The most beautiful green engagement rings

It’s no secret that celebrities influence bridal trends, and that’s especially the case with engagement rings. We’ve seen it recently with Emily Ratajkowski and Megan Fox driving You and Me ring sales, while the Duchess of Cambridge’s blue sapphire and diamond heirloom still remains the most popular engagement ring style in the world. world, more than a decade after the royal couple first got engaged (and 40 years since Princess Diana first wore it). The next celebrity to launch a new engagement trend? Jennifer Lopez.

Just recently, the actress announced her engagement to Ben Affleck, releasing a beautiful natural green diamond ring, one that features an 8.5-carat green diamond center stone with a white diamond on either side, set in a band in silver. As we’ve seen from previous celebrity engagements, it’s likely that her ring will influence trends and lead to increased sales of green diamonds and gemstones.

“Celebrity engagement rings are influencing trends,” says London-based jeweler Rachel Boston, who notes “renewed enthusiasm for the You and Me style” as well as “Blake Lively’s oval solitaire increasing demand for this particular shape.” .

Natural green diamonds are extremely rare

As for Lopez’s ring, consumers may seek to emulate the striking color. However, this will not be an easy trend to exploit, as green diamonds are extremely rare.

“Green diamonds are some of the rarest diamonds out there,” says Boston. “Diamonds with pure shades of blue, red or green represent less than 0.07% of all diamonds that have been examined by GIA laboratories worldwide. Today, most are found in mines south -American or African.”

“The rarity factor is very impressive,” echoes Lucy Crowther of Minka Jewels. “Green diamonds may be naturally green due to radiation or nitrogen, hydrogen, and nickel impurities, but they can be treated to be green in a lab. Natural greens are incredibly rare, especially the greener is intense and beautiful.The Aurora Green diamond is probably the most famous green diamond: 5.03 ct of vivid green which sold at Christie’s in 2016 for $3.3 million per carat…which totaled 16, $8 million.”

Green symbolizes hope, harmony and luck

Green has a special meaning, which makes it the perfect stone for a bride-to-be. “Traditionally, the color green symbolizes serenity, hope, harmony, and luck, feelings that an engagement ring could echo,” says Boston. “We are seeing customers opting for colored engagement rings over more traditional diamond styles, as the endless variations available in colored gemstones add to the feeling that a ring is one of a kind.”

“I think now we’ll see more green jewelry,” Crowther said, in response to Lopez’s ring. “Especially as we have just entered spring and color is always more appreciated when the sun is out. Color impacts our emotions; it is an expression and it inspires us. ”

Some colored gemstones may be more affordable

Jeweler Emma Clarkson Webb sees this as part of a larger trend, with customers already choosing color more than ever.

“I see more and more demand for colored stones – and especially rings with green center stones,” she says, attributing this to the more accessible price. “A colored gemstone can be much more affordable than a traditional diamond; choosing a tsavorite or a green sapphire, for example, would allow you to get a much larger center stone for your budget rather than opting for a diamond. – which is obviously very appealing. You can still create a timeless, classic design with an unusual, bespoke pop of color.”

The most beautiful green engagement rings

If you’re feeling inspired by Lopez’s choice, we’re rounding up some of the most beautiful green engagement rings available to buy online now. Alternatively, head here for our guide to creating a bespoke engagement ring if you want to design your own one-of-a-kind piece.

This hexagonal ring features a custom-cut green tourmaline framed in an 18k gold setting, perfect for stacking with other pieces from Tiffany & Co’s Paloma’s Studio collection.

Rachel Boston’s bold aesthetic challenges the traditional world of bridal jewelry, working with all kinds of diamonds, from rough and imperfect stones to refined white diamonds. This piece is one of a kind.

Minka Jewels’ green stone ring is part of the label’s Athena collection, which is inspired by classical Greek architecture.

Emma Clarkson Webb selects each diamond specifically to meet the demands of her clients. This illustrated ring shows the intricacy of her work and how she embeds special meaning to the wearer, as these particular diamonds were inherited by the groom.

Nadia Shelbaya’s jewelry is perfect for the fashion-forward bride, as her designs are handmade, making them unique. She draws inspiration from her Egyptian and Danish origins, resulting in statement pieces that embody Scandinavian minimalism and Middle Eastern vibrancy.

Handcrafted from 18k rose gold, Shay’s delicate open design makes emerald and diamonds appear to rest elegantly on the wearer’s finger.

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