Prime Video rings in the holidays with Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge, premiering Dec. 13

First video has announced the premiere date of its upcoming series of unscripted competitions Dr Seuss Cooking Challengeas well as competing bakers.

Presented by an Emmy Award-winning actress, author, producer and host Tamera Mowry-Housley with cooking icons Clarice Lam and Joshua John Russell as judges, all eight episodes of the series will stream on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world on December 13. In the US and UK, Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge will also be simulcast on the free ad-supported service, Amazon. Freevee.

Tamera posted the announcement via her social handles and the video can be viewed here.

Dr Seuss Cooking Challenge invites the best American bakers to enter the world of Dr. Seuss. From classically trained pastry chefs to self-taught pastry artists, 9 teams of two bakers will compete for a grand prize of $50,000. From The Grinch to The Cat in the Hat, these bakers will use their boundless imaginations to create jaw-dropping creations inspired by beloved Dr. Seuss characters. Hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley, in each episode the bakers will face a challenge based on Seuss’ characters and stories, and their towering creations will be judged by Clarice Lam and Joshua John Russell based on taste, creativity and storytelling.

Meet him Dr Seuss Cooking Challenge Competitors:

red team

Angelo Satterwhite – Pastry Chef

Angelo is pastry chef and owner of Angelo Bakes in Albany, New York. He was initially inspired by his grandmother’s Mississippi cuisine and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta. He loves coming up with weird and delicious combinations, telling stories with his baking, and comes to this contest ready to go big and think outside the box.

Lily Sanchez – Pastry chef

Lily is a Senior Art Director from Belleville, New Jersey who has developed a love for the art of cake making over the past 10 years and opened her own business, Lil’ Dame Cake Studio, to pursue that passion. She tries to mix different mediums as much as possible, from isomalt to pie crust, and wants to push herself creatively in ways she’s never done before by competing with the best in the city of Seuss. .

The blue team

Kyle Smothers – Pastry Chef

Kyle Smothers is an executive pastry chef in Columbia, SC, and uses his eclectic and artistic style to create desserts that range from whimsical to elegant to modern. If he emerges victorious from the town of Seuss, his goal is to open his own ice cream shop, something he has always dreamed of. He also has the most Seuss experience of all his fellow bakers after starring in Seussical: The Musical and working at Seuss Landing in Orlando.

Huiwen Lu – Pastry Chef

Huiwen Lu is an engineer and pastry artist on a mission to prove that creativity and practicality can co-exist. After embarking on a more hands-on engineering career with a Stanford degree, she rediscovered her love of art through cake after making her son’s birthday cake. Being completely self-taught and using her engineering knowledge, it’s all about the Wow for Huiwen, and she’s determined to show it to the judges.

Brown team

Maya Hayes – Pastry Chef

Maya Hayes grew up in Vermont with her environmentally conscious parents, so The Lorax and its environmental message meant a lot to her and still resonates with her today. After discovering in college that food made her happy, she attended culinary school at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. A self-proclaimed free spirit, Maya believes your emotions transfer into your desserts, so she’s going to make sure she cooks with love in this competition.

Angel Figueroa – Pastry cook

Angel Figueroa grew up in Chile and has cooked all over the world after attending cooking school. Once she moved to the United States, she realized cake art was her passion and now owns her own business specializing in 3D sculpted cakes. Angel is cool under pressure and knows she can handle any adventure the town of Seuss might throw at her.

purple team

Nikki Jessop – Pastry Chef

Born in Thailand and raised by an American father, Nikki Jessop fuses her Thai and American heritage to create unique desserts with unusual ingredients. She trained in classic French pastry at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France, and considers herself an artist in the kitchen. She will bring her moves to the Seuss kitchen and plans to stand out with her unique flavors.

Alejandra Galan – Pastry chef

Colombian-born pastry chef Alejandra Galan describes herself as “the best pastry chef in the world” and grew up in the bakery with her parents. They taught her from an early age to be an entrepreneur and now own her own cake business and a successful cookie business, Cookie Xperiment. She wants to stand out in this competition by bringing her unique style of photo-realism mixed with abstract expressionism to her team’s Seussian creations.

Yellow Team

Lorenzo Delgado – Pastry Chef

Lorenzo Delgado is a pastry chef in Kannapolis, NC who enjoys showcasing his dynamic personality through his creative pastry work. He fully embraced himself when he came out at 21 and everything changed, including his desserts. Previously, he baked with a simpler, more basic approach – now he focuses on bright colors and unique textures, often inspired by his love of thrift stores! Lorenzo knows that he has trouble managing his time and that he will have to overcome this obstacle to show the strength of his skills in this competition.

Tareka Lofton – Pastry chef

Inspired by Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, Tareka Lofton took the risk of quitting her job at 30 to go to culinary school to pursue her dream. Nearly a decade later, she’s built a successful business at Loft22 Cakes in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in big, gravity-defying cakes. Tareka’s father taught her to be fearless and to dream big, so by competing here in the town of Seuss, she is honoring her legacy.

teal team

Rebecca Reed – Pastry Chef

Rebecca Reed is a successful pastry chef, leading three different teams at the Black Sheep Restaurant Group in Jacksonville, Florida. After her husband Ben encouraged her to follow her heart and go to cooking school, she graduated from the French Culinary Institute and completed an internship under a James Beard award-winning chef. Rebecca is here to prove that working moms can do the tough stuff and they can compete at the highest levels of competition.

Ashley Ball – Pastry Chef

Ashley Ball is a mom of four boys from Rock Spring, Georgia, and a formidable force when it comes to baking and power tools. His expertise ranges from making handmade furniture to 3D sculpted cakes. She is completely self-taught in the kitchen and started experimenting with cakes when her husband was away for work. Ashley has a super competitive streak and can turn anything into a competition, so she’s ready to bring her statement cakes to Seuss Town and come out on top.

Green team

Cristina Vazquez – Pastry Chef

Cristina Vazquez grew up in New Jersey with her parents and grandparents in a strict Cuban family. A student at Johnson & Wales University, she trained as a baker and baker and her style of baking ties her Cuban roots to her upbringing as a “Jersey girl”. She is not afraid to mix genres due to her experience in the field and will even combine homemade pastries with French pastries. She can do anything, claiming her only weakness is not knowing when to stop!

Kerrie Breuer – Pastry chef

Kerrie Breuer was born in Seoul and, at the age of 6 months, was adopted into a family of 11. Born with one hand, Kerrie’s parents never allowed her to think she couldn’t do anything and often found her role in the family in preparing meals. for the whole family. After attending the French pastry school, she worked her way up to become a cake decorating chef. Her goal is to master all aspects of cake design, and not only to be exceptional for someone with one hand, but to be an exceptional cake sculptor overall!

The Orange team

Chris Cwierz – Pastry Chef

Chris Cwierz fell in love with baking as a child, helping his Polish grandmother in the kitchen. Chris has done it all, from working as a pastry instructor, to becoming an executive pastry chef at a major hotel, to having the freedom to create desserts beyond anyone’s imagination. Because of his extensive knowledge, he has been trusted to create incredible pieces, such as sugar and chocolate sculptures that rise over 4 feet without structural support. He is delighted to show off his larger than life creations, as well as his expertise in the craft of baking.

Alene Paulk – cake artist

Alene Paulk is a proud Georgia Peach and is truly the definition of a do-it-all mom, with three kids all under the age of 9. Alene works full time as a federal contractor and has run a very successful sculpted cake business for 10 years. Alene’s love for baking is hereditary and every recipe Alene uses in her baking business comes from her grandmother’s original recipes. Alene’s cake company specializes in sculpted cakes and is known for its gravity-defying cakes. Alene thrives on being a high performer and only expects the best from herself, especially in this competition.

pink team

Daniel Santo Edwards – Pastry Chef

Daniel Santo Edwards is a pastry chef who describes himself as a walking contradiction. He’s a fit baker, a nerd who’s still the life of the party, and from the outside his family looks straight, but he’s gay and co-parents with his lesbian best friend. Daniel’s earliest memory is baking with his grandmother, a cake decorator, who often had Daniel work in the kitchen with her. After college, he started his own baking business and now works as a pastry chef. He’s here to make his friends and family proud, and most importantly, to live up to his grandmother’s legacy.

Joyce Osorio – Pastry chef

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Joyce Osorio is a self-taught baker who believes in reinventing herself at any age. A former real estate agent, she became interested in cake art after attempting to bake Elmo cupcakes for her son’s second birthday. From there she grew tremendously as a pastry artist and customers now tell her they can recognize her cakes instantly, thanks to the fun and cheerful colors combined with the modernity of her clean lines. Usually she works alone, but she is thrilled to have a second pair of eyes and creativity with her partner in this competition!

Dr Seuss Cooking Challenge is produced by Amazon Studios, Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Super Delicious. Ruth Amsel is showrunner and executive producer of the series. Cara Tapper, Adam Cohen and Joanna Vernetti of Super Delicious are executive producers. President and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, Susan Brandtis also an executive producer.

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