Threekit announces Engagement Ring Configurator, a personalization package designed to provide jewelers with a top notch, fast online shopping experience

Threekit allows jewelry brands to create almost limitless ring customizations and see the finished product with unparalleled clarity, all via Virtual Photographer. They can also choose to display the ring on a platinum or on a model hand with a selection of different skin tones. With the engagement ring configurator, they can implement these solutions within 3 months, from just $ 15,000.

Other jewelry brands have seen incredible results that go beyond simple engagement and conversion just through the implementation of Threekit’s Virtual Photographer. For example, a jewelry designer Lindsey Scoggins saw a significant increase in user time spent on site resulting in a 28% increase in web traffic within six weeks of launching this personalized experience.

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“We have heard from a lot of jewelers, especially since the onset of COVID-19,” said Matt Gorniak, CEO of Threekit. “They faced major challenges in being able to sell personalized luxury rings in a virtual setting. We’re proud that the Engagement Ring Configurator gives businesses of all sizes the ability to deliver this kind of experience, and quickly. “

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About Threekit

Threekit enables brands to create stunning product visuals at scale with interactive 3D, virtual photography and augmented reality.

Threekit works by marrying your product catalog with 3D art and technology. Demanding brands like TaylorMade, Duluth Trading, and Ciroc use Threekit because it results in a 40% increase in conversion, 90% reduction in photography costs, and 80% reduction in returns.

With Threekit, Crate & Barrel created three million hyper-realistic images in a month at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography.

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