Eternity rings for the modern couple

Eternity rings for the modern couple

Eternity rings, whether minimalist or studded with diamonds, can be a chic and contemporary token of love

Eternity rings, traditionally markers of lasting relationships, can make romantic anniversary gifts or serve as precious promise rings in place of an engagement ring. As their lens can be tailored to each couple, so can their style, and jewelers create a multitude of tantalizing options. Conventional eternity rings may subscribe to the simple diamond-studded band, which, while beautiful in its simplicity, may not be the right choice for those looking for more offbeat, design-driven options. In our edit below, find an eternity ring as personal as your relationship.

Discover here our selection of the most beautiful eternity rings.

Simply symbolic eternity rings: Céline

No one does elegant simplicity quite like Celine, and this knot eternity ring is a good example. Crafted from brass and finished in gold, its sultry silhouette is both symbolic and elegant.

Recycled Gold Eternity Rings: Kimai

Kimai’s Eternity Ring is a chic compromise between style and durability. Crafted from recycled yellow, rose or white gold, it’s studded with a single row of man-made diamonds, keeping the proportions slender for an elegant take on this very special everyday piece.

Eternity Rings with an Edge: Marrow Fine Jewelry

Jillian Sassone plays with traditional jewelry silhouettes in her brand, Marrow Fine Jewelry, here reimagining the classic curve of an eternity ring. The Diamond Squiggle Ring is playful and flowing and would look great tucked between an engagement ring or wedding band, or worn simply on its own for an unexpected statement.

The eternity ring for the modern minimalist: Jenny Sweetnam

Jenny Sweetnam twists traditional ideas of fine jewelry with her collection, Inverse. The Wallpaper* Design Award 2018 has perfected classic silhouettes over the years, with previous collections reimagining must-have pieces – open and flipped hoops, elongated and zigzag shaped rings – for modern classics. Here, simple shapes belie the design tweaks that give rooms importance. The encased eternity ring is, at first glance, a generously drawn loop of fair-trade yellow gold – look closer, however, and the spot of lab-grown diamonds within will be revealed. The diamonds here are not for show but rather to mark a private moment, encapsulating the very essence of an eternity ring.

The Non-Traditional Eternity Ring: Nancy Newberg

Love isn’t a story to be told in pastel colors alone, and we adore the black ruthenium trim on Nancy Newburg’s cigar ring, which adds an alluring touch to the diamonds. It’s just for the Los Angeles-based jewelry designer who creates ultra-modern jewelry that eschews the casual connotations often associated with fine jewelry. Rather than a full diamond overlay or a single center stone, shimmering stripes add a welcome playful touch to this classic piece. For those looking to avoid a thin band that becomes interchangeable from a wedding band, this chunky design piece is not only distinct from other adornments, but is also an alternative statement piece in its own right.

Graphic Shapes Make Alternative Eternity Rings: Gucci

Eternity bands take on a fun side when paired with other items in your jewelry box – and why not? Pieces wrapped in meaning don’t need to be frozen. Gucci’s new Link to Love collection are the perfect pieces to explore this light-hearted mentality, with rings in white, yellow and rose gold just made to be stacked. As part of strong geometric codes, octagonal rings are available in more or less thickness for pieces that will assert themselves as you wish. Let the pointed silhouette speak for itself, or choose a piece studded with green tourmalines, rubellites or baguette-cut diamonds for a dazzling bit of sparkle.

Classic Eternity Rings Revisited: Hannah Martin

British jeweler Hannah Martin can be counted on to view classic pieces from an offbeat, design-driven perspective, and her precious punky pieces have in the past brought a welcome irreverence to fine jewelry. I’m With the Band, her new collection of rings, takes the simple form of an eternity ring as a starting point, subverting its clean loop with plays of depth and texture. Simple adjustments bring the rings to life, creating a tactility for the rings that you will want to play with. This platinum piece invites sensual tactility with its striated shape that replays the endless circle in precious metal. The perfect choice for those who want to complete a wedding ring.

The eternity ring with diamonds: Laud

Creative director Awah brings a contemporary twist to jewelry for his brand, Laud. Signet rings, simple earrings and eternity rings are all reimagined through her stained glass-inspired lens, their delicate designs referenced here in curved facets and irregularly placed diamonds that fragment the light. “I have an affinity for classic and modern sensibilities that have been very present and have co-existed in the spaces around me,” Awah says of her aesthetic that rethinks tradition. “The marriage between the two worlds is organic and encounters minimal debris. Through the exploration of jewelry and classic objects such as eternity rings from Egypt or Akan gold weights from West Africa, I am able to explore stories and reimagine them in through the Laud lens.

The Sparkling Eternity Ring: Sydney Evan

Traditionally, eternity rings are smooth bands of gold, platinum or silver, making a perfect addition to an engagement ring and a stack of wedding bands. As we’ve seen, they don’t have to be, and jewelers who play with unexpected gemstones and colors can really bring this typically understated piece to life – and without the need to match stones. an engagement ring, the sky is the limit when it comes to color choices. For those who prefer a little more glitz with their eternity ring, Sydney Evan’s Rose Gold Ruby Eternity Ring strikes the right balance between simplicity and dazzle. With proportions kept to a minimum, this slender piece, sprinkled with a sprinkle of ruby, is an elegant choice.

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