‘Rings of Power’ Season Finale Trailer

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has released the trailer for the season finale of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” premiering next Friday.

Serving more as a recap of Episodes 1-7 than anything else, the clip hints at what’s to come in the finale of this first of five planned seasons of the epic fantasy drama.

Co-showrunner JD Payne recently spoke with Radio Times and hinted at what fans can expect after the seventh episode (SPOILERS AHEAD):

“I think we can say that there are storylines that will come together and that we sent people to certain places at the end in terms of you saw the Numenoreans go home and there are surprises waiting for them the low.

You saw Halbrand and Galadriel go somewhere. You kind of left Elrond in a tight spot where all he’s got is this one cover of Mithril – what’s he going to do the Eldar keep fading and all those guys a little piece of Mithril . So, you know, it inspires us to have things brewing all season coming together and colliding – hopefully in unexpected and fun ways.

The finale “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” will be added to Amazon Prime on October 14.

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