Galadriel Teases Rise of Sauron in New Rings of Power Trailer

After a few brief teasers, Amazon has released the first full trailer for its upcoming Lord of the Rings TV prequel – The Rings of Power. It centers around Morfydd Clark’s Galadriel, but also showcases the vast ensemble cast and the various realms that will be explored.

It’s clear from the trailer that no expense has been spared and the production design, costumes, cinematography and special effects combine to ensure stunning visuals. The trailer opens with a close-up of the faces of giant men carved into the side of the mountain. Galadriel’s voiceover says; “There was a time when the world was so young, there hadn’t been a sunrise yet. But even then there was light.

There are sweeping aerial shots of rivers and mountains, as we’re used to in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Another voice said; “The elves have forests to protect, the dwarves their mines, the men their grain fields, but we Harfoots have each other. We are safe. The meteor that has been seen in previous teasers shoots overhead.

Robert Aramayo’s Elrond can be heard saying; “You have fought long enough, Galadriel. Put away your sword. Galadriel is seen in her beautiful silver armor. She says; “The enemy is still there, the question now is where.” Elrond responds; “it’s over” and Galadriel says; “You didn’t see what I saw.” Galadriel is depicted with a fiery red and orange background, floating figures with spears through them hang in the fire.

Benjamin Walker’s High King Gil-galad says; “darkness will walk upon the face of the earth. It will be the end, not only of our people, but of all peoples. The dwarf prince of Owain Arthur says; “this could be the beginning of a new age.” The trailer ends with the familiar sight of hobbit (or harfoot) feet crossing the fields – setting off on an adventure.

You can watch the stunning trailer below;

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