Your hair looks sexy pushed back with one of these stylish headbands for men

There are some accessories designed for fashion: bucket hats, fancy cufflinks and puka shell necklaces. They tie together your entire outfit, make a statement, and express your unique sense of style. But in terms of actual function? They do not serve a totally obvious utility purpose. Some accessories, on the other hand, are intended for the function: sunglasses for men, leather belts, shiny watches and men’s briefcases are all items that you add to your wardrobe to meet a need. A lot of them look good and have a fashion element, but their purpose is to block something, put something away, display or hold something. A well-balanced wardrobe incorporates many pieces from one side or the other. However, there is an accessory that has both sides and that you have to slip on from time to time: the stylish headband.

Men’s headbands serve two distinct purposes: athletic headbands Hold back longer hair for fitness, and stylish ones serve as a unique accessory in daring outfits. They make it a comfortable, stretchy and sweat-wicking fabric that perfectly complements a casual and casual outfit. Along with the long hair trend, a whole bunch of guys with unruly locks need a companion to keep them in line.

We’ve rounded up our favorite stylish headbands for men from both categories so you can choose the ones that best suit you, your lifestyle, and your unique hair style. Unlike watches, belts, and other accessories, there are usually more stylish headbands for women than for men, but the truth is that men can wear women’s headbands just as easily, so I’ve included a few. aimed at women below which I think are worth the money. check.

Stylish headbands for men

1. Tech Vent metal headband


Lulu makes great sportswear and their headbands are both high performance and stylish. This one is designed for training and will keep sweat out of your eyes during sweaty workouts at the gym, on the trails or in the park. The knit has a seamless construction in a single tube that is four-way stretch and is designed to wick away sweat as you work. The headband also features Silverescent technology and is made with X-STATIC, two internal materials from Lulu that prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing on the headband.

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Lululemon metal vent tech headband, stylish headbands for men

2. Under Armor Adult Tie Band


This sleek, self-tie headband is designed for fitness and makes a hardcore statement at the gym, on the track or on the court. It’s made from breathable, moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabric, and it’s available in a bunch of colors, including this bright red. You tie it to the back of your head with a knot, and the stretch material is designed to stay in place throughout your workout. It is approximately 3 inches wide and is designed for one size fits all.

shape, arrow: under armor headband, stylish headbands for men

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under armor headband, stylish headbands for men

Buy: Under Armor Adult Tie Headband $ 10.00

3. Lululemon Get In Line Headband


Thin, elastic headbands are great for tying up unruly hair without being too bulky or constricting. These stylish headbands are super slim and come in a two pack from Lulu. They’re designed to stay in place as you move and are adjustable so you can find the right fit. They come in a whole bunch of color combinations including classic black and white.

graphical user interface, text, website: Lululemon Get in Line headband 2-pack, stylish headbands for men

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Lululemon Get in Line headband 2-pack, stylish headbands for men

4. Set of 4 poshei men’s headband


This pack from Amazon is perfect if you are looking for super affordable men’s sports headbands and don’t care about labels or brand names. They’re made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, and are soft, stylish and comfortable to wear and wick away sweat. They fit snugly with no need to tie or tie in the back and are lightweight too. This pack comes with headbands in different shades of black, gray, and white, and they are a bundle with blue and green options as well.

a man wearing a hat: poshei mens headband pack, stylish mens headbands

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poshei mens headband pack, stylish mens headbands

Buy: Poshei Headband Men 4-Pack $ 12.99

5. Reversible adidas Interval headband


This stylish headband from adidas is the classic cotton design that is more a tribute to retro ’80s training sweatbands than modern sweat-wicking technology. It is also reversible and has black and white sides depending on what you are looking for. It’s made with adidas Aeroready moisture wicking technology and the cotton terry fabric is absorbent as well. It is also available in a multitude of colors, if you prefer to mix the classic black and white look.

a baseball cap: reversible adidas interval headband, stylish men's headbands

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Reversible adidas interval headband, stylish headbands for men

Buy: Reversible adidas Interval Headband $ 7.00

6. Nike Dri Fit Tie


This tie-up headband from Nike draws the line between stylish and functional. It’s made with a Dri-Fit fabric that wicks sweat continuously throughout your workout to keep you comfortable and dry, and it’s made of a high-quality, soft-touch material. It has the iconic Nike logo on the front and an easy-to-tie tie at the back to keep it snug for a secure fit.

a close up of a logo: nike dri fit head tie, stylish headbands for men

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nike dri fit headband, stylish headbands for men

Buy: Nike Dri Fit Head Clip $ 12.70

7. OutdoorEssentials Tie Headbands


These tie-up headbands work just as well at the gym as they do alongside a pirate costume, and we’re here for it. They’re great for keeping hair and sweat out of your face as you dominate the basketball court, walk through your 50th vinyasa during a yoga or karate class cutting someone off to the side. These headbands are designed to stay in place regardless of the action and are soft yet durable. They are smooth, machine washable and come in packs of three.

a close-up of a device: OutdoorEssentials tie-up headbands, stylish headbands for men

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OutdoorEssentials Tie Headbands, Stylish Headbands for Men

Buy: OutdoorEssentials Tie Headbands $ 11.95

8. JUNK brand banners


JUNK Brands makes excellent headbands for sports activities in a wide selection of colors, patterns and themes. One area they shine in is sports logos, with branded headbands for every MLB team in the league. They are all one size and white inside. They are machine washable, breathable and cool against the skin. The material they are made of is designed to wick sweat away from the skin and dry quickly.

Unwanted brands headband, stylish headbands for men

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Unwanted brands headband, stylish headbands for men

9. XINGZHE Metal Hair Bands


These metal headbands wrap around your hair and snap it back into place using high quality rust-resistant metal that is both thick and malleable. These headbands are light and stylish, stretchy and bouncy, and they have plastic covers on each end so they won’t hurt your head while wearing them. They give the top of your head a textured, wavy look and are also sleek so that your hair always looks slicked back.

boy looking at camera: XINGZHE metal headbands, stylish headbands for men

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XINGZHE metal headbands, stylish headbands for men

Buy: XINGZHE Metal Hair Bands $ 6.46

10. ASOS DESIGN Bandana


This bandana is a great stylish headband for men because you can wear it in so many different ways. It can be wrapped in a traditional headband or simply folded in half like a standard bandana. It has a decorative, monochrome paisley print, and it is self-tie so you can find the right fit. It’s made from soft, lightweight cotton and is available in a variety of colors, including the navy blue pictured below.

a close-up on a person: the ASOS bandana, stylish headbands for men

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ASOS bandana, stylish headbands for men

11. The North Face Chizzler Red Headband


The ’80s ski chalet vibe of this headband is also a great compromise between fashion and function, and the reversible design gives you options as to how you wear it. It’s made from a soft, comfortable fabric and features a simple mountainous pattern on the front. It has The North Face logo embroidered on the inside and is ideal for skiing, snowboarding or cold days of all kinds.

text: The North Face Headband, Stylish Headbands for Men

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The North Face headband, stylish headbands for men

12. Camila Paris tortoiseshell headband


You’ve probably worn tortoiseshell sunglasses before, and this stylish headband sports the pattern in a way that will look great with dirty brown and blonde hair. It is designed to grip hair and tighten it, and works well with straight, curly, and frizzy hair. It forms a soft, secure grip that provides texture without disrupting the flow too much and is made with sturdy cellulose so it won’t crumble in the middle of the day. The headband is flexible yet durable and comes with teeth that integrate smoothly for a stunning hairstyle that removes every strand from your face.

Camila paris headband, stylish headbands for men

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Camila paris headband, stylish headbands for men

Buy: Camila Paris tortoiseshell headband $ 9.50

13. Prada satin headband


If you are really looking to stand out, this elegant satin Alice headband from Prada can be worn by anyone and looks great. It has a wrap-around design that protrudes and blends in, and frames your face while giving your entire outfit a boost. It can pull your hair back, but it’s really designed to sit on your head and polish your look with a fancy accessory. It’s more expensive, but what else did you expect from a top designer headband?

a close up of a logo: Prada satin headband, elegant headbands for men

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Prada satin headband, stylish headbands for men

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