Focus concept: 133 m M / Y STAR by Lobanov Design

The superyacht industry is no stranger to headline-grabbing concepts. However, some concepts are so far-fetched that they don’t really sound like anything that came before them. These designs stand the test of time, a testament to their designers’ commitment to lateral thinking even years after their release. This is certainly the case with the fantastic 133m STAR from Lobanov Design. Released almost seven years ago, we take a look back at the concept that changed the way we think about the shape and form of superyachts, and is still under discussion today.

Shaped like the top half of a star, Lobanov launched the revolutionary 133m project in 2014. With BMT Nigel Gee supporting the challenging naval architecture, STAR comprises eight bridges, linked together by four elevators, and more than 3 500 square meters of indoor volume. Over 200 passengers will be catered for on the day cruises, while 36 passengers will sleep comfortably on board overnight in 18 cabins.

Standing over 60 meters tall, STAR is proof that today’s discussions around innovation and sustainability are not new – only intensified. Designed to operate on a fully electric platform, STAR’s revolutionary philosophy is embodied in features such as its eighth deck viewing platform, which provides customers with a visibility range of over 12 miles. The intricate geometric pattern of its superstructure is formed by irregularly shaped windows, projecting a breathtaking image in formal wear.

Will M / Y STAR ever see the light of day? Well, we don’t hold our breath. But its importance and Lobanov’s sentiment behind the project ring true today. Commenting on his design, the designer said at the time that after a discussion with Alex Malybaev of the FIRMA brand agency, the two came to the conclusion that all yachts are alike for those outside the yacht industry. superyachts. STAR stands in total disregard of this notion.

More than a simple artistic statement, the project is an appeal inviting the innovative owner to think outside the box.

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