Shop Used Goods at Portland’s 10 Best Vintage Shops

Here are the 10 best vintage stores in Portland, according to Yelp

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As the Portlandia song goes, “The ’90s dream lives on in Portland,” and that dream wouldn’t be possible without Portland’s plethora of vintage clothing stores.

Walk through one of Portland’s main shopping areas and it’s almost impossible not to stumble upon some sort of consignment store.

Portland used clothing stores that specifically sell sportswear and a store that only sells plus size clothing. From recent trends to items your grandma might have worn – the city of roses might as well be called the city of retro.

With so many places to shop, it’s hard to know where to go.

Yelp compared Used, Vintage, and Consignment businesses to rank the best vintage stores within the city limits. To evaluate them, Yelp used a number of factors, including total review volume and ratings.

  1. teal flamingo – Nestled in the Hollywood district of Portland, the Teal Flamingo is as fabulous as its name suggests. They sold everything from unique denim to metallic cowboy boots. As a bonus, the store is also home to a full hair salon. The store accepts modern or vintage clothing in cash or in exchange.
  2. Beat – This eclectic boutique on North Mississippi Avenue calls itself a “treasure trove of delights.” The store glistens with twinkling chandeliers and is a place to buy not only vintage clothing, but also locally made jewelry, perfume and candles.
  3. Fat Fantasy – Fat Fancy has everything you can imagine in consignment clothing, and they all come in a plus size. This boutique on Northeast Sandy Boulevard has been a beloved Portland boutique for over a decade and serves customers who would otherwise struggle to find sizes that fit them.
  4. Sewing instructions – It’s not just northeast Portland where consignment stores are thriving. Multnomah Village also has a gem: Consign Couture. Handbags seem to be a specialty of this vintage store. They sell high-end consignment items from brands such as Coach, Prada, Fendi and more.
  5. psychic sister – There is much more to Psychic Sister than her vintage clothes. This store is located on Northeast Alberta Street and sells everything from black hoodies to floral print dresses. He also sells tarot cards, candles and books.
  6. Resale of windmills – Are you looking for children’s clothes or maternity clothes? Pinwheel Resale might be the perfect place to shop. Located southeast of Clinton Street and southeast of 26th Avenue, this consignment store promises clothes at affordable prices. The store also sells a collection of locally made gifts.
  7. Vintage red fox – Also in southeast Portland, Red Fox Vintage is a colorful collection of quirky clothing and accessories in the Woodstock neighborhood. The store describes itself as “a seamless collaboration of Portland’s best vintage sellers.” In addition to clothing, it sells vinyl records for Portlanders who want retro tunes to match their retro wardrobe.
  8. Replay – Used clothes and used furniture fill the two Rerun locations in Portland. One is located on Northeast Fremont Street and the other on Northeast Sandy Boulevard.
  9. Vintage Workshop – Clothing, accessories, jewelry and more are available at Workshop Vintage on North Williams Avenue. The store was founded by two people and their love for collecting and hunting all things vintage. They have turned their hobby into a business and operate what they call a “well-rounded lifestyle boutique”.
  10. Artifact – Artifact on Southeast Division Street says it buys, trades, and ships anything “modern, vintage, and cool.” The store sells clothing, accessories, and shoes, as well as second-hand furniture, art, and decor.

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