Goat Market Better, But Still Boring This Year: Vendors | Patna News

Patna: With just one day remaining for Eid-ul-Zuha, popularly known as Bakrid, people could be seen trading goats in the Bakri Bazaar on Bailey Road in the state capital on Friday. This time, people prefer small or medium sized goats.
Market Coordinator, Mohammad Ziaullah Khan, said Bakrid’s charm is still missing. “The kind of rush that was there before the Covid-19 pandemic is still lacking today,” said Khan, adding that none of the 12 “dumbas” brought back from Rajasthan could find a buyer. “These are expensive prices, ranging from Rs50,000 to Rs1.50 lakh. They have not been sold. People rather buy goats between Rs12,000 and Rs15,000 mainly. The most expensive has been sold for Rs75,000 so far this year. Previously, the most expensive was priced at more than Rs1 lakh,” he added. Sarfaraz Mallick, whose trucks are used to bring in goats from different parts of Bihar as well as out of state, said there was some satisfaction from the previous two years. “For the past two years, there was no market. But this time it slowly picked up,” he said, adding, “As many people live in apartments, or even at home, they don’t have space to keep goats and prefer buy one at the last minute,” Mallick said.
Asked about the range, he replied: “It varies. For example, we calculate that on average 1 kg of mutton will cost around 1,200 rupees. Similarly, there are vendors who even weigh the live goat and charge around 400 rupees/kg. It costs the same when the sheep is weighed after slaughter.
One of the market buyers, Arshad Aktar, said he bought two goats for 32,000 rupees after long negotiations. “You have to have the buying skills and the understanding of the breed. There are several goats that are big and beautiful, but I choose the desi one because it tastes the best,” he said.


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