The ‘small but mighty’ family home on the market for a robbery in Bath

It’s no secret that smaller homes are cheaper to run, and now that we’re all having to tighten our belts, you might be considering downsizing – or refining your ambition to own a city ​​of five bedrooms before turning 40.

Given the cost of living crisis and soaring house prices in Bath, who could blame you? According to Right Move, buying a house here will cost you 15% more than a year ago.

However, downsizing can often mean compromising on luxury. You end up saying goodbye to your garden, home office, or garage, in an effort to save some much-needed money.

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But, if Covid has taught us anything, it’s that a “house” has to have more than four walls and a door. Gone are the days when this was just a place to rest your weary head. Since confinement, it has become an office for many people.

So if you’re going to spend 24 hours in one place, that must be fine. It means not compromising on the things that make life a little easier.

Like a home office and a second bedroom. This charming cottage on Rush Hill in Bath is on the market for just £260,000 and has been described as ‘small but mighty’ by Madison Oakley estate agents. Why not take a peek inside using our photo gallery below?

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We tend to agree. It is a two bedroom terraced house, with a garage, home office, south facing garden and stunning views over Bath. Plus, you get it all in a house full of character.

Sure, anyone with the spending power of £300,000 can probably buy a suburban new build, but will it have the charm, history and great location of 114 Rush Hill? Probably not.

The terrace was built around 1880 for nearby workers and was named Passion Place or Passion Cottages. We think it’s a beautiful name that perfectly describes this cozy home.

With two bedrooms and a good sized living room to play in, you can truly make this home your passion – turning it into the perfect family home. There is also space to pursue your creative or business interests, thanks to the home office in the garden, which is equipped with power points, lighting and heating.

At just £260,000, this tiny house in Bath is indeed ‘small but mighty’. It comes with everything you need and won’t cost you the earth to heat, light or decorate.

You can find more information about this property – and book a viewing – here.

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