Necklaces and watches – Pandora Jewellery Sale Fri, 03 Sep 2021 08:54:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Necklaces and watches – Pandora Jewellery Sale 32 32 Beith Crime: McMillan Crescent Break-In Tied To Asian Gold Targeting Fri, 03 Sep 2021 08:54:17 +0000 The thieves who broke into a property in Beith last month are linked to a series of nationwide raids on homes targeting ‘Asian Gold’.

Police say a number of Asian homes in the central belt and west of Scotland are being broken into and high-value gold and other expensive items are being stolen.

Between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 21, a property on McMillan Crescent in Beith was burgled.

Five-figure money and jewelry, including gold necklaces, rings and watches, were taken.

Whoever broke into this property is believed to be responsible for a whole host of other burglaries.

Between August 21 and August 31, 14 incidents occurred in Beith, Bathgate, Stranraer, Cambuslang, Paisley, Stepps, East Kilbride and Glasgow.

The same car was spotted in each of these areas at the time of the break-ins and police therefore concluded that they were related.

They are hunting down the driver of a metallic gray Cupra Ateca car, which has been seen in all places.

Of the 14 incidents, thieves have so far stolen Asian gold jewelry and watches, with a combined total value of £ 200,000.

Detective Sergeant Allan MacInnes of the Govan Community Investigations Unit said: “Following each of these incidents, the owners have been devastated by the theft of their property and we are pursuing a number of avenues of investigation. as we seek to identify the culprits and find the stolen items.

“We ask anyone who remembers seeing suspicious activity in the affected areas between 21 and 31 August, or who can help us locate the gray Cupra Ateca and its occupants, to immediately contact the police.

“In addition, anyone with other information relevant to our ongoing investigation should also contact us.

‘Preventing break-ins and reducing the number of people affected by such crimes is a top priority for Scottish Police and the public has a vital role to play in ensuring their valuables are stored safely and out view and that all doors and windows are properly secured when left unoccupied.

“We also recommend that those who choose to store high value items in their homes invest in robust security measures such as safes, alarms and motion activated lighting. Additionally, where possible, we encourage the use of safes outside your home, or if this is not a viable option, please consider using a safe storage option approved by your insurer.

“A range of useful crime prevention tips are available on our website by visiting ”

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Lexi Sun talks about deal with Borsheims Mon, 30 Aug 2021 13:41:04 +0000
Several weeks after college athletes were given the green light to approve the products, Sun signed an approval agreement with Borsheims.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska volleyball player Lexi Sun launched a clothing line through a company in her home state of California earlier this year. She spent months creating a logo and the details behind a crew neck sweatshirt, she had no idea it would end up selling out very quickly.

“The first day we went live and it was really fun, just to be a part of the story and just to release something that was true to myself and share a little bit about me and the things that I was doing. love it personally, ”says Soleil.

Several weeks after college athletes were given the green light to approve the products, Sun signed an approval agreement with Borsheim. It is one of the largest independent jewelry stores in the country and is based in Omaha. Sun said she wanted to represent a Nebraska-based company.

“I’m really grateful for the people, the place and all the growth I’ve had here in Nebraska so for me I found this to be a really cool opportunity for me to partner with a business owned. and based in Nebraska and that’s Borsheims, ”Sun said.

As part of this partnership, Borsheims launched “The Lexi Sun Edit”. This is a handpicked collection of Sun’s favorite pieces, ranging from rings to personalized necklaces, earrings and watches.

“For me it’s less about money than maintaining my brand and the things that I love and what I love to do, so that’s the most important thing to me,” Sun said. “I think everyone and every athlete approaches this situation in different ways.”

Sun said navigating NIL was the biggest challenge as they didn’t know if this was actually going to happen and how it would work.

Many high school athletes can take this NIL situation into consideration, going through the recruiting process. When it comes to advice, Sun says to keep focusing on sports.

“Stay focused on what’s really important and think about staying true to yourself through social media and I think everything will follow,” Sun said. “I don’t think there is necessarily a special cure or thing to do, but I would say just stick with yourself and focus on your sport because it really matters.

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Behind our obsession with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez jewelry Fri, 27 Aug 2021 18:21:20 +0000

Ben Affleck walked into Tiffany’s in Century City this week and everyone assumed he went to see a diamond. “Ben Affleck Browses Engagement Rings at Tiffany’s Amid Jennifer Lopez’s Reunion” was the headline. He was with his mother and son. It was in public and in the middle of the day and for all to see. And wow, we really want that to happen, don’t we. Why? A recent New York Times podcast, hosted by Dodai Stewart with Michael Gold, asked the question. Longing was an answer. We yearn for those Bennifer’s days gone by and who we all were back then.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together in 2003.

Kevin Winter

If the root of our Bennifer’s obsession is rooted in the past, can we go back a little further than the earliest days? Instead, let’s land in 1957.

A friend had a camera when Mike Todd gave Elizabeth Taylor a Cartier ruby ​​and diamond necklace in the pool at Villa Fiorentina in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. And so, we can, in silent movie stills, see what Liz Taylor looked like when someone brought her jewelry. Happy, very, very happy. I thought of that footage when these footage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on the yacht came out, the one where they seem to recreate a scene from the Jenny From the Block video. If we replay moments from the past, what about the one with the Cartier rubies in the pool? And if we graft fantasies onto a visit to Tiffany’s, can we add that moment too? Bennifer in the pool with diamonds? Imagine this Instagram post.

Liz Taylor — J Lo parallels have already been drawn — the great glamor, the sometimes messy great love, the engagement rings, the sometimes provocative cohesive reminders of outrageous talent — and Bennifer’s reunion has now drawn the line further. Are they our Dick and Liz? If we are looking for other parallels to draw, why not use jewelry as a comparative model? Taylor was of course seduced by this – she once told a reporter that when Burton gave her jewelry, she “would get so horny that I would jump on her and practically make love to her in Bulgari.”

Jewelry gifts also mark this romantic timeline. Bennifer’s return began with watching a watch. A fan account noted that Affleck was wearing a watch that looked a lot like the one Lopez first gave him when he was seen leaving his apartment in Miami. Soon after, Lopez was seen wearing a bracelet that looked a lot like the one Harry Winston Affleck had given him years earlier. There were reports of the Foundrae necklaces he gave her for her 52sd birthday and of course zoomed in on the paparazzi images of the initial necklace she wore this summer: BEN

There is also the pink diamond engagement ring, the most remarkable Bennifer piece of jewelry of all. Ben Affleck turned out to be a stone scholar seeing the value and rarity of pink diamonds long before the market at large spread (the ring, which is said to have cost Affleck around $ 1.2 million Harry Winston, could be worth up to $ 11 million today.)

Daredevil movie premiere

Jennifer Lopez shows fans her engagement ring (2003).

Kevin WinterGetty Images

And so back to that video of Liz Taylor in the pool and the glorious distraction that a recreation of Bennifer could provide right now. This ruby ​​and diamond necklace sold at auction from Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection for almost $ 4 million. Rubies, symbols of nobility, purity and passion, seem a fitting reflection of Bennifer 2.0 and they also happen to be the birthstone of Jennifer Lopez (a Leo, July 24). Cartier’s new Haute Joaillerie collection happens to have a one-of-a-kind necklace that bears some resemblance to the one Todd gave Taylor. And there’s a delicate Van Cleef ruby ​​and diamond flower necklace by Van Cleef that could even work in layering with the Foundrae gold necklaces. And since Harry Winston already has all of your credit card details, what about the ruby ​​and diamond necklace they just made based on the one they found in their archives? So ruby, that’s an idea.

folie des meadows necklace white gold, pink gold, ruby, diamonds

Van Cleef Folie Fes Prés necklace: white gold, pink gold, rubies and diamonds.

Bertrand Moulin

But given Affleck’s jewelry history and foresight in choosing a pink diamond, maybe he’ll want something more unusual, a stone from jewelry collectors and connoisseurs if you will. . Mr. Affleck, have you looked at any spinel shops? They look like rubies (the Imperial Crown of England spinel is actually mistakenly known as the Black Prince’s Ruby), are highly prized, and are rapidly gaining in value and appreciation. And there is this 131.21 carat spinel at the center of a High Jewelry necklace from Bulgari, the fourth largest known spinel in the world. It has history, is adjacent to royalty, and looks like a solid investment. It could be Bennifer Part Deux’s pink diamond.

Bulgarian spinel

Bulgari’s spinel necklace, featuring the fourth largest known spinel in the world.

Courtesy of Bulgari

Is this where the mind goes after reading an article again about Ben Affleck buying jewelry? This Times podcast explained the nostalgia fueling our Bennifer’s fantasies as a way to access that part of yourself that didn’t care about the fate of the world, the virus, and climate change. And for the few minutes you took to read this, I hope it was true. A video of Ben and Jen in a swimming pool wearing a Bulgari spinel collar might also work.

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Close encounters of the “exotic” genre Mon, 23 Aug 2021 17:16:22 +0000 A writer struggles with the ethics of visiting endangered cultures and reflects on her own experience as “other”.

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We were about 30 minutes from our destination—A campsite near the famous Brandberg Mountain in Namibia — when we noticed a few cars parked by the side of the road. “Cars on the road?” Several? ”I said to my husband incredulously. At that point, we had been on a road trip around Namibia, one of the least densely populated countries in the world, for 10 days. overtook one car per hour, on average. ”We slowed down, curious to see what was causing the commotion.

Tourists were taking photos of topless women who wore pearl necklaces and reddish braids. We had finally found the semi-nomad Himba tribe, famous for their intricate hairstyles, bodies covered in red ocher mud and generally perceived beauty. They are the ancestors of the Herero people, who arrived in Namibia in the 16th century as subsistence herders. Before tourism, they had little contact with foreigners.

I was less fascinated by Himba women than by the scene as a whole. It was December 2017, but it could have been decades earlier. White tourists in khaki shorts crumpled their faces as they peered through their cameras’ viewfinders, trying to capture the perfect shot of these ‘exotic’ African women. As soon as the tourists were satisfied with their work, they paid out money. We watched these events unfold from inside our rental car across the street. Before we knew it, a Himba woman approached us and asked us to take a picture of her in exchange for $ 20. We declined his request and left.

The moment with the Himba was reminiscent of an unexpected visit to a village my husband and I made in 2013 in northern Thailand. We were on a three day trek through the rice fields outside of Chiang Mai when our guide told us that our the next stop was a Kayan village. I was surprised, because I had expressly asked not to visit the village. The idea of ​​human tourism did not suit me. But it was too late. Someone was already asking for an entrance fee.

Kayan women are known to wear so many brass rings around their necks that their heads seem almost disembodied. They start with a few necklaces when they are young children, and over time more than 20 pounds of rings will lower their shoulders and give the illusion of an elongated neck. When entering the village, something is wrong. It looked artificial in a way, like it was created for tourists. We called our guide and had him translated as I attempted a basic conversation with a woman and her daughter.

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I remember the woman looking a little stunned. She told me that her family was from Myanmar, that her husband often worked in distant rice fields, and that his daughter loved math. She was kind enough to answer the questions I asked about the brass rings, like they hurt (they didn’t) and she slept with them (she did). I finally took a photo, but never felt comfortable sharing it on social media. It wasn’t until later that I learned that my instincts were correct.

The Kayan people fled Myanmar in the 1990s for Thailand, whose government has granted them “conflict refugee” status. They now live in guarded tourist villages like the one I reluctantly visited, but have not been granted citizenship. They are not allowed to live outside tourist villages, cannot return to Myanmar for fear of violence, and have no real rights in Thailand as stateless persons. In a blog post, physicist and travel writer Katie Foote described the village of Kayan she visited as “a home gift shop.”

The Kayan and Himba women both existed as flat, old objects in the tourist imagination. Our visitor professions was to ignore their inner life and to remain speechless at their unusual ornaments. But is there an ethical way to visit people from distinct and sometimes threatened cultures like these? In the most generous valuation, perhaps even a brief meeting can strengthen both parties’ understanding of the world. After all, who are any of us to determine what a valid interaction looks like? What may seem like a superficial exchange to me can have a profound effect on someone else. Additionally, tourism can help some of these cultures preserve their rich traditions. Without the cash incentive that comes with tourism, it is possible that the Himba and Kayan people will struggle to perpetuate the unique elements of their cultures. But is there a line to draw? Why does my stomach turn when I see a staged village atmosphere filled with tourists and cameras?

The root of my unease, I think, is that the experience is rarely an honest cultural exchange. Neither Namibia nor Thailand saw signs of natural social interaction. Apart from the money, the visitor is not there to give anything of himself. On the contrary, the tourist is promised the possibility of consuming a foreign culture. They pay to feel, so fleetingly, like a colonial explorer “discovering” a primitive people, with foreign rituals and markers of beauty. They pay to admire the people who represent an era before smartwatches and drones.

In 2005, Will Jones, the founder of a sustainable safari agency called Journeys by Design, gave a talk about the people of Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley. He focused part of his speech on tourism to visit the Mursi people, known for their large lip plates, piercings, and body painting:

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The Mursi see the act of photographing as predatory, with rich Westerners taking photographs of poor Africans, not just the poor but of a particular and altered area of ​​their body – not their livestock, their way of life or from their homes. As [Mursi anthropologist] David Turton points out again that the Mursi realize that the photographs are taken not because the wealthy traveler wishes to emulate the practice, but because it represents this imbalance of power and a divide between the rich and technologically advanced world and the poorer and technologically backward world of the Mursi. Another psychological challenge for the Mursi is the feeling that they are being visited by a globally mobile audience, as they remain trapped at the end of a dead end road, marginalized and captured on film.

What if someone from a tribal community decides they want a taste of modernity? If that person decides they want a cell phone and a college degree and a job in the big city? This is why there are so many image results if you google “Maasai Warrior Cell Phone.” Many people think it is apocryphal that someone could simultaneously wear non-Western clothing, carry a spear, and send heart-eye emojis to their girlfriend. Modern ambition destroys the glamor of the primitive tribe.

In his speech, Jones mentions the Maasai, tribal people of Kenya and Tanzania, as offering a potential solution to the operating status quo. The Maasai manage many of their tourist villages themselves. The entrance fee allows the visitor not only to take photos, but also to watch a dance performance and to take a real tour of the village. Some may see this as an ugly commercialization of Maasai culture, but on the other hand, it is led by the community itself and encourages tourists to learn more about the people and places they visit.

I once fell victim to a cultural oddity when I was on my honeymoon in Cuba. In keeping with Indian tradition, my wedding had included a mehendi, or henna, ceremony. Days later, I was exploring the streets of Viñales with my hands and feet temporarily dyed in intricate brown swirls and cashmere. I first noticed that a few people were reporting me to their friends. Soon people started to arrest me. I quickly learned that Bollywood movies are big in Cuba. According to people I have met, films dubbed into Spanish are shown on national television every Friday night. I also learned that most Cubans had never met an Indian, especially one who looked as “exotic” as I did at the time. I speak Spanish and love to meet new people, so I used the fascination with my mehendi as a foot in the door of a cultural exchange. I explained that I had just got married. On my phone, I showed them some wedding photos, which apparently looked as colorful as the movies they were watching. They told me about Cuban wedding traditions. We talked about how people all over the world aren’t that different from each other after all.

In their eyes, I was “the other”, the human symbol of a distant culture. But unlike Himba, Kayan or Mursi women, I could engage with these curious Cubans on my own terms. I didn’t have to flaunt my heritage, nor was I held captive in a life that might or might not feel genuine to me. I had the agency to turn the gaping mouth into something that I think allowed both parties to benefit: a human connection.

Book’s extract Walk brilliantly. Copyright © 2021 by Sarika Bansal.

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Make a good first impression: ultimate checklist Sun, 22 Aug 2021 21:04:05 +0000

It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing for a date or a job interview, it is important that you know how to make a great first impression! However, showing up on time will not be enough. In addition to this, you must think about your outfit, movement and posture, among others.

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! This article should help you understand! Here you’ll find a list of tips for making a great first impression, ranging from your outfit to the way you walk and interact with others. Check it out!


First impressions are based on a number of factors, one of which is the way you dress. For this reason, you want to create an outfit that will make you both look good and feel good. Here are a few tips !

  • You might not know it, but wearing really expensive clothes can really boost your self-confidence. It would be great if, for example, you put on a pair of high-end shoes, like the Air Jordan 11.
  • Your clothes should be comfortable. Otherwise, they will end up making you feel embarrassed and distracted, which is best to avoid!
  • Your clothes should fit snugly and look neat and clean. If you want to wear a shirt, iron it before you leave your home. In addition to that, you might want to clean your shoes. These are small details, but they can really make a big difference.


Clothing and accessories play an important role in making a good first impression. One of the most important accessories is a stylish watch. With that in mind, you’ll want to buy a decent watch that matches your personality and personal style. Remember to wear it and make sure it works as it should!

Other accessories include rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and handbags. Like watches, they can play a vital role in making a good first impression. They don’t have to be expensive, but if you go for something more expensive it might help you stand out from the crowd!

If you don’t have suitable accessories and a lot of money to spare, you can always look for discount codes! For example, if you want to buy a handbag, you can get your Discount Code for Shoe Zone Handbags here!

Hairdressing and makeup

Your hair can say a lot about who you are. If you go for a more traditional look, keep your hair short and groomed. If you want to look more fun and outgoing, try a messier hairstyle. Don’t forget the hair accessories, such as pins, clips, scrunchies and headbands! When it comes to makeup, go for something that makes you feel good, but don’t overdo it.

If the event you are planning to attend is really important, you might want to make an appointment with a professional hairstylist and makeup artist. They should be able to make you look your best in no time! Just keep in mind that if the professionals you want to consult are really popular, you will need to make an appointment a few weeks in advance.

Movement and posture

Your movements and posture are important in making a good first impression. In general, confident people tend to walk with their heads held high and shoulders back.

On the other hand, shy people tend to walk with their heads down and their shoulders slumped forward. In addition, they tend to avoid eye contact and sag when sitting and standing.

In addition to paying attention to the way you walk, pay attention to the way you hold yourself when shaking hands with someone else. Remember that you should reach out your hands towards the person you are talking to instead of putting your hand on their face. Next, you need to keep your handshake firm but not too firm. You don’t want to break people’s palms!

Finally, you need to remember eye contact. Just looking at someone’s face can do wonders for the way they perceive you! However, sometimes you might want to look them in the eye and smile at them – it shows that you are friendly and approachable. In addition, it will make you more confident because you will know that you are doing your best.

In conclusion

Making a good first impression is important whether you are meeting someone for the first time or trying to find a job. So, you’ll want to make sure that you look and act your best!

Keep in mind some important factors, such as your clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, movements and posture. These things say a lot about who you are as a person and how comfortable you are with yourself.

We hope this article has helped you familiarize yourself with the basics of making a good first impression. However, remember that doesn’t mean you have to act like a whole different person. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

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Princess Margaret has shaped our obsession with the horoscope, Meghan Markle is proof of it Sat, 21 Aug 2021 12:00:39 +0000

When Meghan Markle recently appeared wearing two diamond zodiac necklaces depicting her children earlier this month, it affirmed her belief in astrology. Like millions of us, sure or not, Markle is probably reading her horoscope, and she has to thank Princess Margaret for the modern day astrological predictions.

When Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister was born in 1930, the Sunday express tasked astrologer RH Naylor to predict the future of the young royal. The story was so successful with the British public that the newspaper made the birthday predictions a regular column. Rather than focusing on individual birthdays, the intelligent Naylor created predictions around the ancient 12-star signs – grouping people born in certain months into their astrological sign – and assigning personality traits to those signs. This sparked the golden age of astrology – and newspapers and periodicals around the world established regular horoscope columns.

In Princess Margaret’s day, people looked forward to their astrological predictions in newspapers or magazines (some even refused to make big decisions until they got the predictions), but today with the internet , we have access to countless astrologers and diviners 24/7.

Interest in astrology, unsurprisingly, skyrocketed during the pandemic “when people were looking for more meaningful meaning and connections,” says Susan Miller, an established astrologer and author, whose website attracts over 10 million visitors per year. “People have always been in their horoscope, but some were silent about it. It’s no longer a secret.

Whether you are a true believer or not, everyone seems to agree with the zodiac jewelry trend, which also took off during the pandemic. It’s not a new trend, but it seems that many jewelers have also looked to the cosmos to create zodiac signs in their signature style. These witty “feel good” pieces were the bestsellers of the summer and have been spotted on celebrities from Hailey Bieber to Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

It’s more than just a style trend, says Logan Hollowell, the Los Angeles-based designer who created Meghan Markle’s zodiac necklaces.

“People are becoming sensitive to the reality that we are more than this life – we are all connected to energy, to the universe, really to everything around us. The signs of the zodiac are a physical reminder of this and much more on an individual level. Hollowell’s first jewelry design in 2015 was the Constellation Ursa Major. “I have always had a fascination with the cosmos. When I was little and looked at the sky, I always felt a sense of peace and a connection to the “home” in the stars. “

Mateo designer Matthew Harris only recently became a believer in the cosmos. “I grew up Jamaican and came from a very religious family, I was very far from astrology,” explained the designer based in New York. But five years ago her friend Shereen Campbell (owner of My little magic shop) read his file and changed everything. “It was so precise it was scary. I saw the things she mentioned come to fruition. Since then, Harris has had quarterly astrology readings and checks before every big decision. This stellar illumination has also resulted in a new collection of zodiac jewelry.

It seems that Naylor’s predictions for Princess Margaret in 1930 were also pretty accurate. He predicted that around his seventh year there would be a momentous event for the Royal Family and Great Britain. He nailed it: the year before his seventh birthday, Edward VIII abdicated the throne making his father King of England and changing the course of his life and that of his family.

Almost a century after Naylor made the current astrological predictions, many of us still make decisions and plans based on our horoscope. If that isn’t enough, you can always wear a stunning zodiac jewelry to show off your commitment to the cosmos.

Here are some of our favorite zodiac pieces.

Libra diamond constellation nails

Logan Hollowell

$ 1,300.00

Hollowell’s modern minimalist approach presents the constellations in a graphic style.

Zodiac necklace in 9-karat gold and diamonds

Stone and strand

$ 275.00

Simple and chic zodiac charms are personal expression: you can stack your sign with those of your close friends and family to keep them close to you.

Zodiac coin ring


$ 2,050.00

This richly engraved zodiac coin is a personal heirloom.

Aries Constellation Diamond Pendant


$ 290.00

A chic diamond constellation pendant necklace will provide good vibes every day.

Aries Diamond and Aquamarine Zodiac Mushroom Necklace

Brent Neale

$ 7,450.00

Brent Neale’s colorful mushroom pendants are adorned with zodiac symbols, making them even more magical.

Baby Lion Medallion


$ 2,895.00

This little lion is such a favorite symbol that you might want to wear it even if you are not a Leo.

Cancer Zodiac Coin Pendant with Diamond Frame

Anita Ko

$ 8,200.00

A remarkable pendant that sparkles with diamonds, Ko’s zodiac symbols can be engraved with a personal message on the back.

Sagittarius Zodiac Pendant Necklace

David webb

$ 4,900.00

David Webb’s double-sided zodiac pendants are carved from hammered gold and appear like ancient treasures.

Mini Capricorn Zodiac Locket

Briony Raymond

$ 2,800.00

Capricorns should consider this versatile gold pendant that can be worn on a layered chain of necklaces or on a bracelet.

Zodiac Necklace Petite Libra

Jemma wynne

$ 2,940.00

Go for style with this gold pendant featuring a trendy diamond zodiac symbol.

Aries Constellation Pendant

Robinson pelham

£ 1,400.00

The cosmos is never far away when you wear Robinson Pelham’s diamond-set constellation pendants.

Turquoise Zodiac Necklace

Hélène Rose jewelry

$ 2,760.00

Bright and playful, this turquoise pendant is like contemplating the sky shimmering with constellations.

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David Bowie Celebrated In New Star Jewelry Mon, 09 Aug 2021 06:02:40 +0000

David Bowie Celebrated In New Star Jewelry Collection

Tatty Devine’s new collection is inspired by lyrics, music and looks by David Bowie

London-based jewelry brand Tatty Devine took inspiration from the 50th anniversary of Hunky Dory’s release for a bold new jewelry collection playing on Bowie’s iconic moments in music and looks.

“Bowie has been a constant in our lives and has not only created the soundtrack for much of our lives, but has also been a huge inspiration in the way we dress and express ourselves,” says Rosie Wolfenden, co -Founder of Tatty Devine, explaining why they were keen to mark the anniversary. “Like him, we think you should be yourself – whatever it is. In our selection of acrylic pieces, we took a close look at the materials he wore in some of his most iconic outfits. ‘

The sparkle and glitter on pieces crafted from acrylic encapsulate Bowie’s starry style, with a selection of her most famous outfits reflected in bold hues. The mesmerizing swirls of her Tokyo Pop bodysuit, designed by Kansai Yamamoto for Bowie’s world tour from January 1972 to July 1973, are etched in shiny recycled black acrylic on swinging necklaces, while the iconic vinyl tigers bodysuit is translated into laser cut acrylic for an intricate effect. hand inked necklace.

Other pieces are inspired by the lyrics themselves – Life on Mars becomes a laser-cut brooch on swirling pearl red acrylic; Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel and Suffragette City are inked on brooches, earrings and necklaces. Ziggy Stardust’s’ 70s penchant for a sheer black fishnet bodysuit, designed by Natasha Korniloff and embellished with a model’s golden hands, is referenced in the Bowie Hands necklace. “In the same way that David Bowie transcended the genre, Tatty Devine transcends traditional jewelry,” adds Wolfenden. “Its aesthetic was experimental, expressive and unlike anything seen before, which is how we like to think of our jewelry.” §

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Top 10 Best Black Diamond Eyeglass Cleaners 2021 – Bestgamingpro Mon, 09 Aug 2021 03:30:20 +0000

Top 10 Best Black Diamond Eyeglass Cleaners 2021

1. 925 Sterling Silver Purple Amethyst Diamond Cat Pendant Charm Necklace Animal Birthstone February Fine Jewelry For Women Gifts For Her

  • Beautiful gift wrapping; each merchandise is hand-wrapped with you in mind; best cute gift for household; birthday; her; weddings; birthdays; joint; mom; mother; girl; son; sister; Grandmother; nana; aunt; best friends and extra
  • Top quality 925 sterling silver; our jewelry is made from premium quality supplies; precious stones; faceted stones; swarovski crystals and hand stamped for authenticity in addition to authorized ftc legislation; fabulous value for money means happy buyer
  • Fully satisfied, jewelry offers for April 2021 are limited. solid 925 sterling silver; hypoallergenic; jewelry items necklaces pendants charms diamonds animals cats birthstone February
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed; lifetime warranty by icecarats proudly an American owned and operated company; certificates of authenticity card included with every purchase
  • Limited assortment only for you; we have created this personalized assortment that will help you have fun at your most memorable first downtown events and regularly enhance your style decor statement coloring statement look

2.Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, 20oz Household Ultrasonic Cleaner for Jewelry Eyewear Dentures Brush, Black

  • The highly skilled ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is designed to clean jewelry, eyeglasses, razors, dentures and many more. suitable for retailer, workplace and family.
  • Simply clean the machine with a removable energy string, 20 ozsus304 stainless steel tank, simple to sell to the retailer so you can go anywhere.
  • Save your time – Highly efficient 45,000Hz ultrasonic cleaner quickly cleans that hard-to-reach valuables nook, makes it shine like new.
  • Extremely simple to use – the qualified ultrasonic cleaner has the preset time (1-5 minutes), helps you to operate easily and simply.
  • Within 60 days of purchase, if you don’t like our product or want it for any reason, we’ll happily arrange the return and refund your money. In addition, for 12 months from the date of purchase, we will exchange your product for free if it develops into an inconvenience and we help you with the know-how for life.

3. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer for Glasses, Rings, Coins (MGUC500)

  • Generates 42,000Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for powerful yet lightweight clear sound that won’t harm your valuables
  • Extraordinarily simple to use, consists of a basket to keep gadgets safe
  • Cleans soiled jewelry, glasses, watches, utensils and more in minutes using only tap water (does not remove tarnish)
  • Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles (90, 180, 280, 380 and 480 seconds) and automatic shutdown
  • 20 oz (600ml) recipient capacity

4.Professional jewelry cleaning machine for 50kHz ultrasonic cleaner, portable ultrasonic cleaning machine for glasses, diamond dental prosthesis watch ring (new version) (black)

  • ï ‚· multi-function – suitable for cleaning most problems, glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, gold and silver jewelry, razor head, waterproof watch, false tooth, braces, toothbrush, ring … A number of each day can be washed precision merchandise.
  • ï ‚· it is suitable for all types of glasses, especially prescription glasses for young people
  • Lightweight and stylish design, 12V drive circuit design, ip54, 50kHz ultrasonic excessive frequency design waterproof double course, 5,002 ultrasonic vibrations per second to remove product stains.
  • ï ‚a key operation for 7 minutes systematically stopped,
  • ï ‚· the higher frequency is used for good cleaning of beautiful jewelry, cleanliness exceeds creativity;

5. Professional InvisiClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine for Jewelry, Diamonds, Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Dentures and Rings – Pro Elite Model IC-2755

  • Qualified High Quality Results – Two ultrasonic transducers double cleaning energy and gently remove dirt and grime without scrubbing or using harsh chemicals. just use water or add a small amount of dish soap to boost cleaning.
  • A number of uses for – safely cleans all kinds of products such as jewelry, gold, platinum, diamonds, rings, watches, eyeglasses, sun visors, instruments, brushes teeth, dentures, mouth guards, beauty brushes, silver, etc.
  • Qualified construction of high quality – a giant 800ml / 27oz stainless steel tank, integrated cooling fan, contact controls and sealed internal electronics are designed for constant long term use. only uses 110v.
  • Simple to use – detachable, non-hinged lid and removable energy string make washing and filling easy. Choose from 5 preset settings (90-180-300-480-600 seconds) and it will count the time on digital broadcast and automatically turn off when finished.
  • Help – invisiclean is an American company with assistance for buyers in the United States.

6. Ultrasonic Cleaner, Professional Compact 20 oz (600ml) Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Five Digital Timers, Watch Holder, SUS Tank for Cleaning Glasses, Watches, Dentures – MUC02

  • â – ² removable basket and auto shut-off – takes with family ultrasonic cleaners 20 ounce (600 ml) built-in removable cleaning basket for simple cleaning of small items and safe storage of goods; it should turn off regularly after each setting of the cleaning time, which could effectively avoid the extreme use of energy to cause injury to gadgets
  • â – ²wide software – Ultrasonic cleaners are used to wash many types of objects, as well as jewelry, lenses and various optical components, watches, dental, surgical, instruments, money, fountain pens and many others; they are used in many jewelry workshops, watchmaking institutions and digital restoration workshops. including a correct cleaning solvent will get a signi …
  • â – ² 42 kHz ultrasonic sound – ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by ultrasonic vibrations of 42,000 Hz to agitate a liquid; agitation produces excessive forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics to gently remove dirt in minutes and will not injure jewelry
  • â – ²five cycles of time – 5 cycles of time can be chosen according to the fabric of the item you are cleaning (180s, 280s, 380s, 480s, 90s), the default cleaning time is 180s; press “reset”? and watch the digital broadcast display screen if you want to change the time interval
  • â – ²What You Get – 1x Tacklife Muc02 Qualified Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1x Cleaning Basket, 1x Person Guide (When you have acquired gadgets with injury indicators or set up during transport, please contact us and we will help you. promise to help you solve the problem or resend.)

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New York Giants lose third player this week to retire, fourth this offseason, after Zach Fulton announces his departure – CBS New York Fri, 06 Aug 2021 14:13:00 +0000

(CBSNewYork) – NFL training camps are notoriously tough, especially for veteran players who have gone through them every year they’ve been in the league. The rigors of conditioning, practices and replacing the pads may cause vets to rethink their decision to return. For the Giants, this has now happened three times in the week since the start of camp.

Offensive line veteran Zach Fulton told the team he decided to retire on Thursday night, according to multiple reports. Fulton becomes the third player this week to make the decision after offensive lineman Joe Looney and linebacker Todd Davis.

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That list includes Kelvin Benjamin if you include the entire offseason so far. According to Mike Garafolo, the reason Fulton, 29, was the same as Looney, his body just couldn’t take the strain.

It’s not unusual for players to retire from training camp, but the trend has been odd for the Giants this week with three veterans all deciding to hang up within days of each other.

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That’s not to say the Giants did anything unusual or wrong that led to those decisions, and several reporters have said that people they spoke to said the problem was physical for Looney and Fulton, not with the organization.

NO MORE NEWS: Is a national mandate for vaccines coming?

Anyway, a bad start to the camp for the team which also a fight broke out earlier this week it ended with quarterback Daniel Jones at the bottom of a stack of players.

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Maple Ridge resident urges community to be vigilant after housebreaking – Maple Ridge News Fri, 06 Aug 2021 03:00:00 +0000

A Maple Ridge resident, whose home was broken into, urges residents to be vigilant and regroup.

Jennifer Aubrion, who lives on Dartford Street in the Hammond neighborhood, went camping with her family last week. When the family returned on Tuesday July 27, Aubrion noticed that his office light was on and his computer was on the floor near the door. At first she dismissed this and thought that her daughter had used the computer before she left and put it on the ground, but as she looked inside she noticed that the printer was almost falling off. the shelf, office papers strewn everywhere.

“That’s when I understood. I immediately ran upstairs. Our room had been ransacked. On my side of the bed, the worst. All my clothes out of the drawers, the vanity drawers were pulled out and thrown away, the nightstands thrown away, my husband’s dresser had no clothes out but all his watch and watch boxes were gone, ”he said. she declared.

Her children’s dressers were searched, their birthday money and tooth fairy money stolen from their wallets.

Unfortunately for the family, their alarm system was not working. However, the system registers when windows and doors are opened or closed.

“I found out that they entered through a back window early Monday morning and exited the back door, leaving it unlocked. After reviewing the alarm history, they returned through the unlocked rear door three times until Tuesday morning, ”said Aubrion, who was shaken by the incident.

Several expensive items such as pearl bracelets and necklaces, diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, as well as over $ 5,000 in cash and credit cards were stolen. Many sentimental items such as Aubrion’s great-grandmother’s cameo brooch from 1890 and a red bloodstone ring from 1905, the “first tooth” of her lost children, their first samples of hairstyles, letters from Santa Claus, photos, their baby bracelets and a long list of items was also taken by the thieves.

“The advice I would like to give is to get to know your neighbors, to be curious. If something is wrong, watch it, record it, write it down mentally, ”Aubrion said.

Aubrion notified Ridge Meadows RCMP immediately after realizing what had happened at her home. When asked, Cst. Julie Klaussner has confirmed that police are investigating a break-in at the residence, but as it is an ongoing investigation, no further details are available at this time.

In the past month, Maple Ridge has suffered 25 break-ins, including three in the Hammond neighborhood. In total, there were 20 property crimes in Hammond last month, including three break-ins, nine car thefts, one car theft and five mischief.

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“I know Maple Ridge is seeing an increase in thefts from outside the home, but now it looks like they have the courage to break into homes in the wrong neighborhood,” Aubrion said. “Cameras are our only hope right now, but even that doesn’t give perfect facial recognition. It is the neighbors who must come together, exchange information and protect our own neighborhoods.

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