Fish suppers off the menu as NI chip shops battered by rising prices

Rising prices for fish and other materials are driving fish suppers off the menu and customers at the door at some Co Fermanagh chip shops

A chippy owner in Enniskillen described the impact of rising prices in recent months as he now charges over £6 for his fish, up from £4.70 just two months ago.

A chip shop in Roslea even said it was removing fish from the menu altogether as it did not want to pass on the extra prices to consumers.

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The owner of the Golden Arrow in Enniskillen, Gerry Ledwith, says the price of some products has even doubled during 2022 and these costs must be passed on to customers.

“It’s overpriced, a lot of people used to buy Russian cod but they don’t anymore and every Irish or English fishing boat now gets the best price wherever they go,” Gerry said. MyFermanagh.

“The order of fish we would use would be around £135 a box, and now it’s down to around £220.

“A fish now with us was £4.70 and now it’s £6, and that was just before Easter and to be honest with you it’s going to go up.

“The most important thing now is that people don’t walk through the door because the penny has fallen that they don’t have.

“The people who usually knock on my door no longer have the disposable income.”

“We can’t make everything go up in price everyday, if and when it goes down I’ll lower the price but at the minute I can’t.”

In the southeast of the county, The Tasty Bite in Roslea said earlier this week it was removing fish from its menu altogether in response to rising prices.

“Just a quick update to let you know that unfortunately I don’t have any fish in stock at the moment,” he said in a Facebook post.

“I’m taking it off the menu at the moment because of its cost, I’m sure you’re all aware of the increase in price of everything.

“If I buy the fish right now at the price it is at, I would have to charge at least £2 extra per serving, which I don’t think is sustainable.”

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