Splatoon 3 Direct Details New Shops & Gear, Locker Customization

The Splatoon 3 Direct aired this morning, bringing with it some handy details on how we can gear up in-game.

The first is Ammo Knight, with the horseshoe crab Sheldon once again returning to hand out weapons when you pony up – unlike previous games, however, you don’t buy weapons with gold but instead Sheldon licenses, a new currency obtained either by leveling up or by using enough of the same weapon. If you spend additional Sheldon licenses, you can acquire weapons that usually cannot be obtained until a higher level. The whole system seems to encourage getting the guns you want and not having to worry about missing gear along the way.

Speaking of gear, the usual slots for headwear, tops, and shoes are returning, with all new traders and storefronts to boot. Naut Couture will sell you headwear, led by a chill Nautilus named Gnarly Eddy and his pal Nails the Snail. For clothes, you’ll head to Man-O’-Wardrobe, whose shopkeeper is the archaic and ornate Jel La Fleur. And for shoes, you’ll head to Crush Station, run by the giant but gentle Mr. Coco. The stores seem to be brimming with the same personality and style as usual…but there’s also a new addition to the range.

A new feature in Splatoon 3 is the Locker Room, an area where you can customize a locker to show off to friends and others as a way to express yourself. You can add your favorite weapons and gear to the locker, but you can also get other tools from Hotlantis, a general store run by an artist named Harmony. Notebooks, stickers, decals and more can be purchased to help you customize your locker just the way you like it.

Splatoon 3 hits the stage on September 9.

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