Phillips’ new March sale features sought-after artists at auction

Sarah Slappey | Yellow key | Estimate: $8,000 – $12,000
Courtesy of Phillips

Phillips’ new March sale features sought-after artists at auction

The March 9 sale will include works at auction Newcomers Anthony Cudahy, Sarah Slappey, GaHee Park and Dr. Woo will be sold alongside those of Eddie Martinez and Mary Heilmann

NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 23, 2022 – Phillips’ March 9 New Now sale is set to kick off the auction house’s spring season in New York, selling 195 lots. Taking place at 432 Park Avenue, the sale will feature several secondary market artists, including Anthony Cudahy, Sarah Slappey, Angela Heisch, Caleb Hahne and legendary tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Their works will be exhibited alongside those of established names like Eddie Martinez and Mary Heilmann.

Avery Semjen, recently appointed Head of New Now Sales at Phillips, said: “The highly anticipated New Now sale at Phillips has become a barometer of the ever-changing tastes of collectors around the world. Over the years, we’ve seen artists introduced in these sales become hugely important forces in the secondary market, like Milo Matthieu and Alex Gardner. I am thrilled to present an exciting group of artists in conversation with each other at our first auction in New York in 2022.”

We’re thrilled to kick off this season’s New Now sale with auction newcomer Sarah Slappey. The artists yellow button from 2018 employs her signature use of an anthropomorphic figure that straddles the line between soft femininity and unsettling danger. With his dark humor revealed through his figure, Slappey uses life-size hands and body parts to replace the entire figure, creating mystery of what the figure represents. After successful solo exhibitions at Sargent’s Daughters in New York and at the Maria Bernheim Gallery in Zurich, we are delighted to put this work up for auction this season.

GaHee Park | Still life with fish | Estimate: $15,000 – $20,000
Courtesy of Phillips

Painted in 2017, Ian with knots by Brooklyn-based artist Anthony Cudahy reveals the artist’s tendency towards intimate subject matter and domestic spaces. Using source materials ranging from found photographs to queer archival imagery and art historical reproductions, Cudahy’s tender scenes are drawn from his own archive of reference material, adding to the personal and poetic nature of his paintings. . The subtle complexities of Ian with knots weaves past and present through the medium of paint to speak of a poignant and universal truth that binds the human condition.

First seen in the auction room, GaHee Park’s work stuns with bright, abstract forms to create an interior space that initially feels familiar and recognizable but separates with a distinctive geometric flatness. A first example from 2017, Still life with fishperfectly exemplifies Park’s delicate relationship with the private self, using a single canvas to explore a multitude of perspectives and experiences.

World renowned for his intricate single-needle tattoos, Dr. Woo’s auction debut, 21 stories, composed of the artist’s acetate papers created between 2015 and 2021, embraces a style that seamlessly unifies fashion, tattoos and art. Her practice absorbs iconography from popular culture as well as historical imagery, translating it into her own unique style of exquisite detail emphasizing geometric lines, sharp angles, and celestial symbolism. Phillips is thrilled to welcome Dr. Woo to the auction market.

On the heels of last season’s successful sale of an Eddie Martinez floral arrangement, we are pleased to include, I feel goodanother large-scale fantastical work from his 2007 series of flower still lifes. Featuring a theatrical accumulation of forms converging into a bouquet of perennial flowers, the work is a quintessential example of the artist’s highly diverse practice and is firmly rooted in the canonical history of painting that inspired the artist throughout his career. Through his acute sensitivity to channeling diverse practices that have shaped the canon of art history, Martinez brings to life an amalgamation of modern and contemporary traditions.

Dr. Woo | 21 stories | Estimate: $10,000 – $15,000
Courtesy of Phillips

Among the best lots of the auction is also that of Mary Heilmann The secret from 1989. A stunning example of the hard-edge geometric work the artist is known for, Heilmann’s work utilizes her signature crisp linearity and depth of color. The huge scale of The secret arrests the viewer, its icy red field bisected by a flickering diagonal that gives way to overpainted white with subtle hints of red acrylic in the artist’s distinct painterly aesthetic.

Auction: March 9, 2022

Consulting the auctions: February 28 – March 8

Location: 432 Park Avenue, New York

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