a hanger that you hang on the bathroom door”, “some kind of fancy lingerie” or “a place to store. your part for the shopping cart “.

Another social media user wondered if the designer had taken inspiration from ancient Egyptian kings, commenting, “A strong energy from Hatshepsut.”

MYL Berlin also sells similar chin accessories, as well as more conventional jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.

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Westbrook jeweler has designs on the greater good Tue, 01 Jun 2021 21:50:21 +0000

The work of jeweler Ebenezer Akakpo is known for its Ghanaian symbols and motifs and for the way it benefits a number of causes. He is shown here in his studio at Cumberland Mills in Westbrook. Chance Viles / American Journal

Jeweler Ebenezer Akakpo is always looking for ways to innovate and donate.

Ebenezer Akakpo works on a ring in his Westbrook workshop. Chance Viles / American Journal

From earrings and rings bearing Ghanaian symbols to water purifiers and tumblers, Akakpo designs, creates and produces their items in their one-on-one workshop at Cumberland Mills in Westbrook.

He retail and wholesale his work online. Sales of a number of its products benefit nonprofit organizations, including a drinking water group and a legal organization that helps people obtain U.S. citizenship. He is currently working on a line of water bottles for the benefit of Black Lives Matter.

Through his work, Akakpo, 45, tries to make connections between his birthplace, Ghana, and his adopted home in Maine, he said.

A desire to create and learn more about computer technology that was emerging in the 1990s, he said, drove him from Ghana to Italy and eventually to Maine. He now lives in South Portland.

Akakpo recently appeared on “Elevating Voices,” a Greenlight Maine and Bath Savings Bank television show that features business owners of color in the state.

Akakpo uses 12 Ghanaian symbols in his work. The symbols, which convey themes such as strength, endurance, spirituality and hope, are popular designs on clothing in Ghana, Akakpo said. Contribution / Akakpo & Co.

“I always wanted to be an architect like my father, but one day he said there were enough architects,” Akakpo told the American Journal.

“My father explained to me years later that as an architect you get paid by the government, so when the government changes you don’t get paid. He didn’t want that for me, ”he said.

“In the end, what piqued my interest was both the jewelry,” he said, and “how you can combine it with technology”.

‘Possibilities with unlimited jewelry’

In the mid-1990s, he was apprenticed to a jeweler in Ghana, before entering a jewelry making program in Florence, Italy. Eventually, he applied to the Maine Art Institute, now the Maine College of Art, on the advice of a returning teacher in Ghana. His intention, he said, was to learn how to use technology to make his jewelry designs a reality.

Jewelry as a medium allows him to use his artistic talents as well as other skills, such as technical drawing, which he acquired while learning architecture in his youth.

“It seemed like the possibilities with jewelry were endless,” he said.

His work really started to take shape once he was in Maine, he said, and after spending some time at the Rochester Institute of Technology, learning more about how to combine programming. computer with jewelry making equipment. He could now not only design jewelry, but also produce it.

Former Maine College of Art professor Kate Wolf, who now runs a jewelry-making school, Kate Wolf Design, and owns jewelry-making tool company Wolf Tools, recalls Akakpo as one of the best students she had.

“In the second half, he was on fire. Every project he did twice, while the other students struggled to complete each project he did it twice and did it better than everyone else ”, said Wolf. “He had a real lead to being a flawless person, and has a very good eye for design.

Wider accessibility

When he was younger, Akakpo was interested in designing and selling high-end jewelry and accessories, but as he got older and seeing how technology could change things, he took it to heart.

“What struck me was to realize that with high-end products, it’s only really accessible to 10% of the world’s population,” he said.

He wanted to design products for those “most people classify as poor,” he said.

He designed a water purification system to take back to Ghana, where his neighbors had faced unsafe water quality, but it was too expensive for most of them.

A pair of Akakpo earrings communicating unity. Courtesy Photo / Akakpo & Co.

This is where the motifs for which her jewelry is now known, traditional Ghanaian symmetrical line patterns, came into play.

“I had noticed that people wore these symbols in jewelry,” he said. “What I did was I made the designs and I had a business (making them) that I sold to raise money for these purifiers,” Akakpo said.

Although he no longer works on the purification system, his work, whether on textiles, mugs, earrings or rings, still features the same designs from his country of origin, and they are have proven to be popular.

“A by-product of determination”

Wolf is not surprised that Akakpo was able to use his skills in so many ways to benefit those around him.

“He is expansive in what he is ready to undertake, to explore, decides to master. I think a lot of what he’s done is a by-product of his determination and not being afraid to work hard, ”she said.

Each of his Ghanaian designs emphasizes a specific mood or concept that the wearer might want to emulate more or achieve, such as strength and endurance, he said. He also noticed that national trends play a role in which models are the most popular.

“It has been interesting. When Trump was elected, the most popular conceptions were hope and patience. Since Biden, the most common conceptions have been unity and peace, ”Akakpo said. “It’s interesting how we can see what people are feeling based on what they are buying. “

Now he is working on a series of stainless steel water bottles featuring different Ghanaian designs in support of the Black Lives Matter movement with the proceeds going to the organization.

“For me, it’s always about innovating, finding ways to find solutions with what we have,” he said.

To learn more or discover his work, visit

Ebenezer Akakpo’s Cup Series features the Ghanaian symbol of endurance. symbols communicating endurance. Akakpo said that since President Joe Biden took office, the most popular symbols have been linked to unity and endurance. Chance Viles / American Journal

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The best of June birthstone jewelry Tue, 01 Jun 2021 04:30:57 +0000

If you were born in June, you have not one, but three intriguing birthstones to choose from: pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite. Most jewelry enthusiasts born this month will be drawn to pearl and moonstone, as alexandrite is one of the rarest gemstones nature produces, which also means it has a high price. And it has become increasingly difficult to find since the Ural Mountains in western Russia, where it was first discovered in 1830, were depleted.

Although it is still mined in Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Brazil and the color changes of alexandrite can be as dramatic as from deep green to majestic purple, most June babies will still choose the pearl or the moon stone. The link of these precious stones with nature: the pearls with the mysteries of the sea and the moonstone with the magic of the sky are aspects that enchant and delight and their style can range from the simplest to the most striking. They are also complementary to the complexion of almost every woman and both are associated with captivating meanings and legends that have been passed down through history.

If you are lucky, you might even find pearls and moonstones in a beautiful piece of jewelry. And if you prefer just one …

Crescent moon from Collette with pearl and moonstone in 18k rose gold.

Which one would you choose?


Over time, pearls have been linked to love and marriage in many cultures. Legend has it that Krisna gave her daughter pearls on her wedding day. Pearls are described in ancient Greek legends as the tears of the gods, and it was believed that wearing pearls would prevent women from crying on their wedding day. It is perhaps not surprising that pearls remain the jewelry of choice for brides. There is also a superstition that pearls are unlucky if worn with unclean emotions, but if worn with a pure heart, they symbolize virtue, fertility, modesty, love, and the cycle of love. life. In Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, Troilus declares about Helen of Troy: “Why is she a pearl whose price has risen above a thousand ships and has transformed crowned kings into merchants”. This metaphor speaks of the enormous value of pearls as a symbol of beauty and the major impact of the famous queen and when the context is broadened, applies to all women who possess the ability to seduce men for fall in love with it.

Before the creation of cultured pearls in the early 20th century, natural pearls were the most valuable of all gemstones, worn only by the nobility and the very wealthy, mounted in crowns and sewn onto clothing. Today, the prices of rare jewelry made from natural pearls match those of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Unlike these other gemstones, which formed underground, pearls are considered gemstones but not stones – they are organic and form within various species of freshwater and saltwater mollusks. . In the 1920s, Mikimoto Kōkichi, the son of a noodle shop owner, was producing commercially viable crops of cultured pearls, starting an industry that allowed a wider audience of women to wear perfectly matched strands of pearls.

Today, the mismatched Baroque pearl is a crowd pleaser, as are Akoya and South Sea pearls as well as cultured pearls. Whether they are ultra modern and avant-garde, minimalist and refined, feminine and romantic or inspired by a mixture of periods, pearls are definitely witnesses of a revival. We saw for the first time this trend towards the return of pearls in the spring of 2019 it continues to evolve with all the different types of this luminous birthstone in a range of silhouettes and in all the classifications of jewelry.

Estate Diamond Jewelry pair of rare earrings in natural “salt and pepper” pearls, framed by a floral halo of diamonds and set on platinum.

Kapes JewelryNecklace in 18 karat gold and Akoya pearls.

Amrapali pearl and white diamond earrings in 18k white gold.

Mizuki Akoya pearl hoop earrings with diamond pendant.

Lene vibe garden of a variety of 18k gold pearls.

Annushka18 karat gold earrings, pearls and diamonds.

Sorellina‘s 18K La Luna pearl, sapphire and mother of pearl hoops.

Gabriella Kiss’ Grass blade ring in 18k yellow gold with three freshwater pearls.

Mikimoto Floral Akoya cultured pearl pendant in 18k white gold.

that of Lydia Courteille titanium earrings with pearls and tsavorites.

Nadine Aysoy kunzite earrings and baroque pearls with detachable pendants.

Jamie wolf Pearl and diamond stud tutu.

Rachel Quinn Stormy Cloud earrings feature lightning bolts and raindrops in 14k gold with clouds of Keshi pearls and white topaz briolettes

Moon stones

Magic has always been associated with “the light of the silver moon”. This intriguing stone is part of the feldspar family. The rarest of these gemstones is native to Sir Lanka, but moonstones can be found in many countries. Stones have a crystalline structure that sparkles when light rays are refracted and scattered throughout the gem. The effect is called adularescence. The brighter the stone, the more valuable it is. The exceptional and rare deep blue moonstones are of the highest quality and they are often fascinating with their deep color which seems to change as you move the stone. Rainbow moonstone is another version that varies in quality, the best of which flashes with shades of green, blue, purple and pink and reflects its own charm and character. Moonstones Offer Fascinating Beauty and Deep Meaning Variations on the theme of romance and passion, as well as protection and luck, are considered to be part of their mystical properties. From east to west, however, the main attribute of moonstone is love. It is associated with promoting harmony and a happy future between couples. Additionally, travelers have worn moonstones for centuries to protect themselves and guide them in the evening. These effervescent gems have been very popular since the 19th century and they continued to be popular throughout the various styles of the 20th century. Today, established and independent designers are still captivated by the hypnotic nature and distinct personality of each moonstone and work with them in all categories of jewelry.

Saint-Clair temple blue moonstone and rock crystal amulet in 18k gold.

Sofia zakia Wandering Star Ring in 14K Gold with Diamond Accents and Rainbow Moonstone Center,

Dale Hernsdorf ‘s Handmade 22 karat gold and rainbow moonstone necklace.

Linda hoj Rainbow moonstone center pendant surrounded by 22k gold sapphires with handcrafted chain and detailed granulation work.

Anthony Lent Star earrings in 18 karat gold and cabochon moonstone.

Nak armstrong Rivière pleated necklace in 18K rose gold with rainbow moonstone and white diamonds.

Loriann jewelry rainbow moonstone earrings with baguette and round diamonds.

from Amali 18k gold moonstone mirror necklace.

Walter Faith dangling earrings with oval moonstone and pear pendant surrounded by pave diamonds.

Paul Morelli Bubble meditation bell in 18k gold with blue moonstones and white diamonds.

Andrea Fohrman’s Carved Rainbow Crescent Moon Calypso Pendant in 14k Gold

Adel Chefridi’s crown sent pear shaped moonstone ring.

Jeanne Bass Eternity bracelet in blue moonstone and 14k gold.

Eden presley rainbow moonstone, sapphire and diamond earrings.

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Kate Middleton Jeweler Talks With Royal Clients – Exclusive Sun, 30 May 2021 13:01:54 +0000

Fiona neighborhood

Monica vinader adorned the ears, wrists and necks of many famous faces – of royals such as the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Beatrice, to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kerry Washington.

From her Norfolk studio – where the brand’s headquarters still reside – Monica has built a brand that is now loved around the world, thanks to its ‘affordable luxury’ price tag and glamorous bohemian aesthetic.

MORE: Kate Middleton’s Luxurious Diamond Birthday Necklace Revealed

Sit down with HELLO!, she talks about the true influence of her royal clients, her favorite hero pieces, and what’s to come for the brand. Spoiler alert – there are exciting things on the horizon …


Jewelry designer Monica Vinader counts royals and celebrities as loyal customers

“When I started my business in 2008, semi-jewelry was a category that didn’t really exist – your options were either fashion or fine jewelry and it all seemed a bit dated,” says Monica of the origins. of the brand.

SEE: Amazing Royal Engagement Rings Up Close

Loading the player …

WATCH: A Sneak Peek of Kate Middleton’s Jewelry Collection

“I wanted to create affordable jewelry that fills this gap, can be worn every day and doesn’t compromise on quality.

SHOP: 15 best signet rings for women – the 2021 pinky ring trend Meghan Markle loves

No doubt it was exciting, then, to learn that one of those clients who wears her pieces so regularly is Duchess Kate, who owns a number of Monica Vinader pieces – but her onyx earrings green ‘Siren’, £ 125, appears to be her. prefer.

kate-wearing-mermaid earrings

KATE WEARS: Green onyx mermaid earrings, £ 125 / $ 175, Monica vinader


“It’s no coincidence that our consistent bestsellers over the years are pieces that have been spotted on the Duchess of Cambridge,” says Monica.

MORE: 17 Most Expensive Red Carpet Jewelry Looks Of All Time

“It’s a huge honor to see top-level women wearing my pieces and how they style and craft them. It’s always a proud moment for me to see their true love for the brand and the designs we create. – since they could really wear any brand in the world. “


MEGHAN WEARS: Rose Gold Linear Friendship Bracelet, £ 125 / $ 175, Monica vinader


Monica is inspired by vintage jewelry, museums, archaeological finds, sculpture and contemporary architecture when designing her pieces – and a love of travel and embracing other cultures.

“I felt pretty deprived of this during the lockdown,” she says. “So I really went through all my reference books and catalogs for inspiration. I love to travel and have been influenced both living and working abroad, exploring the landscapes, colors and architecture of different countries including Italy, Patagonia, Morocco, Mexico and India. My home is full of treasures I’ve collected – so I stay inspired even when I’m not traveling. “

Longtime lovers of Monica’s work will remember her first stacking rings and friendship bracelets, which are still popular today.


Princess Beatrice is also a fan of Monica Vinader jewelry

“The earliest designs of the MV brand were large gemstone cocktail rings and our iconic friendship bracelets – the cord idea was inspired by holiday finds on the streets of Mallorca, when you come back with armbands. of drawstring bracelets. I wanted to incorporate that look into something a little more elaborate, but still fun, ”she says.

MORE: How to Make Your Jewelry Collection Greener

In fact, some of the brand’s most memorable pieces are set to return this year. “A personal favorite [of mine] is the Signature Wide Bangle which is such an assertive piece and an iconic MV style – which we’ll be reintroducing this summer, “ Monica said.

skinny bracelets

Signature skinny bracelet, from £ 180 / $ 275, Monica vinader


“We’re also going to be doing a limited edition of my first cocktail rings later this year, so keep an eye out! I still wear mine all the time and am happy to share them with new customers, ”she adds.

MORE: What Are Constellation Piercings? Expert advice on how to manage your ear jewelry

Even more exciting, Monica is set to join the piercing party – with a new studio opening in London later this year. “Earrings have been so popular and we are seeing such a demand for new styles especially for ear stacking and piercings as it has been a growing trend for quite some time. “ she says.

monica-vinader earrings

The brand has also introduces piercings

“Our ‘Ear Party’ is about to start, with a range of different earrings and piercings and, excitingly, our first piercing studio will be launching in Duke of York Square – and soon to be followed by other places. “

So, will Duchess Kate or Princess Beatrice show up for a piercing? That remains to be seen – but there is no doubt that Monica’s famous fan base will continue to grow.

The selection of HELLO! Is editorial and independently chosen – we only feature articles that our editors like and approve of. HELLO! may receive a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. To learn more, visit our FAQ page.

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Kanye West drops wedding ring as he goes solo in Los Angeles with bizarre face mask Sat, 29 May 2021 23:30:09 +0000

The elusive Kanye West was seen without his wedding ring as he attempted to go very incognito under a bizarre face mask while in Los Angeles.

Just days after what would have been him and Kim Kardashian’s seventh wedding anniversary, the rapper, 42, appeared to make a statement by throwing a ringless finger out of his Maybach.

But while he seems largely detached, new reports have surfaced this week that the Runaway singer may be ‘secretly dating’ Russian model Irina Shayk amid his divorce from the billionaire reality TV star. .

Ringless: Kanye West, 42, was seen without his wedding ring as he tried to go incognito under a bizarre face mask during a solo outing in Los Angeles

Yeezy’s eccentric creator was seen shielding his face under a very bizarre face mask that covered his entire head.

The rest of her ensemble was a bit more understated and included athletic pants with zipper details and a black long-sleeved T-shirt.

But his choice of shoes was a deadly gift as he was seen in his Yeezy Foam RNNR sneakers as he walked through a parking lot.

And although he was seen wearing his eternity band in gold in an Instagram photo posted by DJ Khaled last month, it seemed the rapper was ready to ditch the notion of ‘forever’ as the proceedings of divorce continued.

West and Kardashian were both reportedly ‘devastated’ and ‘upset’, the marriage didn’t work out, but tensions in the marriage had been brewing for a long time.

To keep hope?  In April, the rapper was seen with his eternity band still in a photo posted on Instagram by DJ Khaled.

To keep hope? In April, the rapper was seen with his eternity band still in a photo posted on Instagram by DJ Khaled.

Home Base: Over the past year, the rapper has lived primarily on the couple's ranch in Wyoming, while Kim has been with their four children in Los Angeles.

Home Base: For the past year, the rapper has lived primarily on the couple’s ranch in Wyoming, while Kim has been with their four children in Los Angeles.

The founder of SKIMS reportedly met her divorce lawyer Laura Wasser in July 2020, before making the decision to legally end their marriage in February.

In her case, Kim cited “ irreconcilable differences ” as grounds for divorce and sought joint custody of their four children North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

West’s attorney responded months later by agreeing to the terms put forward which included ‘irreconcilable differences’, case etiquette, joint custody and no spousal support for either of the two. parts.

In this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West made a very brief appearance helping Kim surprise mom Kris Jenner on her birthday, which would have been November 5, 2020, with a lavish showcase of 65 looks. of creators.

Shared custody: In her case, Kim also applied for shared custody of their four children North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

Shared custody: In her case, Kim also applied for shared custody of their four children North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

Rare Appearance: In this week's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West made a very brief appearance helping Kim surprise mother Kris Jenner on her birthday which would have been November 5, 2020, but at this time- there the couple apparently lived.  separate lives'

Rare Appearance: In this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West made a very brief appearance helping Kim surprise mother Kris Jenner on her birthday which would have been November 5, 2020, but at this time- there the couple apparently lived. separate lives’

But at that point, it was said the couple were living “ separate lives, ” with West increasingly spending the majority of his time on his Wyoming ranch.

As the two continue to divide their shared assets, including various luxury items such as cars, art and jewelry, they communicate exclusively through lawyers.

And although a source said Kim was “ not ready to date him, ” West still fueled rumors of dating someone he’s known for over a decade.

Despite a Page six source alleging in April that West wanted his next relationship to be “ with an artist and a creative person, ” so “ they could speak the same language, ” various tipsters wrote to DeuxMoi to report that West “ was going out ” with Irina Shayk.

Rumors of love: An anonymous user posted a message: 'Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk, aka Bradley Cooper's baby mum,' which was posted on the account

Rumors of love: An anonymous user posted a message: ‘Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk, aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mum,’ which was posted on the account

Confirmation: `` Def dating, '' wrote the tipster, to whom the account asked if it was true, prompting a `` yes ''

Confirmation: “ Def dating, ” wrote the tipster, to whom the account asked if it was true, prompting a “ yes ”

This week, several users wrote in the unverified but credible celebrity account – which frequently posts articles from ‘blind’ celebrities that later turn out to be true – to share that the pair were a new article.

OAn anonymous user posted a message: “ Kanye West is now secretly dating Irina Shayk, aka Bradley Cooper’s baby mum, ” which was posted to the account.

The page admin wrote under the tip between asterisks: “* after looking at this idk in more detail, if ‘dating’ is the right word, but there may be some interest in that.

But hours later, another anonymous source wrote in and appeared to confirm that they were indeed dating.

“Def dating,” wrote the tipster, to whom the account asked if it was true, prompting a “yes”.

Apple of his eyes?  Additionally, West had asked Irina to walk her fall / winter fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2012;  photographed May 28

Apple of his eyes? Additionally, West had asked Irina to walk her fall / winter fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week in 2012; photographed May 28

Video Vixen: And their relationship spanned over a decade as he cast her in the music video for her song 'Power' in 2010, where she portrayed an angel

Video Vixen: And their relationship spanned over a decade as he cast her in the music video for her song ‘Power’ in 2010, where she portrayed an angel

But while it came as a shock to many, in April Irina was seen modeling a $ 200 DMX tribute shirt commissioned by West.

And their relationship spanned over a decade as he cast her in the music video for her song “Power” in 2010, where she portrayed an angel.

Two years later, the singer asked her to walk in her Fall / Winter fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week.

And while neither has confirmed any sort of romance or been spotted together, Irina has been single since 2019 after she split from baby daddy Bradley Cooper.

New lady?  This week, several tipsters shared with the DeuxMoi Instagram account that West and Shayk were

Last Year: Kim and Kanye were reportedly married for seven years on May 24, but the reality TV star filed for divorce from West in February citing

Single and Ready to Mingle: West and Shayk are single, but neither have confirmed any kind of romance rumor

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Former makeup artist Danielle Murphy, who inherited her mother’s love of fashion, extended this style to her children when she became a mom, and on overseas trips to Paris and Madrid, suitcases full of clothes for her children. She has now started an online business with an attractive selection of boys and girls clothes for newborns to eight years old called Pom Pom Pirate. This little banana-print babygrow, for example, costs € 35 and the matching turban is € 17.50. Items on the website range from cheerful prints in bright tones and cool streetwear to a capsule collection of special pieces that can be passed on to other siblings. Everything is made from sustainable fabrics that are ethically sourced, natural and organic fibers where possible. Brands include Dainty Bear – Irish designers of cute baby and toddler shoes and leather accessories – organic brands Bonnie Mob, Turtledove London and others called Babidu, Petit Oh and Babybol. Visit and on Instagram @pompompirateshop

Irish jacket in Magee wool (525 €)


In a significant commitment to Irish wool and the promotion of native natural fibers, Magee, in partnership with Donegal Yarns in Kilcar, sources wool from Irish farms across the country. Raw wool is spun by Donegal Yarns into fine yarn, then designed and woven into luxury fabric at the Magee factory in Donegal Town. Patrick Temple, Managing Director of Magee Weaving and a fifth generation family member, has also partnered with sheep farmer James Lorinko to grow fine Irish wool on his family farm overlooking the Donegal Hills. The first piece to showcase Irish wool is the Emma coat, with patch pockets in two shades of soft, hazy wool – blue and gray and gray and cream – colors that reflect the local landscape (€ 525). Expect even more alluring examples of Magee later this year.

Moss & Cable Heritage Aran Oatmeal

Moss & Cable Heritage Aran Oatmeal


Another initiative from Donegal is that of Moss & Cable, which offers three different updated versions of the classic Aran knit. Founder Siobhan McKenna, from Donegal who had worked as a buyer for Harrods and Liberty’s in London, launched the label in 2020 and sources all of its products from small family-owned manufacturers with skills spanning generations in the South. western Donegal. Traditional hand and machine production methods are used and each piece of the garment is tied and finished by hand. All styles are unisex, although there are limits to the sizes worn. Visit Price from 165 € to 185 €.

The satin puffer jacket for outdoor bridal celebrations by Sharon Hoey

The satin puffer jacket for outdoor bridal celebrations by Sharon Hoey


Sharon Hoey calls her latest bridal collection Pretty in Pink, her name derives from the combination of spring cherry blossoms, although this is not the color she used for her latest styles. This marks a new step for her to sell online, extending her long experience designing and fitting wedding dresses at her store on Merrion Street in Dublin. The collection includes ball gown skirts in tulle or organza, slimmer silhouettes in Italian crepe with fitted bodices, lace dresses, skirts and tops and, new this season, a satin puffer jacket for the celebrations. outside. Cigarette pants are also included, an alternative wedding look for a small intimate celebration or 2-day event. The service includes style tips, a video showing the design in motion, and a how-to guide for each piece. Brides can order cotton canvas at home to fit and choose the right size. Learn more about

Three-diamond nine-carat MoMuse wedding ring (€ 450)

Three-diamond nine-carat MoMuse wedding ring (€ 450)


Still on the topic of weddings, Margaret O’Rourke of MoMuse, well known for her stacking rings, has launched two new diamond rings in her stacking collection. Each is a 2mm nine karat gold bracelet with ethically sourced white diamonds, handmade in Dublin. The nine-carat three-diamond band is € 450, while the nine-carat five-diamond band is € 650. Visit Elsewhere, Louise Stokes of Loulerie designed a limited edition gold-plated necklace with intertwined circles (€ 79), with all profits generated from each sale going to the LGFB (Look Good Feel Better) charity. Find it on 100 pieces were made.


I’m a huge fan of Cabbages & Roses, an independent family-owned clothing and lifestyle company based in Somerset, founded by former Vogue journalist Christina Strutt in 2000. She specializes in British fashion, printed fabrics and all kinds of home products. , with a style of its own. The current collection includes oversized linen dress shirts, striped kaftans, denim aprons and dungarees, and handsome waxed cotton macs. The dresses are particularly pretty; this one called Laura, in sizes 8-16, is in blue chine floral print cotton and Italian organza with a crisp white collar for € 323.70 – additional 2.5 percent postage. Visit

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Offers and discounts from Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, others – FOX23 News Fri, 28 May 2021 18:01:00 +0000 > Read more new trends As well as being a day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, the last Monday in May is also considered the “unofficial start of summer”. Whether …]]>

Monday is Memorial Day, a day to honor those who have died in military service in the United States.

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As well as being a day to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, the last Monday in May is also considered the “unofficial start of summer”.

Whether you’re in the market for a mattress, patio furniture, or a new dryer, here are some Memorial Day deals to start your three-day shopping weekend.

Amazon: Amazon is organizing its Spring Into Summer Sale event.

Ann taylor: Save 40% on your purchase when you use code CELEBRATE.

Anthropology: Save 20% on summer entertainment items

Ashley Homestore: Get up to 30% off – plus another 10% off with the code MEMORIAL10.

Bear mattress: Enjoy 25% Sitewide Discount and Get $ 250 Free Gift Box with Code MD25.

Bed bath and beyond: Get up to 40% off bedding, bathroom, exterior and more.

Best buy: Appliances are on sale at Best Buy. Get 24-month financing and free shipping options for a limited time.

Brooks brothers: Save up to 40% on men’s summer styles. Get 50% off the women’s collection.

Casper: Use code MEMDAY for 15% off at Casper.

Dell: Some laptops, games and desktops are for sale.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Save up to 50% on Nike and Adidas clothing.

Dyson: Save $ 80 on the Dyson Cyclone V10 Allergy vacuum (blue).

EyeBuyDirect: All glasses are 30% off when you use code HAPPY30.

Fossil: Get up to 40% off select smartwatches when you use code HISUMMER.

GameStop: Get up to 50% off Xbox and PlayStation games and up to $ 40 on Nintendo Switch games.

Houzz: Get up to 80% off home furnishings until June 6.

HP: HP is offering up to 47% off select laptops, gaming devices, and PCs.

Lenovo: Get up to 60% off computers and accessories.

LG: Save 5% or 10% via a Visa Prepaid Card when you purchase three or more qualifying LG kitchen, laundry, vacuum, air care, and LG Styler products in the same purchase.

Lowe’s: Get great deals on appliances, tools and outdoor furniture.

Macy’s: Save 20-60% on Hundreds of Items, Then Get Extra 15-20% Off Using Code MEMDAY.

Michael kors: Save 25% on men’s products and 25% on all Access smartwatches.

Nest bedding: Take advantage of a 20% reduction on certain mattresses until June 7.

Nordstrom: Get up to 50% off designer styles until June 6.

Overstock: Household items are up to 70% off.

REI: REI’s Anniversary Sale includes 25-50% off outdoor gear.

Ring: Ring is offering up to 20% off select home security items.

Roku: Get up to $ 30 off Roku’s new streaming device.

Samsung: Get up to 25% off household appliances and up to $ 3,000 on televisions.

Target: Summer items are on sale, with savings between 15% and 40%.

The container store: Save up to 25% on select items.

Vines of the vineyard: Get up to 40% off everything on site.

Walmart: Walmart has nearly 2,000 items on sale for Memorial Day weekend, including TVs, toys, electronics, Apple Watches, and Apple AirPods Pro.

Wayfair: Outdoor furniture, grills, housewares and appliances are for sale at Wayfair.

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