Is it convenient to buy from pawnshops? User tested

  • In Mexico, just over 20% of the population resorted to attempts to pay any type of expense.

  • It is estimated that an average of 13 million Mexicans resort to pawns each year.

  • On average, 50% of pawns in Mexico are made up of all sorts of items, tools, gadgets and more, while the rest are made up of jewelry.

The global health emergency, military and socio-political conflicts around the world as well as the shortage of raw materials have forced a large part of the population to face the growing economic crisis, which has forced consumers to seek the best options. of purchase. to be forced to, So now a content creator is in charge of testing how convenient it is to shop at a pawnshop.

For most people, using pawnbrokers is the way to get instant cash to weather any setbacks, according to the National Survey on Financial Inclusion, which estimates that at least half of the national population Less than 20% resort to pawns or the sale of goods to compensate for the lack of income; Likewise, according to the “Pledge Loan Market in Mexico” study, about 13 million people take out mortgages every year, usually receiving an amount closer to 600,000 pesos.

According to PrenDmax, jewelry accounts for half of all mortgaged property, While the remaining 50% is made up of electronic items, digital devices, cars, tools and other items like gadget, These have increased by up to 70% as part of the effort, so it is possible to get value for less at these establishments.

Is it convenient to buy from pawnshops or not?

As such, the benefit of pawning something is the chance of getting it back; However, that may not be the case, so pawnshops prefer to list a variety of items that have been appraised and verified, usually at a discount.

That’s why now a TikTok creative has taken it upon himself (in his own experience) to test how convenient it is to shop in these places.

@nuevosadultos Is it convenient to buy products in pawnshops? Report? No… sometimes the difference is not more than a thousand pesos, a thousand times better if you buy something new and guaranteed. Even if sometimes they do good business. The goal is always to find and compare prices. #N#NewAdultosE#EmpeñoD#Dineroc#comprasl#lifehacksA#Adulthacksm#moneyd#dineroA#AhorroA#AdultoIndependiente no please – Pedro Infante

As can be seen in the short video, the manufacturer uses a six-burner stove and oven as an example, which averages around 6,790 pesos at a pawnshop, while some installed A single item is priced in the stores. was more or less expensive with a price variation of over a thousand pesos.

Looking at their pricing calculations, Creative concludes that generally you can get a 200 peso discount or higher than what completely new products come with with a warranty.

However, in the digital conversation it was pointed out that sometimes within these establishments you can find good deals and even equipment that can last for years, so they are based on second-hand stores. recommend that they are used products and without guarantee.

“I took an Xbox 360 out to a pawn shop, used it, enjoyed it, and traded it for Play 3 and put a lot of games on it, then sold it.” pozole

For consumers, having shopping options is relevant because there are so many options they can support a family’s expenses, so they turn to content creators daily to learn more about all kinds of shopping experiences. , Sam’s and others are testing the facilities. Costco, 7-Eleven, or Oxxo, where various comparisons are made, allowing users to track family expenses.

@foodiedigger1 Costco vs. Sams Part 1! Pizza!!! #parte1 #costco #pizzas #parati #episodio1 #sams #comparacion #vs #foryou @tastinghillo @RebeO Cuisine – Oleg Kirilkov

Today, for millions of people, having different consumption options allows them to do more with family expenses because by making more informed purchases, savings can be generated to deal with unexpected events in the future. .

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