Toi et moi Rings: Discover Antonini’s Chic Italian Jewelry

Antonini imbues the design you and me with Italian elegance

A classic jewelry form gets a Tuscan twist in the hands of Antonini

Milan-based jewelry brand Antonini cements a century of jewelry expertise in a colorful new high jewelry collection inspired by the warm tones of Tuscany.

“The Renaissance architecture, nature, hills and vineyards of Tuscany inspired this collection,” explains the brand’s artistic director, Sergio Antonini. ‘The stones I have chosen are reminiscent of the sky blue (blue topaz), the green of the hills (the green amethyst) and the brown of the ground (the smoky quartz). Idyllic landscapes.’

It is a peace of mind that can be found in the “Lucca” and “Troi et Moi” collections, which play on both the color spectrum and the proportions, by combining faceted round stones of different sizes or by offering earring options.

“In this collection, I loved playing with colors, while maintaining the DNA of Antonini Milano, which has simple lines and simple shapes”, adds Sergio. ‘I am passionate about architecture and contemporary art, so in our collection you can see geometric and pure shapes – no decorations, no unnecessary additions. My philosophy is less is more and I pay great attention to the details of the object. He strikes a balance between the generous cuts of the stones and the flowing curls of the gold in the shapes themselves, which cut out unique graphic silhouettes depending on the angle from which they are viewed.

For the artistic director, the challenge was to imbue the familiar design of the toi et moi with Antonini’s distinctive identity. For the ‘Troi et Moi’ collection, he says, ‘I played with the proportions between the stones and the stem of the ring, and the color of the gold which matches the color of the stones. I also do this in other collections; I like to work with black rhodium and blue (topaz or sapphires), pink gold and pink or violet (sapphires or amethyst) and yellow gold and orange or brown (citrine or smoky quartz). §

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