Forspoken could help inform a game about Lord of the Rings wizards

The mark of Speak relies heavily on his unique use of magic. It’s certainly hard to compare the game’s combat to anything else; few other action RPGs emphasize the player character’s talent for sorcery in this way. Speak seems to have a unique mastery of this fighting style, and while the end results remain to be seen, Speak definitely looks like something that could guide a series of other magic RPGs. While game developers may try to create magic-heavy original IPs, some developers would be wise to look to well-established IPs and try to apply the Speak formula to their characters.


The Lord of the Rings seems like an ideal franchise to fit in this way. Among the franchise’s most iconic characters are the Istari, a group of five wizards, including Gandalf and Saruman, who guide Middle-earth to good with their remarkable wisdom and powers. Although the wizards of The Lord of the Rings don’t show off their magical prowess too much in the book, other adaptations have shown these wizards’ potential. Speak manages to weave a combination of magical mechanics and fish-out-of-water storytelling that might be ideal for a the Lord of the Rings game about the origins of the Istari.

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Forspoken like a wizard plan

The fights in Speak is obviously a major potential influence on a game on LotRwizards. Frey Holland possesses a unique ability to weave a wide variety of spells into battle, ranging from conjuring weapons and minions to shattering explosions. the Lord of the Rings‘Wizards usually don’t have such an array of powers, but a game inspired by Speak could allow players to switch between all five wizards, giving them all unique sets of magical abilities. Gandalf could focus on his firebending, Radagast could wield a variety of nature-themed powers, and more. Whether players only control one wizard at a time or regularly switch between limbs during action sequences, dividing up magic in this way could set the game apart from Forpsoken Good.

SpeakThe concept of the story seems to be a good source of inspiration for a the Lord of the Rings game too. In Speak, Frey Holland is a stranger to Athia, but she still takes it upon herself to help the people of the land. A the Lord of the Rings game about wizards in their early days in Middle-earth might have a very similar tone. Sorcerers are angelic beings called Maiar who were sent to Middle-earth to help mortals defeat the tyrannical Sauron, and this narrative creates a great opportunity for a video game. Just as Frey must familiarize himself with Athia, a the Lord of the Rings The game about wizards could focus on their attempts to gain Middle-earth’s trust before battling Sauron.

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A new Lord of the Rings story

The timing couldn’t be better for some heavy magic the Lord of the Rings game, and not just because of the ideas that Speak provides. the Lord of the Rings is also more visible than ever. power rings, a new TV show coming to Amazon, will tell a variety of new stories about the beginning of Middle-earth, while Daedalic Entertainment The Lord of the Rings: Gollum push the limits of LotR video games. Between these two products and Speak, the stars seem to have aligned for the Istari.

Even though fantasy RPGs have used magic as an important part of combat for many years, Speak clearly innovated by relying on magic. No matter how Speak works itself, it’s a great proof of concept that other developers should take note of. Any studio looking to tell a Middle-earth story could definitely consider borrowing design elements from Speak and use wizards in creative new ways. Gandalf and his peers can be seen as guides for mortals, but they also deserve time as central protagonists.

Speak releases October 11, 2022 for PC and PS5.

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