Xiaomi 12T promises to surprise the mobile market with a 200 MP armed camera

Xiaomi reveals some details of the global launch of the game, Moments from another level! On October 4, 14, 2:00 p.m. (local time) in Munich, Germany. With the new Xiaomi 12-T series, that’s not all. The new 200 MP sensor is at its finest.

According to information leaks, Asian technology should also strengthen its domestic ecosystem. There are still two new high-end smartphones called the Xiaomi 12T and the Xiaomi 12T Pro.

The Xiaomi 12T Pro will be unveiled in Munich, Germany.

The advertising poster confirmed the facts of the event.

The BMW Welt Auditorium is where the announcement of new premium series will take place. The goal is to raise the bar of mobile photography again and make every moment a moment a plus.

Along with the Mioix 12T series, various AIoT devices will also be unveiled under the Smarter Life program.

Xiaomi 12T smartphones will use the new Samsung ISOCELL Bright HP1 sensor.

In Germany, we are proud to host this new global launch event. Munich’s attractiveness and its combination of modernity, culture and supreme position on industrial development matches the positioning of the Xiaomi 12T series.

We believe that the charm of this city can give more meaning to others, said Wen Ou, head of Xiaomi Western Europe.

Result of the new Xiaomi 12T Pro and Xiaomi 12T smartphones.

With the success of the Xiaomi 11T series, which in August this year had over 800,000* units shipped across the Western European border, we are ready to win over our users and fans with the new series which aims to make life a life of other more extraordinary ages.

Xiaomi will also present new IoT products in Munich.

The event will be broadcast live in 9 languages ​​around the world. By the way, you can follow all the news related to the Xiaomi event on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, e Twitter.

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