Top tips for getting a bargain at charity shops

There are plenty of charity shops in Burton and Swadlincote and beyond when it comes to picking up a bargain. As the cost of living rises, more and more of us are turning to charity shops to buy clothes and household items – and if you’re a savvy shop, you can certainly save a pretty penny by visiting. charity shops.

Following Love Island’s decision to dress contestants in second-hand clothes from eBay, fashion experts suggest it could spark a shift in viewers’ shopping habits. With music festival season just getting started, many of us are turning to second-hand clothing websites and thrift stores to pick up those flashy summer clothes.

As part of their new Thrifting Capitals of the World Campaignthe Betway team have provided a beginner’s guide to second-hand shopping outlining five valuable hacks that will help consumers score a bargain at their local charity shop.

Pay attention to marked down inventory: When dealing with name brand inventory, charity stores often remove the tags from these garments to avoid returns to the original store. That said, if you spot an item without a tag, it may be a gift from a premium brand. When it comes to these kinds of items, it’s important to know how to spot premium materials, even if you don’t recognize the brand.

For example, you can check if the shoes you have chosen have genuine leather soles or if the sunglasses you want have thicker lenses and sturdy hinges.

Go there often to increase your chances of finding a good deal: Visiting your local charity store regularly and knowing what kind of stock is available will increase your chances of finding a bargain. A good tip here is to shop regularly on weekdays when the store won’t be as busy. It will also pay to visit the store first thing in the morning.

Plus, it’d be a good idea to chat with a member of staff to find out when the boutique’s restocking day is to pack your next gorgeous discounted top.

Follow your local charity shop on social media: Before heading to town to shop ’til you drop, it might be worth taking a look on social media to see if your local charity store is offering any special sales or discounts on items. . These usually tend to be posted on social media pages like Facebook and Instagram, and are a great way to find out what a particular store has to offer.

It also pays to do your own charity shop research outside of social media, looking for incentives such as reward programs. For example, the British Red Cross offers a Give and Gain loyalty card, which gets you 20% off your first purchase, as well as various coupons and offers.

Search the rails: Unlike a department store, a charity store will not display all of the most popular purchases on a single rack. Instead, items are organized by color or size, so it’s important to be patient and dig through the rails in order to find a bargain.

When it comes to choosing clothes, be sure to try them on first in order to check if there are any flaws with the item. Even though you can return your clothes, you ideally want to get your money’s worth the first time.

Check the glass compartments to see if there is anything valuable or collectible: When shopping at a charity store, it’s easy to get distracted by giant clothes rails and endless piles of books, CDs and vinyl. But it’s also important to pay attention to the little things – one of them being the glass compartments that are usually near the checkouts. These tend to be loaded with an assortment of the hottest jewelry, watches, and even cameras – usually at a discount. So, if you’re on the hunt for new accessories, be sure to check them out.

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