Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez/Instagram photo of the artist

Can you imagine that the cost of a jewelry ring can exceed $70 million? Who owns these jewels and what are these rings? On International Jewelers Day, we talked about the most expensive jewelry rings in the world and who owns them.

Among the many professional celebrations, a day dedicated to the craftsmanship of jewelry has appeared, because who, if not jewelers, reveals to us all the beauty of an indefinable material, at first sight, natural. This material is transformed into a precious jewel that impresses both with its elegance and its price.

There are many celebrities who carry over a million dollars on their fingers. Rumor has it that there are those who wear replicas of their rings, and the originals are hidden in a safe so that no one trespasses on these precious jewels. So what are these most expensive rings in the world?

1. PINK STAR DIAMOND ring – $72 million

Before treatment, this stone weighed 136.6 carats. It took 2.5 years to polish this diamond, give it an oval shape and reduce the carat to 59.9. The gem turned out to be so expensive that none of the bidders dared to buy it. Today, the jewels are classified as a national treasure in Washington and do not belong to anyone.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

PINK STAR DIAMOND Ring / Photo “The Golden Age”

2. Kim Kardashian – $8 million

Rapper Kanye West, during an engagement in October 2013, wore a 15-carat tiger diamond ring with small circle stones by jewelry brand Lorraine Schwartz on Kim’s finger. The musician participated in the creation of the jewelry design.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Kim Kardashian’s ring/”Focus” photo

3. Mariah Carey – $7.5 million

The pop diva has sold an engagement ring donated by billionaire ex-fiancé James Packer. At first, the impressive diamond was worth $7.5 million, but Mariah sold the ring for just $2.5 million to a jeweler in Los Angeles.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Mariah Carey’s ring/Photo by PopcornNews

4. Beyoncé – $5 million

Jay Z bought for his sweetheart, singer Beyoncé, the purest diamond 18 times set in white gold worth 5 million dollars. It was the work of famous jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz, but she comes out with a beautiful replica ring worth $5,000.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Beyonce’s ring/Photo by

5. Jennifer Lopez – $4.5 million

The singer received her last engagement ring from her ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez in 2019 during a romantic trip to the Bahamas. The baseball star offered Lopez a 20-carat emerald-cut diamond ring, valued at $4.5 million by experts. The lovers were actively preparing for the wedding, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, everything had to be canceled, and later the singer declared that their union had ended.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Jennifer Lopez’s ring/Photo taken from the artist’s Instagram

6. Melania Trump – $3 million

Former first lady Melania Trump got engaged to her husband Donald in 2005. On their 10th anniversary, a husband delighted his wife with a new $3 million ring that cost twice as much as the ring former. It is in this one that Melania poses for the official portrait of the first lady.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Ring of Melania Trump/Focus Photo

7. Cardi B – around $1 million

On his 27th birthday, the artist received an expensive gift from rapper Offset – two diamond rings. The celebrity shared her joy on Instagram. “Thank you dear! Can’t believe this! I’m so happy,” Cardi B captioned the post.

8. Jennifer Aniston – $1 million

The latest engagement ring was given to the actress by Justin Theroux. This is a classic 18 carat diamond ring. The design was crafted by actress friend Jennifer Meyer. In one of her interviews, Jennifer Aniston admitted that she would never get used to the ring, because it is very big. True, she did not vilify him for long, because the marriage with Teru broke up in 2017.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Ring Jennifer Aniston/photo Focus

9. Hailey Baldwin – $500,000

It is known that jewelry with a large almond-shaped diamond cost Justin Bieber $500,000. By the way, the singer helped the jewelers design the ring. “He helped us design the engagement ring himself and wanted it to match Hailey perfectly. The diamond is beautifully shaped and accentuates the beauty of her hand perfectly. Justin trusted us to choose the diamond and was delighted with the result,” said brand manager Solow & Co.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Hailey Baldwin’s ring/Photo by

10. Megan Fox – 50 – 70 thousand dollars

Recently, the famous Megan Fox and her chosen one Machine Gun Kelly got engaged. He told the story of the origin of the stones used to create the ring. According to him, the emerald was cut in the shape of a drop directly in a mine in Colombia, and the second stone, a diamond, was provided by the Stephen Webster jewelry house. The engagement ring cost the musician about 50-70 thousand dollars.

Love and Diamonds: The Most Expensive Celebrity Rings

Megan Fox’s engagement ring/Photo by Stephen Webster

Each of the rings fascinates with its beauty and shocks with its price. However, this is probably not the limit of the possible, so in the near future jewelers will certainly surprise us again, let’s not even doubt it.

Author: Irina Erikson

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