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Rings are synonymous with love and gained this cult popularity as an accessory in the 70s. Hippie culture popularized it, and since then men and women have sported rings in different shapes, sizes and designs to look cool. Slowly, rings became a symbol of love as men used them to propose love to their wives and crown their marriage. Over time, platinum rings have slowly made their way into the jewelry market as an icon of eternal love. Pure, rare and eternal, a platinum ring showcases diamonds at their best.

Why choose a platinum ring?

Denser than its gold counterpart, a platinum ring is highly valued. A platinum ring can be easily polished without losing weight and it is filled with molecules. Plated with rhodium and white gold, a platinum ring acquires a “white and shiny” appearance, which makes it appreciated by all. It doesn’t need the maintenance that gold jewelry needs. A platinum ring is perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin. A platinum ring can complement all skin tones and is the best choice for a ring that one wants to wear for a lifetime.

Platinum rings for men and women

The beauty of a platinum ring lies in its ability to suit both men and women. Platinum rings have a subtle elegance without making them too tacky and overdone. A platinum ring is the best answer for men and women who like sporty rings but not ones that will draw a lot of attention.

Platinum wedding rings

Traditionally, wedding rings were always gold. Over time, people started opting for diamond rings or rings set with stones to look more elegant. Next come the platinum rings. The simple yet elegant look has since appealed to those who want to wear it all the time but don’t want to flaunt it. A platinum ring for a wedding completes any outfit and ensemble and radiates a beauty that is unlike any other.

Platinum Engagement Rings

Platinum engagement rings are growing in popularity with those who wish to have the best of both worlds. Some couples want to own both platinum and gold, and a platinum engagement ring is one of the best choices. Sleek, simple yet ethereal to celebrate the new journey the couple are about to embark on, a platinum ring seals the bond forever.

Platinum Couple Rings

Couples like to pair up in almost everything. From clothes to shoes to watches, couples today want to own a similar pair of everything to get those likes on Facebook and Instagram. A platinum ring is a great way for couples to celebrate their relationship and an ideal purchase for those celebrating milestones like anniversaries or birthdays.

Moving from the classic silver and gold jewelry options, people have broadened their horizons and now consider platinum as a good option. Luxury and durability are guaranteed with platinum, which is pure, rare and incredibly more versatile than other metals. Platinum is often called “the gold of the rich” and must be part of the jewelry accessory. So why not start with a platinum ring?

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