Fossil is running a flash sale and you can save up to 80% on watches, bags, jewelry and more

Her coupons have helped her find free items and even earn money, and she’s given Narcity the best tips for finding deals and her best shopping hacks.

start small

In the big world of couponing, it can be hard to know where to start, and here’s what Schaubroeck suggests so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

“My biggest piece of advice is to start small,” she says. “Start trying to match prices, use a coupon, don’t go crazy and try to do a huge haul because usually you’ll fail and then you’ll get frustrated and want to give up.”

“Try to find something even on clearance, because that’s the most exciting thing when you find something for a dollar that looked like $20. Even that will get you started.”

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Buy in advance

Do you only buy things you don’t have anymore when you go shopping? According to Schaubroeck, if you want to save money, you need to plan ahead. She says the biggest thing she’s changed about her shopping habits since she started offering coupons is to “buy ahead.”

“Most people expect [they’re] something to buy it. But if you want to get a coupon and save money, you need to buy it before you need it – when it’s on sale. It is therefore a question of buying a few items at a time to have them when they are on sale. »

Download apps for discounts

Nowadays, Schaubroeck says the majority of offers are no longer found in paper flyers as they used to be. One of the best ways to discover deals is through apps.

“For points offers, you’d want to get the PC app, and there’s also Air Miles for points,” she explains. “For cashback, there’s Checkout 51, Eclipsa, and you can also match prices with Rebee and Flipp.”

“They are all completely free, no user fees for any of them.”

But how much can these deals really save you? It all depends on the current deals, but Schaubroeck says she actually made money using coupons.

“I had an offer for 60 cents in points when you buy canned vegetables. I went to the store and they were on sale for 10 cents […] I filled a cart […], went to checkout, paid $40 and got $230 back in points. It was the best!”

Combine your offers

When it comes to getting a bargain, the first thing Schaubroeck does is check the deals on all of its apps and combine them.

“The way I search for offers is that I match flyers – so I’ll search Rebee for the different flyers available, I’ll match that with any points offers available or any coupons or discount apps in money available. That’s how you find out where the offers are.”

“Any store can have a discount or offer, [I] shop a lot as a couponer at Loblaws-owned stores […] because they often have the best points offers that match the coupons.”

“I really hope people will give it a try,” adds Schaubroeck. “It’s so much fun when you start. Like I said, even just getting something on clearance that was 20 bucks on the dollar or saving a buck on food. You know, sometimes people think that’s is this stuff built and scary, using a coupon or price match […] but it’s not!”

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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