Emoji and UBS GOLD Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day

Emoji – The iconic brand has partnered with UBS GOLD to bring emoji icons in the form of gold and precious metal jewelry.

“UBS Gold x Emoji are products that represent our daily life, mood expression designs combined with beautiful jewelry that can be used as a form of communication and expression towards others,” says Henry Kwee, director principal of licenses, Medialink (representative of Emoji in Indonesia).

The latest collection of gold and precious metal jewelry, called “Emoji Merdeka”, was created to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

“UBS Gold is very excited and proud to be able to expand its strategic collaboration with emoji Merdeka,” said Eddy Susanto Yahya, CEO of UBS Gold. “UBS Gold is very pleased to introduce our new partner, Emoji, as well as being proud to be the official gold license in Indonesia. We want to present not only a cool piece of jewelry, but also a meaningful piece of jewelry. UBS Gold strongly believes that Indonesia will go through this pandemic, so we present the first edition of the ‘Merdeka emoji’ collection to welcome the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (Independence Day) which brings the spirit of ‘independence and optimism to be able to meet all challenges together – the same as an Indonesian nation like the spirit of 40 years of UBS Gold, namely,’ Stronger Together. ‘”

For the collection, Merdeka presents a collection of pieces such as an Emoji Merdeka necklace, an Emoji earring and The Merdeka X Emoji charm bracelets. These products are available in 8 karat, 16 karat and 17 karat respectively.

There will also soon be another gem from the Emoji x UBS Gold series.

In addition, there will also be red UBS Gold and Emoji packages to choose from between 0.1 and 0.2 grams and 24 carat precious metal emoji as well as gift cards.

“Today’s gold jewelry designs are no longer old-fashioned and out-of-date,” says Catur R. Limas, Marketing Director, UBS Gold. “UBS Gold is at the forefront of creating trends in line with your updated lifestyle. Inspired by the latest design trends from around the world, UBS Gold becomes your best friend to accompany your happy days. Gold and precious metal jewelry is unique because in addition to being elegant, it can be resold for money or be exchanged for other models. in the long run, even the price of gold can go up and you can profit from it. The latest collaboration with UBS Gold x Emoji brings you a fun collection of gold and precious metal jewelry to spread joy and excitement for all of us. “

The UBS Gold x Emoji line via Emoji Merdeka can be purchased at Gold Stores across Indonesia, Sogo, Seibu and Galeries Laffayete Department Stores and ubslifestyle.com as well as the official UBSLifestyle e-commerce store on Tokopedia and Shopee .

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