‘The Rings of Power’ will dominate SDCC 2022

Information about San Diego Comic-Con has started to really pick up in the past few days, and it looks like power rings is going to be a central bullshit property this year.

power rings is an upcoming Amazon Studios series based on the Lord of the Rings. It is currently scheduled to release on Amazon Prime on September 2, 2022. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis. The story takes place thousands of years before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and the first season will consist of eight episodes. The series is expected to run for five seasons.

The hype for this series has been quite strong for several years. Things started to be seriously discussed in 2018, so it’s been about four years of anxious chatter, two of which happened under pandemic conditions. And yes, the pandemic did delayed production a bit, but like most productions, they managed to pick things up after a few months.

There’s definitely been a buildup in recent days for the show, including new content previews. Considering his perfect release schedule just 6 weeks after Comic-Con, it’s no surprise he’s got a presence at SDCC. It seems that this presence is going to be quite important. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that one of the biggest fantasy franchises has a huge presence at a con, but it’s still nice to hear since it’s not quite clear how the first major SDCC (excluding special edition) in three years will go.

power rings on SDCC badges

We’ve been trapped in The Walking Dead badge hell for about a decade now. Every year we have gross zombies or filthy survivors hanging around our necks for the duration of the event. Even when I was a fan of the show, it was getting a bit outdated. They were just never very aesthetically pleasing, and then when I left the show, it was a reminder of all the things that bothered me about it.

But now it seems we’re getting power rings on them instead. What a delicious reprieve! Thank you, Gods of the SDCC! It’s very appreciated.

The design is very visually appealing. Even if you’re not a Lord of the Rings fan, it’s something easy to watch. We don’t need to have an image of a gross rotting corpse hanging around our necks and we can all rejoice! Hopefully Amazon sticks with it for a while and AMC doesn’t fight it next year. I’m really sick of zombies. Since the series is expected to run for five seasons, I’m hopeful that it will.

First look at power rings at SDCC

The Rings of Power will have a panel in Hall H! This means there will be significant demand for Hall H, even if Marvel Studios chooses to skip. The panel is expected to get an exclusive first look at the show. The list of panelists at the moment is somewhat small, only confirming showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay for sure. The announcement, however, teases that the stars of the show will be there too. Which? I am not sure. We’ll see, I guess. Hopefully when the official schedules start rolling out two weeks before the con, we’ll have a more complete list.

It doesn’t look like they’ve officially announced what day they’ll be in Hall H, but I have a few guesses. If Marvel Studios jumps, I’ll put money on power rings placed on Saturday. This will almost certainly be one of (if not THE) the biggest properties in this room and will deserve the coveted Saturday date. If Marvel Studios shows up, it could still happen on Saturday, but could also be pushed back to Friday. Other great fantastic properties have followed this pattern, so it’s my educated guess.

Other potential power rings Opportunities

So far, the badges and the panel with exclusive images are the only ones confirmed. I guess we’ll have a few other things, though.

At the very least, I expect some sort of off-site. They are known to have quite large and complex external sites. The only way I see them not doing it is if they’re worried about COVID. If they’re already doing Hall H, where around 7,000 people will be crammed in for most of the day, I don’t think that’s a big concern for them, though. At most, I expect their offsite to be reduced, but not entirely eliminated.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the series announced on something official for the con or a nearby building. Many companies tend to claim the same things every year – the WB has the official bags, the Hilton Bayfront is usually packed by FX, etc. Sometimes these things change, however. After all, badges were once firmly used by AMC, but now Amazon Prime has taken them over. Knowledge of previous conventions is helpful, but not a definitive indicator.

Some things are more variable on a roughly annual basis. MTA carts and SDCC shuttles have been used by many different companies. Although we know that some of them will be Abbott Elementary School, who knows what hasn’t been packed yet. A new one was spotted this morning, which is for another Amazon Prime property, so we know they’re using this ad option for something!

Stay tuned for more CCSD news!

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Author: Angel Wilson

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