Why pawnbrokers are seeing an influx of customers

GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Caroline) – Yet another effect of people facing economic hardship these days, pawnshops are seeing an influx of customers.

We called stores in Greenville County. A few are holding their own, but others say more and more customers are looking for the extra cash to get by.

Dewey Lemons with Dewey’s Pawn Shop, in Greenville, notices the recent influx. He has been in the business for over 40 years.

“People who blame… gas prices are too high. Everything is too high,” Lemons said, “and they just need the money.

Lemons says clients tell them they’re going through tough times. He says this has happened over the past six to eight months.

“Everybody’s going bankrupt faster than normal,” Lemons said, “I was kind of surprised that everybody all of a sudden went from buying, buying, buying , now they sell, and need money, and buy stuff.”

Lemons explains that this time last year, customers were buying more often. Now customers are making ends meet as best they can.

Popular shop items for sale are guns and jewelry. Lemons tell us that, typically, business picks up around the 4th of July, but it picks up already early.

For an hour we watched four gun sales and one ring sale. Customers were selling guns that are worth more than a grand.

Lemons says he’s doing his best to keep up with demand, but eventually businesses will need to turn a profit.

“It’s good at the moment but then, sooner or later, we’ll have to sell everything we buy,” Lemons said, “So that’s got to change one day for us. As long as we can hang on to it and that’s turn, everything will be fine.”

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