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Many stores say they put savings first, but Costco is one that walks the talk and frequently puts its bulk items on sale. Right now, there’s quite a bit of food on sale at every warehouse, but the big-box retailer isn’t stopping there.

In its “Online Savings” event that runs through April 27, Costco has discounted hundreds of items on its website alone. In addition to patio furniture, electronics, outdoor activity accessories, gardening supplies, and jewelry, many food items make the list. Here’s a preview of what’s on sale.

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Even with inflation hitting record highs (and still climbing), America’s favorite wholesale chain is making it cheaper to buy meat during this sale. Varieties like brisket, sirloin steaks, rib eye, ham and more are discounted.

Keep in mind that these items come in larger packages than what is offered in stores in sizes ranging from 6 pounds to 19. But with bulk sizes, bulk discounts come with discounts ranging from $20 to $100.

Costco Coffee

Costco is already a destination for coffee drinkers, and four different types are included in the online-only sale. They all come from the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company and include whole grain options like French Roast, Decaf French Roast, and Mist Chaser, as well as Rainforest Ground Organic Blend.

All four come in packs of two for a total of 2.5 to 6 pounds. Need inspiration on how to use it all? 15 coffee recipes you must try.

costco pharmacy

With a huge selection of vitamins and supplements, there are plenty of options to get what you need in several different forms. If vitamin C is on your list, Costco’s online sale has two varieties for sale.

One is Konjac Collagen and Vitamin C Jelly in Mango or Peach flavor for $10 off or a Topical Face Serum 2-Pack from DERMAdoctor for $20 off through April 27.

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While a go-to for everyday grocery items, Costco is also a retailer with an assortment of items that fall short of everyday needs. The warehouse is the best place to get these types of goods, like avocados, apples, etc., but also has a few options, and a few are even included in this online-only sale.

Log in to see the selection of gift baskets, including one currently $50 off. But if you have in mind to grow your own fruit, it might be time to start.

These aren’t the only cheap items available right now, as Costco just put these warehouse foods on sale for spring.

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