Shuttered Jewelry Stores – The Hindu


Opposing the hallmarking of gold as compulsory by the Union government, around 300 jewelery shops had lowered their shutters for around two hours on Monday.

From 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., bullion dealers organized a demonstration in front of their shops. Holding signs, they urged the Bureau of Indian Standards to abandon the scheme as it was not only time consuming but also affecting the livelihoods of small and tiny merchants and goldsmiths in the area.

The hallmark was welcome, but getting the unique six-digit identity stamped on the gold would not be possible, said Sridhar, secretary of the Thoothukudi Bullion Merchants Association and hoped the Union government would consider their request favorably in the public interest.

As part of the nationwide strike, jewelers had lowered their shutters to draw the government’s attention to the matter. At a time when the covid-19 pandemic had forced many sectors into lockdown, such a forceful introduction of laws amid the pandemic has made survival for many small and tiny traders more difficult and complicated, members claimed.

Similar agitations took place in Tirunelveli, Kanniyakumari, Tenkasi among other districts, the bureau members and other members had joined the strike.

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