Two jewelry stores looted in the capital

Masked miscreants robbed two jewelry shops at Karnaphuli Garden City shopping complex in the capital’s Kakrail and allegedly looted over 5.83kg of gold ornaments, diamond jewelry and cash early yesterday.

The stores are Mohona Jewelers and Jewel Avenue Jewelers, located on the third floor of the building.

The looters took away all the gold and diamond ornaments kept in the shops, the shop owners said.

Police have not yet been able to confirm the amount of gold, diamonds and cash looted. However, shop owners mostly estimated that more than 5.83 kg of gold ornaments could have been looted.

Zakir Hossain, secretary of the Karnaphuli Garden City Shop Owners Co-operative Society Ltd, said CCTV footage shows two masked people sneaking into the complex around 3.30am.

by a toilet fan on the third floor. They broke into three-level security at both stores after 45 minutes, then emerged from the stores around 6:15 a.m. with the looted jewelry.

At around 6:25 a.m., they entered the adjacent nine-story building under construction. On seeing them, a security guard, an engineer and a building contractor chased them.

Although the thieves managed to escape, they left behind some of the looted gold. CCTV footage showed rickshaw pullers picking them up from the street, while two security guards from nearby buildings took the rest away and handed them over to police.

“We have recovered at least 30 gold bhori. We are interviewing three people in relation to the incident,” Ramna police station officer in charge Monirul Islam told the Daily Star.

Tapan Gupta, owner of Mohona Jewellers, claimed that more than 5.35 kg of gold ornaments and Tk 7.5 lakh in cash were stolen from his shop.

He added that earlier in 2004, another looting took place in Karnaphuli Garden City, when 6,500 gold bhori were looted from two jewelry stores, one of which was Mahanagar Jewellers, which Tapan partially owned. At least 27.98 kg of gold was looted from his shop at the time.

“The police were only able to recover 1.98 kg of gold,” he added.

Biplab Roy, owner of Jewel Avenue Jewelers, said his entire diamond jewelry collection was looted.

“During Durga Puja, I had found something suspicious on the locks of my shop, which I informed the shopkeepers association,” he said.

The Crime Scene Unit of the Criminal Investigation Department visited the stores to analyze the location.

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