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The One Ring RPG 2nd Edition is a great way to explore Tolkien’s Middle-earth with quality tabletop role-playing The Lord of the Rings.

The One Ring RPG is a quality tabletop role-playing game that the Lord of the Rings fans should love. Now in its 2nd edition, this revised form of the game has simplified the rules and mechanics based on player feedback. Available as a core rulebook and starter kit with condensed rules, custom dice, and more. The One Ring RPG allows players to explore the northern regions of Middle-earth, encounter classic monsters, and role-play iconic the Lord of the Rings characters like Bilbo Baggins and Balin the dwarf.

For those who want to create their own characters, this is definitely an option, with races such as the Elves of Lindon, Men of Bree, and Rangers of the North. Patrons like Gandalf the Gray grant boons to the party and can serve as the primary quest giver. The rules are a bit simplified, especially compared to the rules found in Dungeons & Dragons 5e, but a 5e compatible rulebook for The One Ring RPG is still under construction. Gameplay mechanics rely on Community Points, Shadow Points, Hope, and Spirit (to name a few), and all of them make this TTRPG somewhat unique. They also talk about what is the driving force behind The one ring – to team up with friends and explore Middle-earth in a fun environment.


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The ground rules of the group here are really about getting along, finding ways through obstacles, and not falling into the Shadows. Anyone who loved the camaraderie in the Lord of the Rings will love the tone The One Ring RPG goes here, because adventuring with friends is the essence of the game. That’s not to say that battles and dungeon digging aren’t possible, but rather, the main focus of what’s available in the Starter Set is more about building friendships and banding together than taking on bad guys.

One Ring Starter Set

For those who want to try it for the first time, the starter kit for The One Ring RPG The 2nd edition is an excellent starting point. It includes a more streamlined rulebook, pre-generated characters (called player heroes) based on familiar hobbits like Drogo Baggins and Paladin Took II, Shire compendium, custom dice and cards, map and booklet of six adventures that serve as a tutorial and introduction to the world and mechanics of The one ring. If there is a criticism to be made, it is that these first adventures are quite limited and do not always convey everything The one ring has to offer, although this is probably by design and to avoid overwhelming new players.

For this review, all six adventures were played and the pre-gen characters were used, but there were also sessions invented by the Loremaster (the DM’s version of this game) and player-created characters used more late. Those who want more combat-heavy narratives may want to skip the Starter Set and jump right into creating their own characters and adventures. The Starter Set is quite contained in the Shire and with the greatest The Lord of the Rings‘ world available to explore in The One Ring RPG, it is certainly tempting to jump straight into a larger adventure.

The One Ring artwork, by Martin Grip, depicts a battle scene.

The greatest hits of The one ring are also what can sometimes cause him to stumble. It’s nice that the rules have been simplified for the second edition, but they can almost seem too simplified. the Lord of the Rings fans will make up the largest player base, but recreating favorite moments from the books (and movies) is sometimes difficult given that the game’s timeline is between The Hobbit and before LotR, which may disappoint some players. The corruption the One Ring can cause through shadow points or other means is interesting, even if the game discourages players from getting downright mean and misbehaving.

Globally, The Ring One RPG is a fun way to explore JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth with friends. the Lord of the Rings fans should absolutely love it. There’s just something inherently fun about wandering the Shire as hobbits, exploring Fornost as a company of Rangers, or whatever the Loremaster (and players) can imagine.

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