Zara Tindall and Princess Anne: their “precious” engagement rings compared

Princess Anne was married to Mark Phillips from 1973 to 1992 and has been married to Sir Timothy Lawrence since 1992. Zara Tindall was married to Mike Tindall in 2011. Steven Stone’s creative director, a diamond expert since 1937, spoke exclusively to, drawing comparisons between the pair’s engagement rings.

Princess Anne’s first and second engagement rings featured a sapphire stone framed by clusters of diamonds.

Creative Director Maxwell Stone said: “It’s interesting that Princess Anne was given sapphire engagement rings rather than traditional diamond rings, as it suggests she feels a connection to this gemstone.”

Her second ring, from her husband Sir Timothy Lawrence, is “magnificent, with a three centimeter oval-cut cabochon sapphire framed by clusters of three small diamonds.

“In today’s market a ring like this would be worth around £25,000.”

Another iconic royal who apparently preferred sapphire engagement rings to traditional diamonds was Princess Diana.

She ‘famously’ had a blue sapphire ring, which reportedly cost Prince Charles £47,000.

Adorned with a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire from Sri Lanka, it’s no wonder the ring is now worth £390,000 these days, according to Steven Stone.

They said: “The sapphire is a deep royal blue, AAAA grade, making it one of the most valuable of its kind.”

This ring is now in the hands of Kate Middleton, who is not the only royal to love sapphires, because “the Queen is frequently seen sporting the precious stone on her famous brooches”.

So Princess Anne’s blue sapphire ring has a lot in common with her former sister-in-law, the late Diana, and her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, but what about her daughter Zara?

Maxwell Stone said: “When Mike Tindall proposed to Zara, he chose a four-claw design with a split shoulder with multiple pavé-set diamonds, with a single solitaire diamond in the center.

“It is believed that she was thought to have a low-profile setting deliberately, allowing Zara to wear her engagement ring at equestrian competitions.”

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Zara has since supplanted her mother as the royal family’s first horsewoman, but Princess Anne was also a wonderful horsewoman.

The Princess Royal even competed in the 1976 Olympics and was the first member of the Royal Family to do so.

Zara Tindall’s engagement ring “combines traditional style with a touch of modern design”, according to Maxwell Stone.

“The classic round diamond appears to be around one and a half centimeters in size, giving the ring an estimated value of around £15,000. However, as it is worn by the Queen’s granddaughter, it is accompanied by ‘a legacy that makes it invaluable.”

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Princess Anne and Zara Tindall are alike in many ways; both are world-class riders, and both enjoy keeping a low profile rather than living a life in the spotlight.

But what about their engagement rings?

Maxwell Stone has suggested that the modest size of the stones reflects their way of life.

He said: “Although these two rings have different designs and feature different stones, they have one thing in common. Both rings are particularly understated compared to many other famous engagement rings, allowing the royal family to wear them day to day.

“They feature smaller stones, especially compared to Kate Middleton’s 12-carat Ceylon sapphire.”

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