The Lord of the Rings Reimagined as Ancient China

This gorgeous art comes from animator and visual designer Leia Ham, who was struck by the idea of ​​what if The Lord of the Rings had been modeled on the aesthetics of Chinese art, instead of European? As she wrote on her website:

LOTR: Tale of the Middle Kingdom is a personal game project that reinvents the world of JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth in a Chinese setting. China is called 中国 (Zhōngguó) – meaning “The Middle Kingdom”. Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese books, films, objects and paintings, this project is a love letter to my own Chinese heritage, seen through the prism of medieval fantasy and historical design.

She gave a little more context in a series of tweet:

I did this from a place of someone who lives out west, but also wants to see people like me be part of stories that I love, you know? I got mostly adorable comments, and a few here and there that were mean at best and racist at worst.

And the truth is maybe that’s why I wanted to do it – who wouldn’t have predicted that there would be people who would be pissed off at the thought of a Chinese lotr? But hopefully we can all see that the transformation work takes nothing away from the original. But there is room for all of us.

You can click to see the slideshow of the artwork on his website, or check it out via the Tweets embedded below:

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