How to embark on an adventure abroad without leaving the country

International travel remains the tantalizing conundrum we all want, but none of us can have it (except to visit our beautiful New Zealand neighbors). And so, with direct access to beloved overseas destinations for some time to come, one would think we would miss out on the flavors, richness, and culture that come with gallantry on a global scale. But that’s just not the case, not when all is well here on our doorstep (and in our bottle).

Origins of the Brown Brothers Series is the desire to travel in a glass. Taking inspiration from Mediterranean landscapes and hot summer days, a sip will take you back to romantic evenings along the French Riviera, sunny afternoons in Spain, and open-air afternoons in Argentina.

But if you’re looking for a more full-bodied experience, here’s how you can pair the Origins of the Brown Brothers Series with local adventures to recreate a vacation abroad without leaving the country (or even leaving your home).

Plan a vacation at home

A spanish party

Why leave home for a dose of delicious culture when you could throw a fiesta in your own home! Bring the gang together for an evening of tasty fun, complemented by patatas bravas, paella and churros. Then put all those delicious dishes to the soundtrack of lively flamenco music. The only thing left to do is to pair the evening with a drop that captures the dynamism, passion and energy of Spain, then you would be a fool not to choose a Brown Brothers Origins Series Tempranillo.

A French outdoor evening

Are you feeling a little fancy but frustrated that you can’t make it to France? That’s life my friend. Fortunately, you can recreate your own little corner of the French Riviera at home with your friends. All you need is a patch of lawn outside, a picnic mat, several wheels of Camembert cheese, a fresh baguette, artisan ham, a selection of fresh seasonal fruits and sweet macaroons. Paired with a succulent Rosé Sec Brown Brothers Origins Series and you will have nailed a hot, lazy day under the glorious Mediterranean sun.

Argentinian barbecue

If you and your carnivorous friends are looking for an excuse to throw a feast with a healthy culture, look no further than an Argentinian Asado. This traditional barbecue event is an assortment of smoked meats, fresh salads and folk tunes. Just name someone to take on the role of chef and throw some chorizo, pork tenderloin, and steak on the grill. Merge these smoky flavors with a medium bodied Brown Brothers Origins Series Malbec, brimming with vibrant aromas of violets and flavors of blackberry and spice, and you’ll be transported 12,000 kilometers away.

Take your taste buds on tour


If it’s a taste of Spain you’re looking for, look no further than Spanish tapas Alegrias In Sydney. Expect the full force of traditional flavors with every bite of their Iberian ham croquettes and every minute of their live flamenco shows on Saturday night. Don’t forget to accompany the evening with a glass of sweet and fruity wine Tempranillo.


There’s also a lot to love about a vibrant evening of meaty Argentinian flavors, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the Argentinian grills El Asador in Perth. This family-run restaurant serves home-style Latin dishes from its charcoal and wood like in the heart of the restaurant. We’re talking grass-fed steak, free-range chicken, lamb chops, pork, and richly spiced chorizo ​​sausage, all with that beloved smoky flavor. It would be a crime not to wash every bite of barbecue with a few sips of a Malbec.


If it is an evening reminiscent of a romantic late night dinner bathed in moonlight, then it is authentic French cuisine from Philippe at the Parisian end of Collins Street in Melbourne which will take you there. Stock up on quail with a foie gras parfait and chicken breast rotisserie, plus indulgences from a piece of the dedicated oyster station. All washed down with a glass of refreshing and bright Pink.

Whether you’re taking your taste buds on a tour or throwing a vacation-themed party, complete your cultural kick-start with a sip of Origins of the Brown Brothers Series wines. No matter what’s on your agenda, be sure to stock up, plan ahead, and order online. here.

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