Internet baffled by metal face jewelry to ‘compliment your chin’

A facial jewel designed to “compliment your chin and lower lip” confuses people on social media and likens it to a bulldog clip.

The item, designed by German jewelry brand MYL Berlin, has two hooks with rounded ends that fit over the lower lip and a geometric panel that hangs over the chin.

Jacobin Mag writer Dawn Foster posted screenshots of the accessory, called Mundstück 2, on Twitter and asked: Why? Why?”

According to luxury retailer Wolf & Badger, the accessory is priced at € 130 (around £ 111), but screenshots from the ad posted by Foster showed a price of £ 149.

A description of the coin read: “Mundstück is a MYL signature coin; structured, chic and bold, this piece compliments your chin and lower lip.

“With its minimalist design and lightweight material, it nestles perfectly on your lip without applying pressure or hampering your mobility.”

But many people thought the accessory looked more like a piece of stationery used to assemble large amounts of paper.

“Wtf? Looks like a cross between a bulldog clamp and a rebuke bridle! Said one person.

“£ 150 to stick a bulldog clip in my parison?” Yes, of course, ”said another.

Others wondered if it was a “picture hook”, “a hanger that you hang on the bathroom door”, “some kind of fancy lingerie” or “a place to store. your part for the shopping cart “.

Another social media user wondered if the designer had taken inspiration from ancient Egyptian kings, commenting, “A strong energy from Hatshepsut.”

MYL Berlin also sells similar chin accessories, as well as more conventional jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets.

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