‘They have thousands of followers’ – M’sians expose ‘scam’ IG stores selling Raya clothing

Innovations in online shopping have made it easy for us to buy just about anything from the comfort of our homes.

However, it should be noted that this has also led to an increase in online scams, as scammers seek to make a quick buck.

Recently, a Malaysian warned the public to be aware of fake Raya clothing sellers. In a post on Twitter, Nur Asmaa said, “Guys, even buying Raya clothes you must be careful.

“There are Raya clothing sellers who are scammers! But I noticed that not many people knew about this scam,” she added.

“The best part is that they have thousands of followers and we end up like fools.”

Asmaa then shared how she experienced it firsthand. “An example is this Instagram store. As Raya is coming this somehow came on my IG stories and as I was looking for Raya clothes, I took a look at her.

She then came across an object that was considerably cheaper than more well-known and reputable sellers. “Items from known seller would never be less than RM200. While this shop is selling the the same for RM160.”

“In my head, I thought maybe the garment had a slight defect. Suddenly I remembered a case where my sister got scammed by a jewelry salesman. So I googled this IG shop.

Asmaa then came across a TikTok video indicating that the IG store is a scammer. The person in the video claimed that they lost RM640 to the scammer.

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She then checked the IG store again and found that the store had changed username several times. “He originally sold clothes in Indonesian rupiah. I believe that during Raya’s time, many people will become victims. So be careful guys!”


She even continued to share a few other Instagram accounts of Raya clothing sellers that she believe to be scammers. His tweet which got a lot of attention led to others Internet users sharing other shops Who have been turned out to be scammers.

For more information on Instagram shops that are scammers according to Asmaa, click on here.

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