Support the Sunningdale SPCA’s ‘purr’fect book sale

LA Durban & Coast SPCA will hold a mini book sale at its Sunningdale charity shop every Saturday to boost fundraising initiatives.

Tanya Fleischer, marketing manager for the association, said she hoped residents would support the initiative.

“We have a number of coffee table books and non-fiction books that will be part of the mini book sale at the charity shop. We plan to organize it every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We also have a lot of fiction books on sale inside the store, but wanted to set this mini book sale apart. We urge everyone to support us and spread the word about the mini book sale,” she said.

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“Our Sunningdale boutique is located on the third floor of the Sunningdale Center next to the Kalamata Kouzina restaurant. We have a number of items for sale in the shop including antiques, jewelry, books and clothing that we do not sell in our shop at our Springfield Park premises. We really hope to see more residents come out and support us. »

Fleischer said the SPCA also needs second-hand donations to stock its charity stores.

She added that the Sunningdale store was unable to accept large amounts of donations due to space constraints and urged residents to consider dropping off items at the SPCA premises in Springfield Park.

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