Vendors line up for the FireFlys Car Trunk Spring Sale

A typical Saturday garage sale usually features a home in a neighborhood with only a few items ready for new ownership; however, this is not the case in Auburn, the second Saturday of each month in the spring.

Firefly Fields is hosting a Car Trunk Sale, which means for just $20 for a car or $25 for a trailer, you can purchase a location to sell your garage sale items.

This is the first year the Auburn/Opelika area will host a trunk show. There are food trucks and entertainment during the event. The Adams, the owners of Firefly Fields, have been running the venue since January 2021.

The idea for a trunk sale came from one of the bartenders who worked at the restaurant in Firefly Fields. They originally had a monthly pop-up market, which started in November, but after hearing about car shoe sales, the owners decided to give it a shot.

“She said, ‘You need to do a garage sale,’ and I thought she meant selling used cars…and she [was] like, ‘No, you’re selling your trunk,'” explained Gwen Adams, one of the owners of Firefly Fields.

Jenny McGoldrick, a sales clerk selling baked goods and books with her daughter, explained the idea of ​​a garage sale.

“We actually lived in Scotland for seven years. In Scotland and Europe that’s the thing because nobody has a building site. Most people live in flats and I’ve never seen anyone do garage sale, but they’re doing a garage sale,” McGoldrick said.

Adams explained why she loves having the chest sale on site.

“I think we’ve gotten used to Facebook Market where everyone puts their stuff and it’s not as fun as the whole garage sale experience. So you can have a quick garage sale, you don’t you don’t have to have people in your grass and in your garden and we can all come together and do that,” Adams said.

In the site’s parking lot, there are about 30 vendors selling everything from second-hand books, children’s toys, jewelry and cooking utensils.

Inside the restaurant are local businesses that have set up for the day. One of the main ways sellers have found to get involved in selling FireFly Fields trunks is through Facebook groups.

Joe Galdis, a salesperson from the front parking lot, explained that this was his second time attending the trunk show.

Galdis said his top-selling items are the books he brought for about 50 cents on the dollar.

“To tell you the truth, other than that, it’s just knick-knacks, you know. Tupperware, measuring cups and just weird little stuff like that,” Galdis said.

He explained that he and his wife had recently moved to Auburn and upon unpacking found all of their items for sale at the trunk sale.

Adams explained how Firefly Fields is currently up for sale. Adams is looking for a business partner who could be in charge of the restaurant and all things food, or she will sell it. Firefly Fields was open as a restaurant from June to November 2021, but it’s now just special events like the car trunk sale.

The venue itself can accommodate up to 2,000 people just in the backyard. At Firefly Fields, they held a rodeo seating 1,000 people and events for various fraternities. “It could be an ideal space for private events,” Adams explained.

Although the property is for sale, the sale of the vault will last at least another month. The next Chest Sale will take place on May 14 at Firefly Fields from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Adams’ idea is to continue making monthly trunk sales until the land is sold.

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