Pandora launches key chains, bag chains and earrings for wearing charms

Known above all for its highly regarded charms, Pandora has long been the go-to for sentimental gifts – whether to a loved one or to yourself – thanks to the super personal nature of its selection of customizable charms.

An element that was once focused on the brand’s traditional jewelry edition, with bracelets as the main hotspot, Pandora charms have now been introduced into a much larger canvas for self-expression with the launch of lifestyle accessories.

From key chains to bag chains and even charm holders that can be attached to belt loops – or anywhere else, the jewelry pillar hero offering has just entered a whole new arena.

Whether you are new to Pandora and discovering charms for the first time or collecting them for years, we want you to fall in love with the idea of ​​expressing yourself through charms and imagine all the new ones. ways you can style them. ” explain Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, vice-presidents of the creation of the jewelry brand.

“Our charm bracelet is a forever piece, but we’ve designed some truly unique styles that take our charms to unexpected places. We love that these everyday items suddenly turn into unexpected tools of self-expression.”

But it’s not just the introduction of these lifestyle accessories that is shaking up the world of Pandora charms, with an all-new collection of customizable jewelry that also extends to the brand’s current offering.

Bigger hoop earrings (which can be stacked on top of each other as well as decorated with the charms), longer pendant necklace chains, and bold new bracelet shapes have been introduced, all of which prioritize this idea of ​​personalization to the extent that buyers create a collection of autobiographical and inherently bespoke jewelry.

“The success of the Pandora O Pendant platform encouraged us to add charms to different media and showed us that our community wanted to wear them in many ways,” the team explained.

“We started by adding charms to the earrings and developed a unique way to tie them to make sure they were facing the front. Additionally, we are launching the Pandora Moments Snake Chain Bracelet with snap closure. heart that allows you to add charms everywhere, even on the zipper. “

“We tell our personal stories through our charms and the way we wear them, whether it’s on our wrist, our neck, our ears or beyond.”

Want to start telling your story? Scroll down for our Highlights edition of the new Pandora Moments collection and save when you shop with these Pandora discount codes …

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